16 Wonderfull Benefits Of Honey And Lemon Mask For Face

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Treatment for face is now become one of the important things. This is due to the effect of UV and pollutant around us. Therefore, many peoples try a new method by gaining benefits of honey and lemon mask for face.

This ingredients is well known as a good natural way to treat the face. No wonder if many facial clinic use honey and lemon as their secret ingredients too.

1. Anti Oxidant

Honey and lemon is a good anti oxidant agent. Both are the best way to fight the free radical effect to the skin face. Therefore, combining this two as a facial mask can bring a good contribution for a better skin face. This is the same health benefits of starfruit.

2. Anti Aging

Another advantage of frequent apply of honey and lemon mask is to help as an anti aging agent. It is the best ingredients that contain so much vitamins and minerals that can help to avoid early aging effects in the face. Mainly due to the free rafical effects everyday into the face. Therefore, keep using honey and lemon mask as the regular treatment for the face.

3. Avoid Wrinkle

The antioxidant capability of honey and lemon also help to avoid the forms of wrinkles in the skin face surface. Therefore, it will avoid the face of looking old. By using the mask regularly, the skin face can be maintain to look healthy and younger all the times.

4. Anti Cancer

The anti oxidant value of honey and lemon also help as an anti cancer. Mainly due to the UV effect to the skin face that bring possibility of skin cancer. Therefore, the mask can help to avoid the cell cancer development and stimulate the forms of a good cell. This is the same benefits of soursop for cancer.

5. Smooth Skin Face

Honey and lemon are a good choice to provide a better smoother skin face. Therefore, it is good to apply the mask once a week to keep the face feel smooth as a silk. Even better, it will produce a smoother face like a baby skin again.

6. Brighter Skin Tone

Honey and lemon also a strong ingredients that capable to brighter the skin tone. Mainly to eliminate effect of UV light that can easily make the skin face darker. The mask will protect the skin surface from burning and maintain the skin tone even during the daylight.

7. Fresher Look

Frequent use of honey and lemon mask will create a fresher look in the face. It help to make to skin face feel fresh and avoid dryness. This is the same health benefits of ice cubes for face.

8. Anti Inflammation

The mask also a good agent for anti inflammation. Therefore, it will help to avoid skin diseases due to inflammation. This commonly happen due to bacteria infection. Therefore, this kind of treatment is good to maintain a healthy skin face. 

9. Avoid Eye Circle

Lack of sleep usually will make the dark circle around the eyes. This can be done with apply the honey and lemon mask. Their vitamins and minerals will support the skin face around the eye to bring back their freshness and making the skin become brighter. It also can soothe down the swollen eye.

10. Reduce Finelines

Another advantages of routine mask using honey and lemon is to help reduce the fine-lines in the skin face. Mainly around the eye and mouth. Therefore, the face will look fresh and younger. This is the same health benefits of macadamia oil for skin.

11. Avoid Stressful

Sudden effect of applying the mask usually can help to relax the skin face. Therefore, it is one of the best way to avoid stressful skin. Mainly after hard pollutant and UV light outside. The mask can help to calm down the skin surface from any kind of irritation.

12. Hydrate

Honey and also lemon contain enough water needed by the skin face. Therefore, it will help to moisture the skin face. Moreover it can keep the skin face hydrate and away from the possibility of dryness skin.

13. Avoid Acne

The benefit of honey and lemon mask to the face is including to help avoid the possibility of acne growth. It will help to clean the face very well. Therefore, the acne inflammation can be avoid. This is the same benefits rosewater acne

14. Puff Cheek

The mask also capable to make puff cheek sensation. It also bring natural brighter color. The vitamin E usually can help to produce this kind of appearance in the cheek. Hence, the face will look fresh and young anytime.

15. Younger Look

Another benefits of honey and lemon mask for the face is to produce a younger look. No more finelines or wrinkle that appear in the skin face surface. Since the vitamin C and E cont nt help to regenerate the skin cells very well.

16. Silky

Honey and lemon can also result a silky skin face if applied frequently in the face. Therefore, this is the right treatment to produce a softer skin and smooth as a silk.

How to Use Honey and Lemon for Face Mask

Preparing a homemade face mask from honey and lemon is not difficult. Just pour out a tablespoon of honey in a dip bowl. Add some lemon water and mix it well until blended. After that it can easily apply to the face. Wait for 30 minutes for the best result and rinse it with warm water. The effect will suddenly bring benefit to the face. For more details on the advantage, below is the benefits of honey and lemon mask for face:

Those are the list benefits of honey and lemon mask for face. To get the maximum result, it is good to apply the mask once in a week. Therefore, the skin face can be maintained and always look fresh and younger.