21 Magical Health Benefits of Curcuma Zedoaria – Asian Herb

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White turmeric that also called as zedoary is a kind of rhizomes such as turmeric, ginger, and others who have the name curcuma zedoaria. This plant included the genus Curcuma and family zingiberaceae, it is a native of India and Indonesia.

There are many health benefits of curcuma zedoaria. Besides being used as empon-empon, this rhizome plant is also used as medicinal plant and industrial base material, for example for material of perfume making, food coloring, and mixture of some kind of medicine. (Also Read: Health Benefits of Curcuma)

Although originating from India and Indonesia, but white turmeric has been widely used in various countries in the world as a spice in various types of cuisine. It is also cultivated in sub-tropical regions such as Nepal, Eastern Himalayas, and Karnakata. The benefits of white turmeric for health have been trusted in various places Indonesia that it can be effective for various diseases.

Characteristics of Zedoary

This plant also has it own characteristics, they are:

  • Rooted rhizome
  • Skin is light brown and orange light
  • It smells like turmeric or mango
  • Has yellow flowers
  • The leaves are oval shaped with purple spots and the length reaches 1 to 2 meters.
  • The fruit is triangular and ovoid
  • Oval-shaped seeds or spears.

Nutritional Content of Curcuma Zedoaria

There are various ingredients of active ingredients in the white turmeric that is believed to bring considerable benefits in the health world, namely:

  • The rhizomes contain the yolk of kurkumin (diarilheptanoid).
  • The essential oil of the rhizome consists of several derivatives
  • Guaian derivatives consisting of curcumol, kurkumenol, Isokurkumenol, Prokurkumenol, and Kurkurnadiol
  • Germakran derivatives consisting of Kurdion and Dehydrokurdion
  • Seskuiterpena furanoid with the eudesman label Kurkolo.
  • Germakran skeleton consisting of Furanodienon, Isofuranodienon, Zederon, Furanodien, Furanogermenon
  • The Eleman skeleton consisting of Kurserenon is identical with edoaron, Epikurserenon, Isofurano germakren
  • Methoxycinnamic acid (fungistatik).
  • Kurkumanolid A
  • Kurleumanolid B

Some of the chemical properties present in the white ginger such as:

  • Hepatoprotektor, ie to give effect to the liver due to some conditions such as sesquiterpen
  • Antimicrobial, which acts as an anti-bacterial agent to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the body.
  • Antiinflammatory, to prevent the onset of inflammation
  • Anticancer, which is to inhibit growth and kill cancer cells in the body.
  • Antioxidants, ie by the eradication of lipid peroxidase (LPO) without carragenin and to capture superoxide.

Of these various content, no wonder the efficacy of white turmeric was very much for health.

Health Benefits of Curcuma Zedoaria

Maybe white turmeric is just known as a kind of spices for cuisine, but in fact it contents many nutrition that make it very good four our health. Here are the health benefits of curcuma zedoaria that you do not know before but you should know now:

1. Treatment of cancer

Cancer is a disease that contains the growth of new tissue cells (neoplasms) that are not normal, fast, and uncontrollable. This disease is transmitted by bacteria. The cancer grows from the cells of organs that do genetic mutations. The genetic mutation of cells grows abnormally and destructively.

The content of zedoaria, kurdiona and curcumol present in curcuma zedoaria can act as anti-neoplastic against cancer cells and tissues, that is by increasing the formation of fibroblast tissue lying around the cancer tissue, and the formation of lymphocyte layer in cancerous tissue cells and wrapping it, Cancer-cell tissue can not grow, and eventually cancer cells will die and are no longer dangerous.

In addition, antioxidants derived from immunomodulators from curcuma zedoaria are substances that can increase the number of lymphocytes, increase the toxicity of cancer cells and synthesis of antibodies. 

2. Overcoming stress and anxiety

A study showed that the extract of petroleum ether and chloroform present in the curcuma zedoaria has the ability to cope with stress, anxiety, and abnormalities in mobility, and certainly against rheumatism.

3. Treatment of arthritis symptoms

The content of petroleum ether and chloroform from the extract of curcuma zedoaria can reduce irritation, anxiety, increase intention to walk, and healing swelling joints in arthritis patients.

4. Reduce symptoms of heartburn

Disease stomach consequently irregular eating patterns and consumption of foods that can excess stomach acid. Various traditional ways can help you to treat the symptoms of this disease. Among them is by using curcuma zedoaria.

