Health Benefits of Bison Meat – Leaner than Beef

There are a lot of options of red meat and bison meat is one of the meats that you could consider to replace your regular beef, mutton or pork. It is because bison meat is considered leaner even compared to high quality beef. Nutritional Facts of Bison Meat Some schools are considering replacing the regular […]

Health Benefits of Rabbit Meat for Excellent Protein Source but Low in Calories

There is no reason to deny the benefits of protein for human health though some people prefer to savour the health benefits of giving up meat. However, when protein is combined with other compounds will result an excellent body metabolism. White meat is one of the excellent sources of protein and besides chicken, duck and […]

10 Health Benefits of Salamanders – Is It Safe to Eat?

It has been a long tradition with regards to the health benefits of salamanders. Many people believe that this tiny animals meat will benefit for various health problems. Therefore, some people still dare to consume the animal in order to get some healthy body condition. Furthermore, it has been prove since long time ago that […]

Unexpected Health Benefits of Pork Lard – Vitamin D Source

Wait a minute, Lard? As in the fat, both rendered and unrendered, from pigs? Isn’t it sounds like a heart attack or 10 pounds of instant weight gain? Not so fast. For centuries it was a staple ingredient in the cooking of people from a vast array of cultures, and recently, lard has come back […]

Find Out the Unexpected Health Benefits of Bull-Testicles Here!

Meats are consumed by people to fulfill the nutrient such as protein and healthy fats. In this case, people also like to eat body organs of deer, cow, and bull meat. At this point, bull-testicles is known as one of the great food to boost the health. Bull-testicles are often called as Rocky Mountain oysters. […]

Health Benefits of Bear Meat – Is it Good or Bad?

Meat as a source of protein is important to build and maintain our bodily cells such as hormones and enzymes. Without meat also, we won’t be able to get a decent supply of energy, hence making us weak for everyday activities. Nearly all of us obtain protein from nuts, egg, or meat. While then for […]

4 Unexpected Health Benefits of Camel Liver for Body

Camels are unique creatures, because they can only live in deserts. Their body is designed to adapt and survive in the deserts. The foot of a camel has two toes that are linked with a flexible pad. The pad makes them possible to walk on the deserts easily without sinking in the sand even though […]

12 Surprising Health Benefits of Snake Skin You Should Know

Not many people familiar with the health benefits of snake skin. For some people this treatment is prohibited. Therefore, this kind of food is rarely in the market and quite difficult to get it. Furthermore, the source of the ingredients also not easy. Since some species are rare and not allowed to be hunt. Snake […]

12 Incredible Health Benefits of Alpaca Meat for Body System

The several health benefits of alpaca meat making this animal is hunted for their meat and convert into various kind of dishes. The alpaca actually is origin to South American. However, this animal also life in Africa and some parts of Asia. Therefore, people from this country hunt the alpaca meat for the taste and […]

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Homemade Meatloaf for Body and Brain

Not only delicious to eat, there are also some health benefits of homemade meatloaf. Therefore, it is one of the favorite menu that always prepare in any occasion. Not only full of protein, the taste is yum and whether adult or children love to consume this food. However, serving a homemade meatloaf may not easy. […]