4 Unexpected Health Benefits of Camel Liver for Body

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Camels are unique creatures, because they can only live in deserts. Their body is designed to adapt and survive in the deserts. The foot of a camel has two toes that are linked with a flexible pad. The pad makes them possible to walk on the deserts easily without sinking in the sand even though they carry heavy loads.

Camels can survive 8 days without eating and drinking anything by using fat that is stored in their humps as energy. It is rare to find food or water in the deserts. In the deserts, there are only little water and plants. Even the desert plants are only the spiny or thorny ones. Camels’ humps can store water, which later will be converted into fat, as many as a third of their  weight. Camels can consume 130 liters of water in 10 minutes. They have very strong and rubber-like lips that allow them to eat thorny plants without getting hurt.

The average life expectancy of a camel is 30 to 50 years. Camels usually are domesticated as work animals like horses, and as food sources whose milk and meat are consumed by humans. Apart from that, the liver  of camels has health benefit, which is as a medicine for shortness of breath or asthma.

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It is hard to find and obtain camel liver, because it is only available in countries with desert, which is the natural habitat of camels, like Saudi Arabia. The most well known camels are the Arabian camels. Many Muslim pilgrims from various countries come to Saudi Arabia to do hajj (Islamic pilgrimage). Hajj in Islam, is one of five Islamic pillars. However, the hajj is only obligatory for those who are physically, and especially financially able to perform the pilgrimage.

In hajj season, many pilgrims buy gifts or souvenirs for their family and relatives back at home. The liver of camels is one of most favorite gifts they buy.  Aside from only being consumed like other animals’ liver, such as beef liver or goat liver, camel liver also has medical benefits. Camels can survive living in a place with little water and dusty air. This means that their liver is great and beneficial to cure any illness. Their liver is also good for health.

Here are some of health benefits of camel liver:

1. To cure asthma

Asthma is a respiratory tract disorder that is often called as  shortness of breath disease. A person who is having asthma attack, is having trouble in breathing or shortness of  breath. Asthma can be fatal, because people who suffer asthma can be dead if they are not treated immediately when having asthma attack.

Camel liver is an effective medicine to cure asthma. Even though it is hard to find since it is expensive and only available in countries which has deserts or the habitat of camels, once people know how powerful camel  liver is in curing asthma, they will be interested to use it to cure the disease.

There are two kinds of camel liver medicines: dried and raw. There are many dried livers in the market compared to raw livers. It is because the dried ones are more lasting than the raw ones. To consume it, we can roast or fry the liver with the small amount of cooking oil. After that, mash it to powder. Take tablespoon of  the liver powder twice a day.

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2. To treat fatigue

Camel liver has also a benefit to treat fatigue. Camel liver is rich with nutrition and is able to restore energy in our body. the raw liver is better than the dried one to treat the fatigue.

In order to treat the fatigue, we should fry the liver with oil. Do not forget to cut it to taste before we fry it. If we want to get pure and more benefits from the liver, do not spice up the liver while frying it. It is better to fry it blandly with no spice at all. Related articles: Causes of Tired After Eating

3. To increase energy

Other than as an effective medicine to cure asthma, camel liver can increase energy as well. Fat and nutrition that are contained in the liver can increase the energy in our body, so that our body becomes stronger and healthier. To get this benefit, we can consume the liver to our taste.

We can fry it and make it powder just like how we consume it to cure asthma, we can just fry it and then eat it right away, or we can fry it and then make it liquid by brewing it with hot water and drink it after the water is a bit black. You can choose whichever way to consume the liver that you think you like or is easy.  

4. To treat cough

Another health benefits of camel liver is that it can cure cough. Cough is not considered as a dangerous illness, but it is disturbing as it can hinder us in doing our daily activities. Cough can also irritate the throat. As a result, the throat is sore and itchy.

To treat cough, it is better to fry the camel liver, and then make it liquid by brewing it with hot water. Drink it 3 times a day until  your cough go away.

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All in all, camel liver is an effective medicine that has health benefits with no bad side effect to our body. Not only it can cure disease, it can also give us nutrition that are good for our body. Camel liver can also be consumed by all people of all ages: children, teenagers, adults, or elderly people.