10 Health Benefits of Salamanders – Is It Safe to Eat?

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It has been a long tradition with regards to the health benefits of salamanders. Many people believe that this tiny animals meat will benefit for various health problems. Therefore, some people still dare to consume the animal in order to get some healthy body condition. Furthermore, it has been prove since long time ago that apparently this benefit really works faster.

Salamanders is an animal that include as reptile and amphibians. It has specific shape look a like a lizard, but able to live in the water too.

Therefore, it is a unique animal that able to live in two conditions, wet and dry. As a unique animal, people hunter this animals for the benefit for health. It has been known that the meat will benefit to produce a healthier cell regeneration condition. However, recent search apparently show something different. It looks like that salamanders also good to manage a healthier heart. Therefore, a new era for heart attack medication has risen.

How to Consume Salamanders

Many people might feel curious on how to consume this animals for good. Therefore, several ways are provided to deal with this matter. It might depends on every one preference on how to consume the animals for gaining the benefit. However, below are several common ways to consume salamanders for the good.

  • Some research has take the salamander cell and produce some extract products from it. Therefore, it can be use by injecting the extract to the human body system.
  • Some people consume the processed meat directly. However, there are not many kind of salamanders meat provided in general places.

Benefits of Salamanders

As mention previously that salamanders bring several benefits for the health, if want to get to know further, check out below lists of specific benefits from consuming the animal’s meat.

1. Cell Regeneration

A research shown that salamanders limb can regenerate it self. Therefore, some scientist believe that the animal will able to help with human cell regeneration. This is maybe the same mechanism of the health benefits of beef lard that works to help cell regeneration. However, it is still under further development.

2. Fasten Relieve

It has been known that apparently the medication using salamander extract can result a fasten relieve. Therefore, it will help to heal various health problems in fasten time. But this is also not yet specifically announce. Since research on this animal still under development and not yet actually hundred percent proven.

3. Manage Cardiovascular

Recent scientist found out that apparently the salamander meat or extract also good to produce a better cardiovascular system. Therefore, it benefits to avoid further blood cod and balance the HDL and LDL level inside the blood arteries. However, it is again still under development research. Even it looks like the health benefits of garlic leaves that able to manage cholesterol level and provide healthier cardiovascular condition too.

4. Avoid Heart Attack

Through the benefit of cardiovascular system, it can be a good alternative to bring somebody to get healthier heart condition too. Therefore, the mechanism will be good to avoid any heart attack. Even it is good to manage healthier heart vessel.

5. Recover Blood Vessel

The research also shown that the extract of this animal will good to recover the blood vessel. Therefore, it is a good way to manage healthier blood circulation. This is the same health benefits of blood orange that also works to help recover the damage blood vessel too.

6. Avoid Cancer

The benefits of salamanders also believe can cure cancer signs. However, this needs to be research further. Even the research has some improvement about cell regeneration.

7. Injuries Heal

The cell regeneration also a strong evidence that the animal can benefit to injure some heals. Therefore, it helps a fasten relieve from any incident injuries on human body. This may be the same benefits of shilling oil that also believe can fasten injury relieve.

8. Reduce Scars

The same way it believes can help to heal injuries, the salamanders extract also believe will help to reduce any scars happen in the skin. This is how the cosmetic industry also curious to develop better skin treatment using the salamanders extract. But until today it has not proven yet.

9. Heal Wound

Another benefits of salamanders also to help with healing the wound. The cell regeneration is a good mechanism to heal wound faster and replace with a new skin cell. Therefore, the research focus on several fatal injuries that lead to amputation. This may be the same way as the benefits dogs licking wounds that help to wound the heal.

10. Skin Surface

Some research also believe that consume salamanders meat or extract will help to produce smooth and silky skin condition. Therefore, it might be good to maintain a skin health condition. However, wise consumption of this animal is needed. Furthermore, it is better to consume with any skin care house that has using this method successfully.

Side Effects of Salamanders

Even though there are many health benefits of the animals, still there are several possible side effects that may be happen. Therefore, it will be good to get information on below caution and recommendations before consuming salamanders meat.

  • All of the benefits of salamanders above are still under research by many scientist. And not yet announce proven to deal with those benefits. Therefore, it needs some wise to consume the meat and use the extract in several health problems.
  • In related with above points, it is suggested to consult with medical practitioner before decide to use the salamanders meat or extract for health medication.
  • It might cause allergy symptoms. Therefore, avoid the treatment if experience allergically symptoms such as itchiness, redness skin or even dizziness and nausea. Since salamanders can also be poisonous in some cases.

Those all the benefits of salamanders for the human health. As an animal with unique behaviour and way of living, apparently it also can bring advantage to save human health too. Therefore, it is hope that the needs of consume the animals will not lead them to extinct. Proper way also need to develop to wisely use the medication. Therefore, the optimal advantage can be gain and no further effects, whether for the environment and ecosystem, might be happen overall.