7 Unbelievable Benefits of Guava Leaves for Bad Breath and How to Make It

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People might feel curious when they hear about the benefits of guava leaves for bad breath and how to make it. Guava is a fresh fruit that provided in most of the Asian countries, including in Indonesia. The taste is sweet and the fruit color is pink. The fruit contain high vitamin C number so that it can bring benefit for the body immunity. But not many people aware that apparently guava leaves are good to avoid the bad breath. Since most of the people aware that the leaves will be good for diarrhea only, not for the other benefits. Therefore, if you feel curious on this findings and want to know more, let’s check below the lists of benefits of guava leaves for bad breath and how to make it.

Benefits of Guava leaves for Bad Breath 

1. Fresh Mouth

The main benefits from guava leaves for the breath is by producing a fresh mouth condition. Therefore, it is suitable to keep the breath smells good along the day. The same benefits of Zanzibar gems that works effectively to keep a good breath too everyday.

2. High Vitamin C

Guava is known with its high vitamin C content. Apparently it is not only contained inside the fruit, but the leaves also rich with vitamin C too. This content will help to manage the body to keep healthy, including the health of the mouth area. The same excellent guava leaves benefits for mouth ulcers you need to know that able to works effectively to keep the health of the mouth and the breath too.

3. Eliminate Germs

The vitamin C content inside the guava leaves will help to manage eliminate germs. It can help to avoid further bacteria infection inside the mouth and bring a healthy mouth condition. Especially around the teeth and tongue to free from any unwanted bacteria that mostly cause a bad breath.

4. Avoid Sore Throat

Another benefits of guava leaves for bad breath and how to make it is to help avoiding any possibility of sore throat. Throat infection or inflammation can cause many germs and bacteria around it. Where it will ends up with bad breath. This benefit is actually the same way as the benefits oregano leaves cough that can manage to avoid sore throat too.

5. Reduce Inflammation

Not only able to avoid the sore throat, but the guava leaves extract also good to reduce any inflammation symptoms around the mouth area. It can manage to reduce swollen throat or gum and help to manage the pain too. Therefore, it can soothe the inflammation symptoms and effectively lead to a fasten recovery from this symptoms.

6. Anti Oxidant

Guava is rich with anti oxidant content. This is a good thing that guava leaves also contain a high anti oxidant number. Many people may queries on the relation between this benefit and the fresh mouth condition. Apparently, anti oxidant help to manage the breath and avoid any possibility of bad breath experience. The same health benefits of forest bitter berries that also rich in anti oxidant content. So that one of the benefit is including to create a fresh breath that free from any stink.

7. Avoid Toothache

Benefits of guava leaves for toothache  also effective to reduce and soothe the symptoms too. This is commonly happen due to tooth germs. It will works to eliminate this germs and manage to avoid toothache that can lead to any bad breath.

How to Extract Homemade Guava Leaves

If want to get the benefits of fresh breath, it is recommended to make your own homemade guava leaves extract. It is not as difficult as you think. Easily provide several pieces of guava leaves that can easily find in the park or your neighborhood. Make sure to choose a good and fresh leaves. After that, follow below instructions carefully.

  1. Heat some water in a pan and let it boil for several minutes.
  2. Put the guava leaves into the boiling water and let it cook for some minutes until the leaves color is a little bit turn.
  3. Turn off the heat and then simmer the boiling water.
  4. Put on a jar and add some lemonade or ginger for additional flavor.
  5. Wait until it cold and serve it warm.
  6. It also can directly use for gargle or as a natural mouth wash.

Those all the lists of benefits of guava leaves for bad breath and how to make it. It can be seen that making a homemade extract from guava leaves is not difficult. Therefore, you can try to apply it and then feel the optimum benefit from it. When you are fasting and feel not confident with your mouth breath, than make sure to consume the extract before fasting. This will help you to keep the breath fresh and not smelly during the day. Good luck to try it!