20 Health Benefits of Green Mango That No One Knows

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Mango is a famous fruit around the world. There are many products contain mango extract. For many years, people are aware that there are so many health benefits of green mango. It is the same benefit as an orange. You may want to read Health Benefits of Mandarin Orange. Therefore, this fruit is a favorite fruit to consume by most of the people.

Mango tree is commonly growth in most of Asia region. Although it is well known as a national fruit in India, but there are various kind of mango in Asia. Even in Indonesia, there are various type. Such as manalagi, indramayu, harum manis or gedong gincu from Indonesian Mango. Each type has its unique taste and shape, which is quite different each other.

Many countries in South Asia has now cultivated the green mango. To growth a mango in the backyard is not really difficult. It can grow from the seed. But the easiest way is to growth it from the cultivar. It will grow well in a place with sunlight and free draining soil.

Nutritional Value of Green Mango

Below is the nutritional value of 1 pc of Green Mango (336gr):

  • Calories 201cal
  • Total Fat 2%
  • Saturated Fat 2%
  • Polyunsaturated Fat 2%
  • Monounsaturated fat 2%
  • Cholesterol 0%
  • Sodium 0%
  • Potassium 16%
  • Carbohydrates 17%
  • Dietary Fibers 22%
  • Sugar 15%
  • Protein 6%
  • Calcium 4%
  • Iron 3%
  • Magnesium 8%
  • Vitamin A 73%
  • Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 20%
  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 204%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

There are so many health benefits of green mango. Those are listed below:

1. Anti-Oxidant

Mango contains an anti-oxidant called zeaxanthin. It helps to reduce the effects of free radical from the pollutan around us. Therefore, it helps human body to regenerate a good cell. Furthermore, it is the same benefit with mangosteen. One of the Health Benefits of Mangosteen Tea is as an anti-oxidant too.

2. Anti-Aging

Due to the capability of an anti-oxidant, therefore it helps to bring benefit as an anti-aging. It helps to prevent an early aging by reduce wrinkle. Furthermore, it is also able to produce collagen and resulted a younger skin.

3. Rich of Vitamin C

Like many other fruits such as strawberry and kiwi, green mango also rich of vitamin C. You can check at the Health Benefits of Strawberry Leaves and Health Benefits of Kiwi for Skin. The content of vitamin C is good to maintain healthy and avoid infection into the body. Therefore, it gives a healthy body most of time.

4. Gum Disease

The vitamin C inside the fruit helps with many problems such as gum disease. It helps to soothe the gum and prevent bleeding.

5. Maintain Immune System

Due to the contain of vitamin C, therefore it helps to maintain immune system. It improves the body to avoid sickness.

6. Morning Sickness

It is the good news for pregnant woman that consuming green mango help to reduce morning sickness. The sour taste of the fruit gives a relief to the nausea feeling. Therefore, it helps to avoid sickness.

7. Weight Loss

Green mango also rich with dietary fiber. Hence, it helps body metabolism to increase the digestive capability. The green mango also contain less sugar, therefore it wouldn’t increase sugar level nor fat into the body.

8. Heartburn

Chewing a green mango help to reduce acidity in the digestive system. Therefore, it is good to avoid heartburn.

9. Anti-Bacteria

The fruit also can work as some anti-bacteria. Therefore, consuming mango can help to clean the intestines from bacteria. It helps the body not to get easily sick.

10. Maintain Liver

It is help to maintain the liver by increase the secretion of bile acid. It helps to eliminate the toxin from the body. Therefore, it improves the liver system.

11. Maintain Blood Pressure

Green mango contains potassium, which is good to maintain blood pressure. It is also works to optimize the blood vessel elasticity. Hence, the blood pressure can be stable.

12. Maintain Heart Rate

Potassium also help to control the blood pressure. Furthermore, the peptin and vitamin C inside a green mango works to lower down the cholesterol level. Therefore, it gives benefit to maintain a healthy heart.

13. Healthy Eye

Green mango contains numerous number of vitamin A which help to maintain a healthy eye. Therefore, it is good to consume and maintain the eye lens.

14. Healthy Hair

Mango is well known to maintain a healthy hair. It produce a silky hair. Therefore, it is good for hair treatment.

