15 Interesting Health Benefits of Baby Banana For Children Growth

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Everyone loves banana and encourage to get the health benefits of baby banana. Therefore, this is one of the fruit that consume by almost every people in the world. Including baby banana that easy to get everywhere. Not only have attractive color, it also have a good shape. Making every one loves to have it and consume for daily meal or snack.

Baby banana is a common fruit that growth in most of the tropical countries. The distribution of this fruit is already spread out around the world. Including in Asia where noted as one of the biggest supplied of this fruit.

Therefore, it is really easy to find baby banana in Asia. Even the plant sometimes easily growth up in the backyard. Making it more easy to get the fruit. Furthermore, it taste really sweet when well ripe.

The different between baby banana and regular banana is only in the shape. Baby banana size much smaller and a little bit fat compare to the regular banana. Therefore, it is easily to consume by children and the babies. It is really sweet and has beautiful bright yellow color which mainly attract the babies to consume it.

Nutrient Content of Baby Banana

Each piece of baby banana normally contain several nutrients such as below:

  • 110gr calories
  • 450gr potassium
  • 30gr carbohydrates
  • 1gr protein
  • 3gr dietary fibers
  • 19gr sugar

Looking at the nutrient above, no wonder if the fruit is rich with benefits. For further information, below are some health benefits of baby banana that quite common:

1. Source Of Energy

Baby banana contain numerous grams of carbohydrates and calories that works as the main source of energy. Specially for children activities which required a lot of energy. Therefore, it is children favorite snacks all the time. This is the same health benefits sago rice that help to improve the energy too.

2. Avoid Heartburn

Consume baby banana will help to avoid heartburn. Therefore, when experience with upset stomach, this fruit might be the perfect natural aids. It will reduce the symptoms and avoid further stomach ache.

3. Soothe Diarrhea

Baby banana also good to treat with diarrhea. Therefore, when experience stomach infection which lead to diarrhea, usually children are advised to consume this fruit. Furthermore, it will help to stop diarrhea and bring enough energy which lose during diarrhea.

4. Anti Inflammation

Baby banana also benefit as an anti inflammation. Therefore, it can help to avoid any kind of inflammation for the children. Mainly such as skin inflammation that normally happen to kids. This is the same health benefits of goya chocolate that help as an anti inflammation too.

5. Source Of Calcium

Another health benefits of baby banana is including as source of calcium. The fruit also rich with potassium too. Therefore, it is the perfect fruit to support with children growth and development.

6. Strength Bones

Eating baby banana for children can help to strength the bones. Furthermore, it will help to avoid weakness or signs of bones fracture. Therefore, it is good to consume daily.

7. Improve Digestive

This fruit is perfect to improve digestive for children. Therefore, consume a piece of baby banana everyday will help with digestive system and improve a fasten digest. This is the same health benefits of drinking orange juice every day that works to improve digestion system too.  

8. Improve Metabolism

Baby banana can also help to improve children metabolism. Therefore, it is good to change the food into energy in optimum ways.

9. Increase Immune System

Consume the fruit also good to increase the immune system. Therefore, it will help to avoid various harmful diseases. Furthermore, it will manage a healthy condition of the children.

10. Sources Of Vitamins

The fruit is a good sources of various vitamins, such as vitamin B, C and D. Therefore, the fruit is a good snack for the children. It is better to give a piece of baby banana every day for giving enough vitamins content into the children body.

11. Rich In Minerals

Baby banana also rich in minerals that’s really need for children development. No wonder if this fruit is always given to children from the age they start to consume meals. This is the same health benefits of king fish that also a good source of various minerals too.

12. Improves Urinary

When experience with urinary infection, baby banana is a good meal to get. Therefore, bring this fruit for children when having urinary symptoms. It will fasten the recovery and bring back a normal health condition.

13. Manage Cardiovascular

The fruit also good to manage better cardiovascular system. Therefore, it will help to improve the blood arteries and avoid the formation of blood cod.

14. Children Growth

The fruit is a good way to manage the children growth. Therefore, provide baby banana for children snacks is always a good option.

15. Brain Nutrition

The benefit of consume baby banana for children including to improve the brain. Therefore, it is the suit fruit to manage with various source of nutrition needed by the brain. This is the same health benefits of apollo fish that help as brain nutrition too.

Cautions And Recommendations

Such as every tropical fruit, baby banana also has some side effects. However, it is not as dangerous as other poisonous fruit. But if plan to consume the fruit, take a look at below recommendations:

  • Do not consume the fruit too many as it is include in sweet fruits which may lead to produce too many blood sugar and may lead to diabetic condition. Therefore, consume it as necessary. Since some people loves it too much and can spend numerous pieces of baby banana in one time.
  • It may lead to allergically condition such as itchiness or redness in the skin surface. Therefore, avoid to consume this fruit if this allergically symptoms is happen.
  • Make sure not to allow babies under 6 months to consume the fruit, since in some case it can cause constipation and digestive problems.

Those all the health benefits of baby banana that rich in vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is perfect dish for children and elderly too. This is the reason why baby banana is consumable by every age. The fruit not only bring benefit for the health, but also help to be the emergency energy source and bring fullness stomach when feeling hunger.