23 Health Benefits of Fruit and Veggie Smoothies You Should Know

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Who would deny the health benefits of fruit and veggie? They give us a lot of benefits for our health. Unlike the Health Benefits of Meat, Poultry and Fish of which the long term consumption may have more side effects, we can consider fruit and veggie have zero risk for our body.

It is because fruits and vegetables provide us with the missing nutrients as most people mainly concentrated on carbohydrate and protein in composing their daily diet. People sometime unaware when their intake of nutrients from fruits and veggie are insufficient.

In order to solve the problem, people start to look for some other way to fulfill their need of fruit and veggies other than just including them into the regular meal. Today, people are praising about the effectiveness and efficiently of taking fruit and veggies smoothies. There are abundance health benefits of fruit and veggie smoothies we can get.

Nutrition Value of Fruit and Veggie Smoothies

As we know, we can get many beneficial values from fruit and vegetable as the main ingredients of this smoothie. Well, the beneficial value we get from the health benefits of fruit and veggie smoothies may vary according to what kind of fruit and vegetable we use for the smoothies.

However, we will definitely get vitamins and minerals from this kind of smoothies. As we know, fruit and vegetable is the powerhouse of vitamins and minerals compared to the other kind of foods. From fruit and veggie smoothies, we will obtain a good amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K. the smoothies will also provide us with some of B vitamins including Folate, and vitamin E.

In term of minerals, fruit and veggie smoothies are the excellent source of minerals such calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, copper, magnesium, and some other minerals. Besides vitamins and minerals, consuming fruit and veggie smoothies can also fulfill the need of dietary fiber.

In our routine, we often eat anything just to fill up the tummy with food and we can gain energy to continue our activities. However, sometimes we don’t really pay attention of what we eat and put aside fiber.

The Health Benefits of Fruit and Veggie Smoothies

The beneficial values in fruits and vegetables such vitamins, minerals, and fiber definitely gives us the health benefits of fruit and veggie smoothies. The health benefits are listed below.

  1. Improve fruit and vegetable intake

It is common that people tend to have low consumption of fruit and veggie. People mainly fill up their plate with carbohydrate with meat, poultry, or fish, with less fruit and vegetable. Well, people may try to make up the need of fruit and vegetable by consuming juices to accompany their meal. However, the juices are not enough as they don’t mainly contain fiber we need from fruit and vegetable.

In this case, consuming fruit and veggie smoothies may be the perfect solution as it offers the healthier and tastier way to improve the consumption of fruit and vegetable than just put them in salad and any other foods. In smoothies, we can combine fruit and vegetable we like or mix the vegetable we need but we don’t like it with our favorite fruit to conceal the smell and taste of the vegetable. In addition, consuming fruit and vegetable in a form of smoothies may boost the process of nutrient absorption.

  1. Lose weight

Smoothies are able to instantly make you feel fresh and healthy just at the first sip. Smoothies help you reset your habit to replace the unhealthy foods with smoothies. This way, you may reduce the calorie intake and are able to lose some pounds as you have healthy diet pattern. 

  1. Avoid cravings

One of the health benefits of fruit and veggie smoothies is the potency to provide us with high quality fiber. The fiber will fill up our stomach and is able to make you full a little longer. This way, the consumption of smoothies may help you avoid too much cravings, especially when you crave for unhealthy foods or drinks.

  1. Energy source

As we know, fruit and veggie smoothies provide us with abundance of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. But in case of providing energy, we can get energy by consuming fruit and veggie smoothies as they mainly contains B vitamins and magnesium which aid the process of food metabolism into energy.

  1. Improve immune system

Fruit and veggie smoothies commonly contain antioxidants which are very beneficial for our immune system. Include some fruits with high vitamin C content to help you improve the immune system. In addition, fruit and veggie smoothies are rich with antioxidants and phytonutrients help you to fight against disease while improving your fitness. 

  1. Maintain strong bones

As mentioned above, fruit and veggie smoothies are able to provide minerals such calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus which are beneficial for bones. Especially when you love to grab some dark green veggie and include them to your smoothies, they are rich with those bone building nutrients.

One of the vegetables you can choose to improve bones’ health is lettuce as it presents Health Benefits of Lettuce for bones.

  1. Reduce high cholesterol level

The regular consumption of fruit and veggie smoothies is proven to reduce the LDL or the bad cholesterol level in the blood significantly.

Plus, the smoothies are not only beneficial but also taste good as you can make different combination every day with everything you like.

  1. Control blood pressure

Some fruits and vegetables have an enormous ability to lower the high blood pressure, such purple spinach with its Health Benefits of Purple Spinach and golden kiwi with Health Benefits of Golden Kiwi Fruit. Therefore, combining and regularly consuming those smoothies may help you lower your high blood pressure and control it.

  1. Help you focus

This healthy drink is actually able to replace your caffeine bulked morning coffee. In excellent way, fruit and veggie smoothies are not only cleaning your body, but also your mental clarity, as it helps you to focus.

  1. Aid digestion

The most well-known among the health benefits of fruit and veggie smoothies is the ability to aid healthy digestion. There is nothing better than fruit and vegetable in term of maintaining and improving digestive health. This benefit is contributed by the fiber which actively maintains bowel movement and aid the growth of good microbes within the gut.

  1. Promote hair and skin natural glow

People prove that Health Benefits of Eating Only Fruits and Vegetables for A Week are not just a myth. The consumption of fruit and vegetables gives many benefits, especially for our skin and hair.

But it seems that consuming fruit and vegetables just as salads might be boring, mixing them into smoothies will be a great idea, and also they will bring back your hair and skin natural glow.

  1. Reduce inflammation

People start to believe in Health Benefits of Giving Up Meat as it may reduce the possible inflammation in their body. As the replacement, they increase their consumption of fruit and vegetables in a form of fruit and veggie smoothies.

In addition, fruit and veggie smoothies can also reduce inflammation. A study proved that it is very good for people with arthritis.

  1. Lower the risk of diabetes

A study proved that the consumption of dark leafy green veggie smoothies can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. You can mix them with your favorite fruit and enhance the taste, so that you are not easily bored with smoothies.

The other health benefits of fruit and veggie smoothies are:

  1. Improve vision
  2. Rehydrating
  3. Improve sleep quality
  4. Boost the nutrients absorption
  5. Detoxifying
  6. Boost brain power
  7. Prevent macular degeneration disorder
  8. Improve mood
  9. Reduce the risk of cancer
  10. Good for cardiovascular health

Recommendation in Consuming Fruit and Veggie Smoothies

Some people avoid vegetables as they taste not as delicious as other foods and sometimes have unpleasant smell. However, vegetables are piled with nutrients that your body need the most. So, in using vegetables into you fruit and veggie smoothies, you can combine the vegetables with your favorite fresh fruit such pineapple with fresh aroma to conceal the smell of vegetables, or you can add some sweet fruit such banana and apple to enhance the taste. Avoid using any addition sweetener or you’ll ruin the health benefits of fruit and veggie smoothies.