10 Health Benefits of Apple Mango – Super Tasty and Healthy

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health benefits of apple mangoIs there anyone here who doesn’t like mangos? I think most of you guys and girls love mangos. Its fresh and delicious taste of this exotic fruit makes it a great addition to your meal. You can eat it fresh or add it to your dessert or juice. Besides, it has lots of pretty amazing benefits for your health just like Health Benefits of African Mango

Especially apple mango, a special mango strain you can find from the Philippines to Indonesia. With its reddish skin and special nutrient that is no other mango strain has, there are so many health benefits of apple mango that you need to know, as great as List of African Fruits and The Health Benefits People Should Know. Here we discover the apple mango health benefits especially for you.

Health Benefits of Apple Mango

1.  Inhibit Cancer Growth

Based on latest research, all strain of mango fruit has a high dose of antioxidant that is effective to protect your body against leukemia, colon, breast, and prostate cancer. These antioxidant nutrients are consist of:

  • astragalin,
  • gallic acid,
  • fisetin,
  • isoquercitrin,
  • quercitrin,
  • methylgallat.

Besides, It has many other enzymes that are good for your health. Meanwhile, the apple mango has a more concentration of those enzymes to multiply its benefits.

2.  Helps to Lower Your LDL rate 

With its crispier texture, the apple mango has a higher level of pectin, vitamin C, and fiber that is great to lower your levels of cholesterol, eventually Low-Density Lipoprotein. Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) is the bad cholesterol that becomes the main suspect of coronary heart attack cause which is the most dangerous degenerative disease.

3.  Glow Your Skin

Besides its benefits for your internal organ, the health benefits of apple mango work too for your external beauties. It can make your skin glowing with its high dose of vitamin C just like the health benefits of kiwi. Use it as a mask before sleep or drink it regularly as the fresh juice, the apple mango will help to make your skin healthier. It works by clearing your clogged pores and eliminating your disturbing pimples.

4.  High Dose of Vitamin A for Your Eyes Health

In general, mangos have a high beta-carotene and vitamin A that is good for your eyesight health. Meanwhile, the reddish apple mango has a lot more of betacarotene and vitamin A substance that is much better to maintain your eyes health and prevents it from drying and night blindness.

5.  Maintaining the Alkali Rate of Your Body

This time you are going to need its leaves than its fruits. Boil some apple mango leaves with a bowl of water, then drink it. It helps to maintain the alkali reserve of your body and insulin levels in the blood. The apple mango has tartaric acid, citric acid, and malic acid contents that is effective to stabilize your body’s alkali rate and insulin levels. Indeed, you may also read Health Benefits of Alasa Fruit

6. Helps in Diabetes

As it leaves are great to stabilize the insulin levels in the blood, the apple mango is great for diabetes. You can use it by boil certain number of leaves in the water. Then, consume “the apple mango leaves tea” in the morning. In addition, the mango fruit, especially apple mango, have a quite low glycemic index (around 41-60) that is very safe for the diabetic patient.

7. Improve Your Fertility 

Besides its high dose of vitamin C and A, the apple mango has a quite high amount of vitamin E. It is great for your fertility and sex life. Even though, the connection between vitamin E and sex life is a mistaken generalization of the experiment to rat.

The newest research stated that the vitamin E (with the balanced nutrient diet) surely has a quite strong connection to the fertility. In this case, you can improve your sex life by taking the health benefits of apple mango actually.

8. Improves Your Digestion System 

Mangos, especially apple mango, has an abundant amount of enzymes that are great top digest the protein. In this case, same as papaya, the apple mango will improve your digestion system too.  Besides, it has a quite large amount of fiber that also helps your digestive system.

9. Natural Cure for Heat Stroke

Imagine how delicious an apple mango juice in the summertime when the heat is spiking up? Yep, besides its taste, the apple mango is great to cool down your body and prevent it from harm.

Based on ayurvedic medicine, when the people come to equatorial or in the summertime, they often get diuretic and exhausted. That is because the strong sun energy burns up the body, especially your muscles. Just like you may also read Health Benefits of Wheatgrass Tea

Then, the kidneys become overloaded with the toxin as a result of this process. Thus, the tasty and healthy apple mango juice, with its high dose of antioxidants and other nutrients, becomes a great choice to eliminates the heat stroke bad effects.

10. Boosts Your Immune System 

As the conclusion of those 9 health benefits of apple mango, the rich amounts of vitamin A & C in apple mango with 25 kinds of carotenoids and many more enzymes, it is quite obvious that apple mango has magnificent benefits too to your immune system.