10 Super Health Benefits of Kakawate Leaves

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kakawate leavesKakawate leaves commonly grown in South Tagalog. The leaves fall in December and bloom in February and March. Kakawate is a tree as high as 3-10 m. Has a longleaf measuring 15-25 cm. The flowers are pink with a size of 2 cm. Usually, the health benefits of kakawate leaves are grown as an ornamental tree because of its beautiful flowers.

In addition to being used as an ornamental plant, kakawate leaves proved to have a good nutritional content for human health, such as:

  • Tanin
  • Methylsepiol
  • Medicarpin
  • hexadecanoic acid
  • coumarin
  • protein
  • fiber
  • sodium
  • magnesium
  • manganese

Based on the content of these nutrients, then the benefits you can get if consuming kakawate leaves are:

  1. Heals dermatitis and itchy skin

Kakawate leaves have a function to treat dermatitis and skin itching because of insect bites or allergies. You can make herbs cheap and easy with this leaf. the way is to boil the leaves or make it into juice. Then apply on the problem skin. Or try benefits of coconut oil for skin

  1. As a mosquito repellent

Mosquito bites may carry dangerous diseases such as dengue fever. Steps to prevent it is by using anti-mosquito lotion. Now, you can make a lotion naturally with kakawate leaves. Apply fresh leaves on the skin, mosquitoes will not dare to approach.

  1. For rheumatism, sprains, and broken bones covered

Rheumatism in health benefits of tuba-tuba leaves, sprains, and closed bone guards are serious problems that need to be handled appropriately. you can spend a lot of money to seek treatment at the hospital. however, with this leaves, you can make your own herb with a cheap price and of course natural. Puree the leaves, then apply

  1. Heals the wounds

This leaf can also heal various kinds of injuries. The content of this leaf can accelerate the process of healing the wound on the body like health benefits of ashitaba leaves

  1. Treat scabies

A study concluded that kakawate had the same effect as sulfur. This leaves can treat scabies naturally like sulfur because of its content. or try health benefits of lemongrass

  1. Fight against bacterial infections and protozoa

The benefits of this one have been known for a long time in Guatemala. The people there, use these leaves to fight bacterial infections and protozoa that exist in the body. because according to research, this leaf can serve as an antiseptic

  1. Overcoming skin diseases

The Guatemalan community also uses this leaf to treat skin diseases in a natural way.

  1. Accelerate the healing of burns

While the benefits of kakawate leaves as healing burns, already known by the people in Panama. When they experience burns, they immediately make a herbal concoction of this leaf

  1. Headache

A headache can be many causes. Pain so sharp will make the activity becomes disturbed. Take advantage of kakawate leaves to heal your headaches

  1. Coughs and colds

The content of this leaf can also relieve symptoms of a cough and colds in stages. If consumed regularly


it is better to consult in advance with a doctor to prevent the severity of the disease and the possibility of allergies to the health benefits of kakawate leaves