15 Secret Health Benefits of Honey Mango

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Who does not know the fruit of mango? The fruit that has the Latin name of magnifera indica is very famous for its sweet and refreshing taste, although there is also a bit sour taste. The fruit is also known to come from India and in Indonesia, it has many varieties with various variations of shapes and flavors such as gedong mango, gadung mango, manalagi mango, arummanis mango, golek mango, and so on. more or less, the mango fruit has the same content. Among them are vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B, selenium, carbohydrates, protein, sugar, fat, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and various other minerals.

One of the most famous types of famous mango fruit is honey mango. The naming of honey mango itself is not a standard, depending on the person who ate it. Because the mango fruit that tastes very sweet like the usual honey, it is named as honey mango by people who consume them. Some types of mango are often named like honey mango, such as Chokanan mango from Thailand, apple mango, Gedong gincu mango, and African honey mango. There are also other types of mango that has benefits for our health like green mango.

In addition to its sweet and refreshing taste, honey mango fruit has also many health benefits of honey mango and also for beauty, including:

1. Can prevent cancer

Cancer is still the most deadly disease, that’s why it is so feared by many people. The body cells that have already developed into cancer cells are very difficult to cure. Even if it can, usually there will be a chance and possibility for it to grow back. There is some prevention for this disease and one of them is by eating foods that rich in antioxidants and vitamin C such as honey mango.

2. Good for eyes

There are many secret health benefits of honey mango. If you want a healthy and bright eyes then the fruit of honey mango can be one of the solution. With the high content of vitamin A in it, it has proven to provide good nutrition for the eye so that the eyes can be kept healthy and protected from various eye diseases.

3. Help in digestion problems

The high content of fiber and water in honey mango is very good for digestion. It also can be used to avoid a variety of digestive disorders such as constipation. In addition, digestive enzymes in this fruit can also help break down the protein so that the absorption of nutrients by the body can be maximized.

4. Maintain a high immune level

There are various germs around us that are ready to attack when the immune system starts to decrease. For that we need to do is to keep the body immune level high, so it is not easy for our body to catch the disease. One of the way to achieve that is by eating foods that rich in vitamins A and C and carotenoids which contained by the fruit of honey mango. Also read about Health Benefits of Mango Seeds

5. As a cure to Gum Inflammation

Bleeding gums is one sign of gum inflammation that can be caused by several factors. This disease can not be underestimated because if it can cause infections that can spread to the heart, lungs, and eyes. One of the causes of bleeding gums is the less consumption of vitamin C. It is very highly advisable to be routine in eating and consuming honey mango so that the vitamin C intake is met and gum disease can be resolved and cured. Either way, Mango also has a high in vitamin C. 

6. Overcoming asthma

Asthma is a disease that attacks the respiratory system and can recur at any time because it is triggered by many factors such as air that is too cold, stressed, and exposed to dust. To overcome and cure this disease, we can take advantage of mango leaf potion as herbal medicine. High content of beta-carotene in mango leaf can be a solution to help relieving asthma symptoms.

One way to consume it is by drinking boiled water mango leaves are added a little honey on a regular basis. Also read about Health Benefits of Mango Leaves

7. Help clean and reduce the dirty blood

Dirty blood is a term that refers to the condition of blood in the body that contains many toxins and carbon dioxide. As alternatives to the benefits of ginger and tangerine, we can also take the advantage of honey mango as a solution to clean dirty blood. And its proven to be one of the good way to clean dirty blood. Mango has also benefits during pregnancy which is really important, check it out here Health Benefits of Mango during Pregnancy

8. Excellent to help people with low blood pressure

Blood pressure that is too high or too low can cause health problems. Hypertension or low blood pressure can occur due to conditions of pregnancy, dehydration, or loss of blood. If you usually consume and enjoy the benefits of binahong leaves to stabilize blood pressure when its too low, then there is another way, which is way more delicious and healthy, which is to eat honey mango. 

9. Maintain fresh mouth

Even seems not important, but bad odor can affect a person’s confidence. To keep away the bad breath and always smells fresh and also avoid the odor, we can use the boiled water of honey mango leaves as a cleanser for our mouth. Also read about Health Benefits of Apple Mango

10. Help ease menstruation

The occurrence of menstruation is a problem and concern for women. But it turns out that the fruit of honey mango can also be used to help menstruation

11. Overcoming inflammation in the throat

Excessive speech / screaming or attack of microorganisms in the upper respiratory tract can cause inflammation of the throat. There are several herbal medicines that we can use to overcome such as mango honey and the benefits of noni fruit. Also read about Health Benefits of Green Mango

12. Overcoming a hernia

Often lifting heavy loads in a way that is not properly considered as one cause of the symptoms of hernia. To solve this, someone usually take drugs or if it is severe enough, the path of surgery is the only way. As an alternative, hernia can also be solved naturally by lots of ways, one of them by eating mango honey.

Now? What are you waiting for? Immediately put this fruit into your daily menu and feel the health and beauty benefits. You can get those health benefits of honey mango in your daily menu. Stay Healthy!