The trick is to regularly consume boiled water of white turmeric that has been mixed with honey. Drink the concoction at the time is still in warm conditions as much as 2 times a day.

5. Treating myoma

Myoma diseases are a kind of benign tumor that grows in the muscles of the uterine wall In some women this can cause severe bleeding, pelvic discomfort and can create pressure on other organs. Uterine myocytes can interfere with pregnancy, namely infant and placental abnormalities, obstruction of birth canal, weakness during uterine contractions, bleeding after childbirth, placental release disorder, and can cause miscarriage.

One of the natural remedies for this disorder is with the ingredients derived from a curcuma zedoaria stew mixed with mango ginger. Drink the ingredients as much as 2/3 glasses 3 times a day after meals. 

6. Smoothen blood circulation

The content of chemical compounds in the curcuma zedoaria is believed to launch blood circulation in the body.

7. Treating inflammation

A study shows that the content of curcumin in curcuma zedoaria effectively can inhibit the occurrence of inflammation, both chronic and acute inflammation.

8. Appetite enhancer

When a person’s appetite is declining, it can block any activity. That’s because the body is lacking or lack of energy. Eating a curcuma zedoaria stew can help restore your appetite.

9. Treating bruises

The result of a grated white turmeric that is applied to the wound, can help treat bruising.

10. Treating stomach pain / colds

Such as bloating caused by the cold can you treat by drinking a potion that comes from a white turmeric. The trick is to drink water from boiled white turmeric that is still warm. To reduce the bitterness, you can add honey.

11. Reduces the feeling of sciatica and swelling

By channeling the results of a white turmeric that has been grated and mixed with acid and coconut oil on swollen limbs, can reduce the sense of sciatica due to these conditions.

12. Treating digestive disorders

Disturbance of digestion can be overcome with essential oil content contained in white turmeric. The way is quite simple, namely by chewing directly white turmeric that has been peeled and washed clean.

13. Treating sprains

By channeling a grated white turmeric on a sprained area, it can help reduce the pain of the condition.

14. Treating boils

Grapes resulting from grated white turmeric can help to treat skin disorders such as ulcers. Apply the ingredients to areas exposed to ulcers on a regular basis.

15. Treating diarrhea

The carminative effects contained in white turmeric can help treat diarrhea and can shed farts. You may also read about Health benefits of tamarind water

16. Reduces breath smell

Bad breath odor can also be overcome with white turmeric, the way is by chewing directly temu putih. 

17. Reduce the risk of premature aging

White turmeric can serve as a very effective anti-aging agent. It is believed to be able to overcome various kinds of skin complaints, such as to prevent wrinkles that become one of the symptoms of premature aging. You may also read about Health benefits of black ginger

18. Overcoming sexual disorders

Anti-oxidants contained in the white turmeric can help overcome sexual problems both in men and women. White gathering can strengthen the muscles of the uterus thus helping to give birth, cure male erectile dysfunction, as well as being an aphrodisiac. You may also read about Health benefits of garlic infused olive oil

19. Remove toxins in the body

White turmeric has also been used to cleanse and purify the blood and detoxify the body. It helps in cell regeneration and is excellent for the immune system.

20. Lowering fever

By consuming the ingredients derived from white turmeric, can help regulate the temperature in the body, and this is very good for people with fever. You may also read about Health benefits of willow bark

21. Restore post-ill health

White turmeric has a high starch content, it can function in the process of health restoration for those who have recently experienced a disease disorder. You may also read about Health benefits of rhizoma corydalis

Cautions of Consuming Zedoary

Although there are many benefits that we can get in a white turmeric, but we also must remain aware of some negative impacts when consuming this type of spice, including:

  1. One of the negative effects of white intersection is that it can reduce the ability of white blood cells.
  2. White meeting is not good for pregnant and lactating women, because it can interfere with the development of the fetus, can even lead to miscarriage.
  3. If consumed in excessive amounts, white gathering can reduce blood sugar levels drastically. This can lead to hypoglycemia, a condition in which the body lacks blood sugar levels.
  4. For someone who has sensitive skin types, the use of white temu on the skin can cause irritation.
  5. Consuming a continuous white intersection can interfere with the effectiveness of various drugs. So that medical supervision is required when its use.

Benefits of white gathering is good enough for health, for that you must consume in normal dose in order to increase stamina and body health.