10 Health Benefits of Tuberose Flower Will Help You Totally

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Tuberose flower is a kind of flowers that are very popular among Indonesian people and also world citizen. Tuberose flower itself is one type of flower that came from a plant with the same name, that is tuberose plant.

Tuberose flower is a flower that has a very powerful fragrance that makes people like its good smell. Nowadays, this flower has already used to take its benefits for various kind of needs.

What are the benefits of tuberose flower? Here are some of the health benefits of tuberose flower:

1. As Food Complement or Mixture

There is some kind of soup that take the benefits of tuberose flower as a complimentary for the dish. A soup that contained tuberose flower will be tasted more delicious and also more crunchy and smells good. This is the reason to give an extra point for the cuisine that has tuberose flower as its content.

2. Perfume Mixture

Tuberose flower is a kind of flowers that have a very incredible fragrance, it is not less than the fragrance from jasmine. That is why tuberose flower is very used as a material for some kind of perfume. Usually, tuberose flower will be combined with some other material that can help to increase the fragrance and often used for air freshener. You may also read: Health Benefits of Coconut Flower Nectar

3. Help to Treat Ulcers or Inflammation

It turns out that tuberose flower can also be used to help treating boils and inflammations on the skin. What you need is just a tuberose flower and also the root of the tuberose flower. Here are the ways to help you process :

  • Take the flower and root from tuberose flower as much as you need
  • Wash those materials until totally clean
  • Then mash the materials until smooth
  • After smooth, apply and compress the mashed materials on the part of the body that has ulcers, boils, or inflammation.

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4. Help to Prevent Anemia

The other benefits of tuberose flower is that it can help to prevent any possibilities of anemia. In another words, the tuberose flower can help you to increase the blood level inside your body. This is the reason why the flower can help you to increase the fitness of your body and also increase your body’s immune system. Because usually those who got the symptoms of anemia or low blood pressure have the feeling of limp, get tired easily, and also often cached by various kind of disease. 

5. Treating Cataract

Health benefits of tuberose flower is that it can help to treat and also reduce the symptoms of cataract. A cataract is one type of health disorders in the visual organ of the body that is the eyes, that will make the vision of the sufferer become foggy. To treat cataract with using the tuberose flower, here are the steps:

  • Take about 30 to 50 buds of tuberose flower
  • Boil all the buds of the tuberose flower with 1.5 liter of water until totally boiled
  • Wait until the boiled water is chilled and with normal temperature,  after that used the water to compress the eyes and also wash your eyes that got cataract.

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6. Prevent Insomnia

Insomnia is one type of the symptoms where someone could not sleep and awake all night long. Insomnia itself is usually caused by a certain burden of thought that make someone could not be calm. That thing which makes the insomnia appeared. This is absolutely will be very useful for you who want to try to get some sleep by using the tuberose flower which mix with some other materials to reduce insomnia, the other materials are ginger, onion, and garlic.

7. Calmness and Relaxation

The tuberose flower can also give the effects of relaxation and calmness, too. For you who may get stressed and depressed by either burden of works or activities that take your whole time, then you can try to relax for some time with using the help of the aromatherapy of tuberose flower.

The fragrance of tuberose flower can help you to feel more relaxed and also help you to be calm and lighten the burden of your thought, so you can reduce the feeling of stressed that you suffered. You may also read about Benefits of Flowers for Health and Happiness

8. Help to Increase Power and Stamina

Not only good to help keeping the immune system of the body and giving the effect of relaxation, it turns out that tuberose flower is also good to be taken as one kind of potion for increasing and adding stamina to the body. The way to process it is very easy, here are the steps that you may take to get your stamina back:

  • Take 50 bids of tuberose flower, 50 grams of pea, 100 grams of shrimp, 1 egg, ginger, and also garlic
  • You just have to saute all the ingredients above until becoming a kind of stir-fry. It will help you to increase your energy and stamina

9. Treatment for Influenza

The combination of the tuberose flower, ginger, and also the leaves of garlic has the benefits that are very good to help you to overcome your cold or influenza. So, for you who wants to recover your very annoying cold, then you have to try to treat it with the potion of the mixture above. You may also read about Mimulus Monkey Flower Benefits

10. To Relieve Strep Throat

Another health benefits of tuberose flower is that it can help you to relieve and also heal the strep throat. Of course what you have to do is very easy. You can mix the tuberose flower with ginger and boil them until totally boiled. After that, wait until chilled, then you can drink the boiled mixture regularly. By doing that, the strep throat that you got will be relieve as soon as you want.

Those are some health benefits of tuberose flower. May this article help you to increase your knowledge and may it be useful for you. Thank you.