10 Health Benefits of Vitex Berry For Woman Hormones

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Berry have several types and benefits, including the health benefits of vitex berry that has been known can help with medical problems in woman. Therefore, this herbal remedies can work very well when used to soothe any symptoms in woman. Since the hormonal structural between man and woman is not the same. While the herbal plant works well to bring a healthy hormonal to the woman.

This berry is origin from Mediterranean country. It grows well in a country which rich of sun and have a warm temperatures. Therefore, the best to cultivate this plant is to grow it in a tropical country that experience a lot of sun.

Making the homemade extract of this plant is not common. Currently there are several medical companies that extracted this plant and put it in a capsule or a tablet. This supplement is well distributed around the world. So even though it difficult to get the plant, it is not difficult to get the extract. If you wish to consume the medicine for medicinal purpose, easily find the extract in the drug store or any medical places.

Nutrients of Vitex Berry 

Vitex berry contains several nutrition for supply vitamins and minerals to the body. Usually in  one vitex berry contain several vitamins mainly vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin  C and vitamin E that beneficial for the body health and immune system too. The extract fruit also contain several minerals such as small portion of calcium and iron. However, for the best supply it is recommended to consume additional supplement to fill in the mineral lack of the body.

Below are some health benefits of vitex berry, mainly for woman hormones:

1. Soothe PMS

Frequent consume of the extract vitex berry fruit is bring enormous benefits to soothe the PMS syndrome. It can help to soothe the stomach pain and the back pain which normally appears during PMS. Furthermore, it can help to east the menstrual cycles and maintain the blood circulation during PMS. This is the same health benefits of hojicha green tea that works to soothe PMS syndrome too.

2. Avoid Breast Cancer

One of the use of this extract is to control the hormones inside woman body. Therefore, it can control the bad hormone that can cause cancer cells. Mainly in the breast after stop doing breastfeeding. This is usually the biggest cause of breast cancer. While the extract can help to control the unstable hormone and manage an optimum hormone production around the breast.

3. Stimulate Progesterone

Vitex berry also benefit to stimulate progesterone. A hormone that only appears and optimally works in the woman body. Therefore, consuming the extract will good to manage hormonal secretion in woman body. Since uncontrolled hormonal produce can avoid to dangerous diseases. This is the same health benefits of banana flower that can work to stimulate progesterone too.

4. Post-Partum Hemorrhage

Another health benefits of vitex berry is to help with the post-partum hemorrhage syndrome. Since the hormonal before and after birth normally uncontrolled. This make the hormone in hemorrhage also not working properly. Therefore, consuming the extract will help to bring the balance hormone and works to avoid the possibility of hemorrhage after birth.

5. Improve Fertility

The extract can work to improve the fertility. Therefore, woman with fertility problems suggested to consume this vitex berry extract daily. This is the same health benefits of mahogany fruits that can improve fertility too.

6. Adding Breastmilk

Vitex berry also good to stimulate the production of breastmilk after birth. Therefore, it can help to optimize the breastmilk and supply the breastmilk with various vitamins and minerals. This can help to bring a huge benefit for the baby too.

7. Avoid Insomnia

Consuming the vitex berry is good to manage the stress syndrome. Therefore, it also beneficial to avoid the possibility of insomnia. By consuming the extract, it can help to increase the quality of the sleep. Therefore, no worry of lack of sleep anymore. This is the same health benefits of tuberose flower that can avoid insomnia too.

8. Prevent Headache

Vitex berry also benefit to prevent the headache symptoms. This is commonly happen during the period. Where there is a bigger possibility if feeling dizziness or migrain. Hence, it takes many woman to rest for the whole day during PMS.

9. Avoid Nausea

The extract fruit also good to manage any nausea symptoms. Mainly during PMS where the woman body usually feel uncomforted and unhealthy. Therefore, it can soothe and avoid sickness that regularly come when having the periode. This is the same health benefits of yacon fruit that can work to avoid nausea.

10. Weight Control

The extract can help to balance the hormone including digestive hormones. Therefore, it is suit to keep the weigh balance and can help to absorb important nutrient. When the digestive become optimum, the fat absorption can be reduced and replace with better nutrient absorption.

Caution and Recommendation

Even the fruit have several benefits for the body, it is suggested to keep careful consuming this extract. For better information on the fruit caution, below are several things to considered before decide to consume vitex berry:

  • It can bring allergically conditions to several peoples such as itchiness, redness, swollen face or swollen mouth, sore throat and even dizziness and nausea. Therefore, try in small portion first before decide to consume it regularly.
  • It can contain toxin that can affect the digestive and possible to cause diarrhea or stomach. Even though it not always happen, but it is better to pay more attention on this matter.
  • Pregnant woman suggested to avoid consume the extract fruit since it can cause miscarriage due to the possibility of toxin contain.
  • It can also cause an upset stomach and heartburn due to the sour effects of the fruit taste inside the extract.

Those are the health benefits of vitex berry for the body. By consume the berry everyday, it can guarantee bring some medical benefits for the health of body and mind. Make sure to consume the fruit in a proper serve. Otherwise, too many consume of the fruit can end up with several side effects.