14 Health Benefits of Mesclun Salad for Digestive and Metabolism

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If you a salad lover, you might know that there are some health benefits of Mesclun salad. As one of the salad type that good for the health, Mesclun salad may not really be known among many peoples. This French salad is common in its origin country. But it is not available in all countries. Therefore, for those who live in France or loves to consume France meal, might be familiar with this healthy meal.

Mesclun salad is actually a combination of vegetables that consist of a mixture of chervil, arugula, lettuce, endive, baby spinach, mustard, dandelion, and other green fresh leafy vegetables. This salad is commonly served during mealtime for an appetizer. It firstly found in 1976 and have a various mixture of vegetables. Currently, not only serve in France, but it also available in some French restaurant in other countries. However, since the ingredients might be limited, Mesclun salad is not always serve in all time.

How to Consume Mesclun Salad

This salad is commonly consumed during lunchtime or for dinner. Many French peoples belief that the salad is good for the health. Therefore, the habit of consuming this green mixture of vegetables has been a long tradition since years. For those who feel curious about the health benefits of Mesclun salad, check on below lists of points:

1. High Fiber

Every people has known that green vegetables inside the salad are rich with fiber. Therefore, it is a good way to supply the fiber needs of the body. This is the same way as the health benefits of barley and lentils that can help to supply the needed fiber for supporting the body system.

2. Digestive Aid

Fiber is a good way to manage with the better digestive system. Therefore, it will manage to improve the intestinal bowel movement. Furthermore, it can be a good way to avoid further digestive problems.

3. Avoid Constipation

One of the common problems inside the digestive system is constipation. Therefore, consume the salad will help to avoid this problems. It will help to bring a healthy digestive system daily.

4. Improve Metabolic Rate

Another health benefits of Mesclun salad including to help to increase the body metabolic rate. Therefore, it can help to improve the metabolic system and change the food into needed energy. The same benefits of drinking cold water in morning empty stomach that can help to improve metabolic rate too.

5. Weight Management

When the digestive system and metabolism is improved, it means the body weight can manage better too. Therefore, consuming salad is suitable for those who wish to control their weight including to reduce their weight too. 

6. Avoid Fat

Another advantage is to help to avoid fat absorption to the body system. Since salad and green vegetables are fewer calories and contain no fat. Therefore, it will be good to use as a diet menu.

7. Better Cardiovascular

Through frequent consume of Mesclun salad, it also a good way to manage better cardiovascular health. It will manage a balance HDL and LDL level inside the blood circulation. Therefore, it will avoid any blood cod and act the same as the health benefits of garlic leaves that good to provide a better cardiovascular system too.

8. Avoid Heart Attack

When the cardiovascular system gets better, it means the works of the heart vessel will go better too. Therefore, consume this salad also works to manage and optimize a healthier heart and avoid the possibility of sudden heart attack syndrome.

9. Manage Blood Pressure

The other benefit of consuming this salad also to manage the blood pressure level. Therefore, it is good for those with hypertension syndrome to manage to reduce the blood pressure and stable the blood pressure level.

10. Avoid Diabetes

Green vegetables also good to control the blood sugar level. Therefore, the salad will manage to avoid increasing blood sugar level content and will help to avoid the possibility of diabetes symptoms. The same way as the benefits of papaya leaves for diabetes that works to reduce blood sugar level and avoid diabetes too.

11. Source of Nutrient

Vegetables also know as the source of various nutrients. It rich with many vitamins and minerals that good for the body system. Therefore, it is a good way to supply nutrients that needed by the body and keeping a healthier body every day.

12. Healthy Skin

Consuming salad belief will manage a better skin surface condition. This is because the vegetables are rich with vitamin E content that will keep a glow and healthy skin. Furthermore, it also good to avoid skin inflammation and help to smooth the skin surface too.

13. Anti-Oxidant

Vegetables in the salad is known rich with anti oxidant content. Therefore, it will bring the capability as an anti oxidant that manages to avoid the free radical effects to the body. Furthermore, it is a good way to keep the healthy body by detoxing the toxin caused by the free radicals. The same as the health benefits of forest bitter berries that good anti oxidant agent too.

14. Younger Look

Through the anti oxidant capability, it also can help to manage as natural anti aging too. Therefore, frequently consume of salad will slowly manage your appearance to be better. Furthermore, it will make you look younger.

Recommendation of Consume Mesclun Salad

Even this salad is rich with benefit, still, there are some recommendations that need to consider. Therefore, before consuming the salad, it is better to check on below points:

  • Always choose fresh ingredients to avoid any bacterial infection or virus.
  • Do not forget to rinse the raw ingredients well to avoid any possible bacterial infection due to common parasite inside the raw vegetables.
  • Consume as necessary to avoid the further possibility of diarrhea.
  • Do not add fatty dressing which can cause other health problems.

Those all the health benefits of Mesclun salad if consume every day. It is no longer a secret that green vegetables always a good choice to consume. However, always make sure to clean the raw vegetables first and avoid any bacterial infection. Mainly for a pregnant woman where the parasite can cause toxoplasmosis and dangerous for the fetus. Through a proper way of consuming the vegetables, it will lead to a healthy body and better wellness. Try it!