8 Health Benefits of Breathing Lime Dust for Respiratory

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Many people feel uncertain in whether there are several health benefits of breathing lime dust. No wonder, since some medical practitioner inform that this way is not giving the best benefit for the health. But this is a contradiction between people. As some people and medical experts suggest that lime dust is good.

But in the other way it has side effects which need to avoid. Therefore, it takes wise decision to use breathing the lime dust. Rather than it will bring a side effects if not pay for the cautions.

Lime dust actually contain calcium hydroxide, which might bring advantage, but also might not. There are various reasons to support it. Therefore, the use of lime dust might not be as familiar as using other medical approach to avoid some diseases or to get any medical advantage from various things.

Furthermore, to get the lime dust needs more effort. This is due to the availability might not be easy and even more often difficult.

Health Benefits of Breathing Lime Dust

Below are some health benefits of breathing lime dust that believed by some people who still doing the treatment. Check out the health benefit below:

1. Inhale System

Breathing the lime dust is an alternative for natural inhale system. The content of calcium oxide inside the dust can benefit to bring a better respiratory system. However, the use shall be not for long term since this effect only good to manage in short time only.

Therefore, make sure to use it in several das only. This is the same health benefits of young living essential oils that can work as one of the natural inhale system too.

2. Lung Cancer

The dust is another treatment to avoid the possibility of lung cancer. Since breathing small amounts of the dust will bring the cancer cell die and stop regenerate. However, this contribution shall equipped with further research. Since this kind of health benefits of breathing lime dust is not effectively proven yet.

3. Soothe Cold

Some people believe that using lime dust as one of the inhale system can help to soothe the cold symptoms. Mainly if the nose feel stuck and the nasal feel uncomforted.

Therefore, it can apply to the respiratory, but only in small amount, to help soothing the cold effects specially cough and mucus. Furthermore, it is the same health benefits ginger milk that will help to optimally reduce cold symptoms too.

4. Release Pulmonary

Another advantage of use breathing of lime dust believe can be a good release for pulmonary system. The smell and the strong capability will lead the pulmonary to keep healthy and avoid the possibility of respiratory system diseases.

It can bring a better feeling inside pulmonary but only for short term using. If it used in long term might even effect with several dangerous cautions as explained below. 

5. Alkalinity

Lime dust is another good option to deal with alkalinity problem. Therefore, it can bring a better healthy body alkali level. By breathing the lime dust, mineral balance inside the body can be keep. This is the same health benefits of drinking high PH water.

6. Pneumonia

Breathing lime dust is another way to avoid the possibility of bacteria infection. Therefore, it can manage to avoid the possibility of pneumonia. The strong smell and chemical reactions will bring the bacteria to die and out from the body. Therefore, in shorter term user, the products can be applied to soothe pneumonia symptoms.

7. Anti Inflammation

The dust also advantage to work as an anti inflammation agent. Therefore, it will specially treat the inflammation and reduce or calm down the swollen and pain. This is one of the common way to avoid pulmonary inflammation too. This is the same health benefits arnica that works as an anti inflammation too.

8. Stress Relieve

In small amount, breathing the lime dust can bring relaxation and benefit to relieve the stress. Therefore, it is good to breath before sleeping to avoid insomnia and improve the clear full mildness. This is the same health benefits of thai tea that help to avoid insomnia too.

Cautions and Recommendations

The products have some side effects. Therefore, take a look at below cautions before decide to use lime dust:

  • This dust will able to cause serious allergically symptoms mainly to the respiratory system. Therefore, it is actually not recommended to performed for children. Since it can result cough or fever if breathing the dust. It is better to provide different inhaler as replacement which consider more save and benefit.
  • It will cause sneezing over and over. Therefore, be careful to decide the use of breathing this lime dust. Since it will cause the powder interrupt the respiratory system and become strange material into the nose. Hence, this will result itchiness to the nose and make the nose become sneezing.
  • The effect including can caused shorted of breathiness. This is due to the dust which contain chemistry which might interfere the respiratory system. Therefore, do not use this dust if sudden shorter breath or breath difficulty is happen. It is better to consult with the medical practitioner first before apply the lime dust breathing.
  • The lime derivative content inside lime dust also can be dangerous to be breath by pregnant woman. Therefore, to avoid any possibility of fetus damage or oxygen content decrease, it will be better to avoid it during the pregnancy.
  • The lime dust might also irritate the eye and skin if used daily. Therefore, Becarefull when decide to breath the dust. Since it will have a close contact between the dust and the skin or eye. It can bring redness into the eye and skin. Hence, it is better to avoid breath it frequently.

Those are all the health benefits of breathing lime dust that controversial. At the end, every people will have their own preference to decide whether it is good or not for their health. Therefore, it shall coming back to the person to decide it.

Remember to always look at the cautions before using it to avoid serious effects from using the lime dust. However, it is expected that breathing lime dust shall keep bring numerous benefit for the health.