10 Super Health Benefits of Yanang Leaves

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yanang leavesYanang leaves has the botanical name of Tilicora Triandra. This plant comes from Southeast Asia. Health benefits of yanang leaves have long been used as medicine and also for food. Therefore, this plant contains a lot of natural compounds that are good for health besides delicious taste. Nutritional content of yanang leaves is as follows:

Based on the research that has been done and also based on the existing nutrient content in yanang leaves, health benefits that can be obtained are like:

  1. Reduce the fever

Fever can be experienced by anyone. Usually, fever often occurs in children who are still in the development stage. Fever with high temperatures can be fatal. Because it can lead to seizures in children. To reduce body temperature naturally, use yanang leaves

  1. Reduce the pain

Yanang leaves also have a natural content that can reduce pain. If you are feeling pain due to a sprain or other problems, you can use yanang leaves to reduce it

  1. Controlling blood pressure

Blood pressure should be controlled at all times. Especially for those who are over 30 years old and also for people who have a history of abnormal blood pressure such as low blood pressure or high blood pressure. Consuming yanang leaves regularly proven to be able to control blood pressure due to natural compounds present in this leaf

  1. Stopping the growth of cancer cells

Another benefit that can be obtained from yanang leaves is to stop the growth of cancer cells. Cancer is still one of the deadly diseases that cause many deaths in various countries. Therefore it is very important to do intensive treatment both traditional and nontraditional. One of them is by utilizing the properties of yanang leaves

  1. Relieves fever

Yanang leaves are also used as a natural remedy to relieve fever. Patients with fever should get the right treatment and quickly so that no serious problems occur. In addition, if treatment has been done but the fever does not go down, contact your doctor immediately

  1. Stabilize sugar levels

Yanang leaves are very beneficial to stabilize blood sugar levels. Surely this is good news for diabetics. High sugar levels can cause injury to the patient and also the pain in the body. Blood sugar should also be controlled at all times to avoid an increase in sugar levels that are too high

  1. Curing gout

Another benefit of yanang leaves is to cure gout. Uric acid is usually because of the loss in the joints resulting in extreme pain. To overcome this, the patient must consume drugs that have been given by the doctor or by consuming yanang leaves

  1. Anti-bacteria

Yanang leaves also have anti-bacterial properties. Of course, this is very useful for maintaining a healthy body so as not easily attacked by disease. Especially diseases associated with bad bacteria

  1. Antioxidants

High natural antioxidants you can get also from this leaf. Antioxidants are needed by the body to fight against various diseases that can threaten the health and also life. If antioxidants are high, then the body will be stronger to fight disease

  1. Cure arthritis

The last benefit of yanang leaves is a cure for arthritis. The natural content of this leaf proved effective to cure this disease. Therefore for those of you who suffer from arthritis disease, it is advisable to consume yanang leaves and medicines from the doctor on a regular basis

How to use

You can consume yanang leaves in two forms. First, serve as a delicious meal. And second, serve as herbal ingredients. Both provide the same benefits for the body


Health benefits of yanang leaves provide many benefits to the body. However, maintaining a regular diet and exercise is also needed to prevent the coming of various diseases. In addition to routine health, control is an important thing for the disease can be detected quickly.