15 Health Benefits of Corn Cereal Good for Morning Breakfast Everyday

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Starting the day with the health benefits of corn cereal is a common thing in many countries. Not only quite delicious, it also a good way to fuel the energy to start the day. Therefore, many children prefer this kind of breakfast along with a glass of milk in the morning. This make the demand of corn cereal always increasing each time.

Corn cereal is one of the choice among other types of cereal. It made from the best corn kettle and completed with several nutrients too. To get this cereal is not difficult, since it is available in many department store around the world.

Corn cereal can consume directly, but most of the children loves to mix it with plain milk. Another alternatives to serve this cereal also various. Some people even bake a cake using this cereal. Some prefer to mix it with grains. Therefore, there are many options in serving the cereal everyday to bring difference sensation and avoid boring. It is suggested to seek several delicious recipes that can be made from the corn cereal. Surely, it would help so much for the breakfast menu.

Nutrient Content of Corn Cereal

Inside a cup of corn cereal, there are several nutrients that consists of vitamins and minerals. Usually in each cup of this meal or about 100gr consist below list of nutrients:

  • 357 calories
  • 0.4gr of fat
  • 729mg of natrium
  • 168mg of kalium
  • 84gr of carbohydrates
  • 3.3gr of fiber
  • 10gr of sugar
  • 1.78mg of vitamin A
  • 7mg of calcium
  • 143mg of vitamin D
  • 5.4mg of vitamin B12
  • 21mg of vitamin C
  • 28.9mg of iron
  • 1.8mg of vitamin B6
  • 39mg of magnesium

While the health benefits of the cereal also listed below:

1. Rich In Carbs

The most powerful benefit of this cereal is the carbohydrate content inside it. Therefore, it will support the daily activities and manage to avoid hunger. This is the same way as health benefits of Indonesia food help to suppress hunger and bring some energy too.

2. Provide More Energy

As mention before that the meal is rich with carbohydrate, it will help to support the needed energy. This is why the corn cereal is perfect meal for breakfast. Since it will bring more energy and help support the activity from the morning to the day.

3. High Fiber

Corn cereal also rich in fiber. Therefore, it can help to fill in the needs of fiber for the body system. This fiber will help to optimize numerous body function.

4. Improve Digestive

The fiber content inside corn cereal also work to improve intestinal bowel movement. Therefore, it can lead to a healthier digestive system and avoid digestive problems such as constipation. This is the same health benefits of purple hull peas that can help improving the digestive system too.

5. Faster Metabolic Rate

Another health benefits of corn cereal also including to lead a faster metabolic rate. This is the way our body mechanism work to change the food in energy faster. This is why it can bring a good supply of energy every day.

6. Rich In Vitamins

Corn cereal also known rich in several vitamins. Mainly vitamin A, C, D and several vitamin B. This is a good thing for children that needs more supply of vitamins in their development age.

7. Support Grow

The vitamins and minerals inside the cereal is a perfect combination to support the children grow. Therefore, consume corn cereal in the morning can be a good way to lead a better children grow. This is the same way as health benefits of baby banana that lead to support the grow too.

8. Avoid Osteoporosis

The calcium and kalium content inside corn cereal is a good way to avoid osteoporosis. It will help to increase the bone mass and lead to avoid fracture bone.

9. Maintain Cardiovascular

This cereal contain no cholesterol. Therefore, it is a good option to maintain better cardiovascular system. It will balance cholesterol level inside the blood arteries.

10. Healthy Heart

When the cardiovascular is well maintain, it can help to improve heart vessel too. Therefore, it will lead to any heart attack symptoms. This is the same way as health benefits of green olives stuffed with garlic that also help to manage a healthy heart too.

11. Boost Immunity

The vitamin C inside corn cereal is a good way to improve immunity. Therefore, this cereal can lead to avoid further diseases.

12. Avoid Anemia

Corn cereal also contain iron that will work to optimize the red blood cell content. This make this cereal is another solutions to help avoiding anemia symptoms.

13. Improve The Lung

The magnesium content inside the cereal is good to manage a healthy lung. It can optimize the lung capacity and lead to a better respiratory system. This is the same benefits of eucalyptus for lungs

14. Healthy Eye

The cereal also rich in vitamin A that normally can support to a healthy vision. Furthermore, it will help to avoid any eye diseases.

15. Improve Muscle

The vitamin B and protein content of corn cereal is a good way to improve the muscle. Therefore, consume this cereal will help to maintain a healthy muscle too.

Cautions and Recommendation of Corn Cereal

Even the health benefits of corn cereal is quite many, still there are some cautions that need to attend. This is because the food may bring some side effects. Therefore, before consume the cereal, it is better to bring attention to below recommendation:

  1. The cereal is good for children, but carefully not to mix it with full cream milk too much with added sugar. Since it can lead to obesity and overweight. It is better to mix with a glass of plain milk that rich in nutrient but low in fat.
  2. People with diabetes symptoms shall manage the consumption of this cereal. Since the mixture of corn cereal with any sweets food or beverages can lead to increase the glucose level.
  3. In case experience any allergy symptoms such as itchiness, redness skin or even nausea and dizziness, stop consume the cereal. Always check for the expired date to avoid unwanted effects from it.
  4. People under several medication treatment shall avoid consume the cereal with the milk. Since milk actually will interfere the medical prescription and lead them to unfunctional.

Those all the health benefits of corn cereal for morning breakfast. Not only one of the favorite breakfast meal among children, apparently it brings a good advantage too. Therefore, serving a plate of corn cereal with the milk might be a good option in the morning. It will be more practice, full of energy and lots of nutrients too. Try it!