12 Wonderful Health Benefits of Thai Eggplant

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Eggplant is a fruit native to the Indian subcontinent which now can be found in all over the world with different cuisines. Although it is a kind fruit, many people named it as “king of vegetables”.

Furthermore, the plant can be found in several varieties in many different ways of cooking, including for Thai eggplant. The plant has many nutrients along with many health benefits, although some of people may don’t like it. The details of nutrient value in 100 g eggplant are:

Nutrient value of 100 g Thai Eggplant

  • Energy – 39 kcal
  • Fat – 1.6 g
  • Carbohydrates – 0.5 g,
  • Calcium – 7.1 grams
  • Phosphorus – 7 mg
  • Iron – 10 mg
  • Protein – 0.8 mg
  • Niacin – 0.11 mg
  • Vitamin A – 90.2 g
  • Vitamin C – 24 mg

There are still many essential nutrients of eggplant and consequently, the plant is recommended for the health of the body, or you can also read in health benefits of eggplant for weight loss and health benefits eggplant for diabetes. Some other health benefits of Thai eggplant are including:

  1. Promotes skin health

There is one of antioxidant named vitamin C contained in Thai eggplant that helps to promote skin health. It can smooth the skin, keep it moisturize even protect the skin from skin cancer, or you can also read benefits of taking vitamin c tablets for skin. Furthermore, the benefit of the plant to treat pimples or acne on skin makes it suitable for women.

  1. Controls blood pressure

One of the health benefits of Thai eggplant is to control blood pressure. Furthermore, it prevents high blood pressure as the main cause of stroke, heart attack and related condition. The benefits mentioned are due to nutrient named potassium that is known to maintain healthy blood pressure.

  1. Reduces the risk of diabetes.

Thai eggplant has similar properties to insulin that may reduce the risk of diabetes. Diabetes can trigger any other complication diseases, even danger the health. In addition, the benefit has been proven by studies from the state of Orissa.

  1. Protects digestive system

Dietary fiber is a substance which has the ability to improve the function of digestive system as well as to protect it. When the digestive system is healthy, the foods and nutrients you consume will be absorbed well in the body moreover keeps the body healthier.

  1. Increases the function of liver

Some people have been believed the benefit of Thai eggplant to increase the function of liver. It is one of the most important benefits, since liver is crucial organ in the body that can trigger the function of other organs. The healthy liver supports for overall health.

  1. Helps to lose weight

Related to the benefit of Thai eggplant for digestive system, the plant also helps to lose weight. The benefit is because the plant contains not much calories but high in dietary fiber that makes the stomach feels full. It prevents the person to eat more which can lead to gain weight.

  1. Prevents high cholesterol

Extract eggplant helps to stimulate bile production as well as lowers cholesterol in the body. Consequently, the plant is being used as ethno medicine as traditional uses. In addition, as good cholesterol or HDL increases, bad cholesterol or LDL also will be reduced automatically.

  1. Boosts immune system

Along with the benefit of vitamin C for skin health, it also boosts immune system. Other antioxidants in the plant also may support the body to fight diseases. However, strong immune system is necessary to keep the body healthier. Or you can also read vitamin c 1000 mg benefits.

  1. Supports for healthy heart

With the benefit of Thai eggplant to control blood pressure and cholesterol, the heart also will be protected. In addition, healthy heart supports for the increasing of other organs function. The benefit is due to the nutrient fiber contained in the plant.

  1. Reduces stress

One condition that can be treated by consuming Thai eggplant is stress. Furthermore, the benefit is not as popular as other benefits.

The other health benefits of Thai eggplant are:

  1. Prevents infants from birth defects
  2. Reduces the risk of cancer

Except Thai eggplant, there are also some Thai plants with many health benefits, or you can also read Thailand herbs spices. In addition, the benefits of Thai eggplant are similar to other varieties of eggplant.