15 Powerful Health Benefits of Young Living Essential Oils

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Young living oil is a product come from the USA which packed the benefits of essential oil for human life. The essential oil is oil which is obtained from the extract of plants such as leaves or petals in order to produce the natural oil of that plant. You can imagine how many leaves and petals that should be squeezed to produce essential oil.

That’s why the price of essential oil is relatively expensive compared to the other beauty or health products. But, that price is compatible with the benefit that you will obtain when using essential oil, the natural extract without mixture of any chemicals. Read also benefits of aromatherapy for cancer patients.

Here are the samples of young living oil and also their health and beauty benefits that you can find in the market:

  1. Lavender Essential Oil

There are many health benefits of young living essential oils. Lavender is the most well-known flower which is used to be utilized as the material of making an essential oil. Lavender is able to produce the best essential oil extract which is good to be used for beauty and skin treatment because it is suitable for the various skin type. Read more about benefits of lavender for the skin.

The high substance of antioxidant contained in lavender flower product is able to protect the skin from the harmful free radical and also ultraviolet rays that come from the sunlight. In addition, the fragrance of lavender essential oil is also able to make you sleep well. And as you know that, if the quality of sleep is good, then it will influence the appearance of skin.

  1. Rose Essential Oil

Talking about the essential oil which is very effective for skin, then you cannot miss the rose essential oil. Rose essential oil is able to act as the moisturizer and lighter for the skin. As the healer of tissues, this oil is very effective in disguising the scars of the skin and also including as the agent of anti-ageing.

Rose essential oil is rich in antioxidants, which is able to prevent and inhibit the formation of lines and wrinkles on the face. Moreover, the property of anti-inflammation contained in this essential oil is able to relieve the inflammation which occurs when the skin gets irritation or acne.

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  1. Lemongrass Essential Oil

There are many health benefits of young living essential oils. In health perspective, this kind of oil is considered as an analgesic or painkiller, which is able to relieve the pain and inflammation. Health benefits of lemongrass essential oil also can relieve the shores in the muscles and joints, and also treat a toothache or a headache resulted from infection, such as a cough, fever, influenza, and etc. This oil is also able to reduce the pain resulting from the hard activity, such as physical exercise.

The fragrance of the lemongrass essential oil functions as the antidepressant and also able to increase confidence, mental, and make us feel excited. So, this essential oil can help you to overcome your stress which is caused by career problems, personal life, feeling lonely, or grieving because the fragrance of lemongrass essential oil is able to reduce anxiety. Read also benefits of lemon water.

  1. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil is beneficial to overcome the digestion problem, respiratory, headache, sick, fever, and also able to reduce the pain.

Because the substance of menthol contained in this oil, this oil is used to be utilized as the main material or mixture in making soap, shampoo, cigarettes, toothpaste, bubble gum, tea and also ice cream.

Benefits of peppermint oil as the essential oil are also able to nourish the skin health, increase the immune system of the body, blood circulation, good for growing hair, relieving the respiratory tract, overcome the bad breath and also good for teeth and gum health. 

  1. Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine is a beautiful flower with a good and relaxing smell. Imagine the fragrance of this flower when we are in jasmine garden is able to give us relaxation effects. So, what if it is directly inhaled? It would be amazing, right?

This oil is used to be utilized when massaging and many beauty treatments. Jasmine essential oil is able to increase mood, can help improve focus, can help to sleep because of the scent that also has a sedative effect.  Moreover, its antibacterial component is good for preventing infection and treating wounds. Read also about health benefits of jasmine leaves. There are many health benefits of young living essential oils you can try.

More Essential Oil Uses

Here are more health benefits of young living essential oils:

  1. Stress reliever
  2. Pain killer
  3. Aromatherapy
  4. Makes you feel calm
  5. For your psychological health
  6. Makes you feel safe and sound
  7. Relaxer
  8. Clears your mind 

How to Use Young Living Oil

There are three ways that you can do when applying the young living oil:

  • Inhaled: You only need to inhale the fragrance directly from the bottle of the essential oil, or you also may use a tool such as a diffuser and a humidifier to mix the essential oil with water so that the steam and the fragrance are able to be spread in whole of the room.
  • Smeared onto the skin: Just apply 2-3 drops of essential oil on the area you want to treat or cure. But, remember to always read the instructions before using Young Living Oil because the oil is pure and strong enough so may it will cause irritation.
  • Consumed: You can drip a few drops of essential oil into an empty capsule and then drink it with water. You are also able to mix 1-2 drops into water or milk to be drunk, mixed in the food while cooking.

Side Effects of Young Living Oil

Even though the young living oil uses a natural ingredient but it doesn’t guarantee that the young living oil has no side effects. So, don’t get lost in the word “natural”. As for the side effects that may be caused by the young living oil include:

  • Poisoning in children when it gets swallowed.
  • The skin becomes more flammable in sunlight.
  • Skin irritation.
  • Increase the risk of heart disease.
  • Cause symptoms of Asthma.

Young Living oil is a pure essential oil, so that makes this essential oil is very powerful and effective. But, remember to use this oil in a responsible manner so you can maximize the benefits without having the side effects. Good luck!