15. Healthy Skin

The rich of vitamin C bring the green mango as an alternative to maintain a healthy skin. It produces a smooth skin. It is also help to reduce eczema and acne. Therefore, it is suit to prevent any skin disease. Furthermore, it eliminates pimples.

16. Improve Digestive

The fruit can produce an enzyme that works to break down protein. Hence, it works to improve the digestive system so that the body metabolism is increase. The contain of dietary fiber also help to fasten the digestive system. Therefore, the body will only absorb important nutrition and avoid the gaining of fat.

17. Prevent Constipated

Regarding the benefit of digestive improvement, it can help with constipation. The dietary fiber helps to optimize the digestive circulation. Hence, it prevents constipation to be happened.

18. Prevent Diabetes

Green mango can also normalize the levels of insulin of the blood. It has a low glycemic index. Therefore, it is good to maintain the blood sugar level and help to prevent diabetes.

19. Prevent Asthma

Mango contain beta-carotene, which help to prevent asthma. This is the same content with inside papaya and carrots. Hence, it would be clear if you see the Health Benefits of Papaya Leaves and Health Benefits of Carrot Leaves.

20. Bone Health

Green mango contains vitamin and calcium which help to maintain a healthy bone. This nutrient work by avoiding the risk of bone fracture. Therefore, it is good for bone development too.

How to Use Green Mango

There are many health benefits of green mango and ways to consume green mango. For those who want to try various ways to gain this fruit health benefit, check on below lists:

  1. Salad
    Nowadays, green mango can be consumed as a salad. Many cuisines include mango salad in their menu. The fruit can be sprinkled over the vegetables and give a fresh taste. It is a little bit sour with a little bit sweet taste.
  2. Juice
    One of the easiest way to gain the benefit from a green mango is by making a juice. The step is simple. Peel the mango and get the flesh. Boil the flesh until soft and then blend them. Add some sugar and water. Finally, the juice is ready to consume.
  3. Dish
    Some cuisine includes green mango as part of the cuisine. The common cuisine is sweet sour fish. It is normally sprinkled over the saucy fish to give fresher flavor. Most countries in Asia is serving this dish.
  4. Tea
    The mango tea will taste sour and fresh. It is fit to drink during summer. Furthermore, it gives some benefit. The benefit of mango tea is almost the same with the Benefits of Echinacea Tea.
    Making a homemade mango tea also not difficult. The step is quite simple. Just peel the mango and cut the flesh. Boil the flesh into water. Blend the cooked mango with the water. Add some tea powder and blend together. Finally the mango tea is ready to serve.
  5. Sweets
    In Asia, raw mango can be produced as sweets. You can easily grab it in Asia store. But making a homemade mango sweet also simple. Just cut the flesh into small pieces. Put in a jar and add some salt and sugar. Put in the refrigerator and wait for a couple days. Finally, it is ready to consume.
  6. Chili
    Raw mango can also produce as a chili. Just blend some chili pepper and blend with the mango. It is common to find the mango chili in Asia. Most of the dish can be served using mango chili, such as chicken, fish, tofu or vegetables.
  7. Cosmetic
    Some cosmetic use mango extract as one of the cosmetic ingredients. There are quite many brands of mango soap, mango body lotion or mango shampoo. Since it is give benefit to hair and skin.

Side Effects of Green Mango

This fruit also has some side effects. If you have query on the side effects of the green mango, take a look below:

  1. Allergic Reaction
    It is important for people with allergic history not to consume green mango. Since it can produce some rubber and give effects of rash and itchiness. It can also give dermatitis near the lips as a blister. Therefore, it is better to clean the mango before consume. Otherwise, it is better not to directly consume the raw mango.
  2. Stomatch Problem
    It is suggested not to consume the green mango before having some meal. Since in some people it can cause stomatch problems. The acidity level inside the stomatch can be increased due to the sour taste of its fruit. Therefore, people with stomatch problem suggested to avoid this fruit.
  3. Diabetic Patient
    While green mango is good for lower glycemic index, the ripe one is not too good for diabetic patient. Therefore, diabetic patients need to control the amount of consumed mango. Since the ripe mango is so sweet and may contain a lot of sugar.