10 Health Benefits of Purple Hull Peas #1 for Digestive Treatment

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Some people might not know the purple peas, including the health benefits of purple hull peas. Green peas are more common to consume. Many peoples not only loves the green peas taste but also consider there are many benefits behind the vegetables. But it is a good news that purple hull peas also healthy too.

Even though it is not too common in the market, but it can produce into several kind of dishes. More over, it bring many healthy advantages for the body.

Purple hull peas is native to Africa and can easily found in Nigeria. The plants include in southern pea family. This purple peas amazingly only have purple hull but with green beans inside. Therefore, when the peas are ripe, it is quite easy to harvest due to its bright color among their leaves.

The peas can be produce into various meals. It can be served as vegetables salad, soup or other kind of meals. Therefore, it wouldn’t be difficult to consume the vegetables. An interesting fact that people start to familiar with this kind of peas during American slaving. Making the whole western countries now familiar with this type of peas. Further interesting fact is that many people not call this vegetables as a peas, but more likely call it as beans.

Nutrient Contents of Purple Hull

There are several nutrients inside the purple hull peas. Usually in 100gr of this type of peas consist of below nutrients:

  • 116kcal calories
  • 7.73gr protein
  • 20.76gr carbohydrates
  • 6.5gr fiber
  • 3.3gr sugars
  • 24mg calcium
  • 2.5mg iron
  • 53mg magnesium
  • 156mg phosphorus
  • 240mg sodium
  • 1.29mg zinc
  • 2.5mg selenium
  • 0.4mg vitamin C
  • 0.1mg vitamin B6
  • 1mg vitamin A
  • 0.28mg vitamin E
  • 1.7mg vitamin K

For various health benefits of purple hull peas, take a look below points:

1. Fiber Source

As many of the vegetables, mainly peas, this type of peas also a great source of fiber. It is not a secret anymore that many vegetables contain high fiber that good for the digestive treatment. Therefore, whenever having digestive trouble, this vegetables can be a better natural solution to choose. This is the same health benefits of kumquats that can help to bring as the fiber source too.

2. Healthy Digestive

As the vegetables bring a good source of fiber, it is the right way to keep and treat a healthy digestive. Therefore, consume the peas frequently can help to improve the digestive system.

3. Fasten Metabolic Rate

Through a better digestive system, the peas also good to help with fasten metabolic rate. It will improve the body metabolism system and help to optimally change the food into energy. Furthermore, it will improve the oxygen level inside the body due to the optimal metabolic process. This is the same health benefits of chokecherry that can help to bring a fasten metabolic rate too.

4. Improve Intestine

The high fiber content also good to improve the intestinal bowel movement in processing the food inside the intestine. Therefore, it bring optimum digestive system and can help to avoid the possibility of any digestive problems.

5. Prevent Stomach Cancer

Another health benefits of purple hull peas including to prevent the possibility of experience stomach cancer. However, this statement needs further research and evidence to make sure that this benefit is real. This is the same health benefits essiac tea that can help as an anti cancer too.

6. Nutrient Absorption

Consuming the peas can help an optimum way for nutrient absorption. The optimum metabolic rate and fasten digest system will lead to a better nutrient absorption into the body. Therefore, it is good to include the peas in the daily dietary menu.

7. Prevent Fat

As the peas capable to optimize the nutrient absorption, it also a good way to manage avoid fat absorption into the body. Therefore, it will help to prevent various cardiovascular diseases and help to manage a better body weight. This is the same health benefits of kacip fatima coffee that can help to prevent fat absorption too.

8. Weight Management

Another advantage consuming the purple hull peas also for a better weight management. As the vegetables rich in fiber, it can help to manage the body weight and prevent over weight. This is a good natural option for people who plan to loose the weight. 

9. Avoid Constipation

Purple hull peas also one of the good option to avoid the possibility of having constipation. Various vitamins and minerals inside the vegetables are good to manage a healthy digestive system and will treat to lower down the gas production inside the stomach. This is the same health benefits of potato soup that can help to avoid the possibility of experience constipation too.

10. Relieve Upset Stomach

Consuming the peas also a good way to manage relieve the sickness stomach. As it can help to avoid constipation and deliver a healthy intestinal process. Therefore, it is a good natural way to treat heartburn and any stomach upset. Furthermore, it will relieve the stomach ache symptoms.

Cautions And Recommendations

Even the vegetables can bring many advantages, it doesn’t mean that it can consider really save to consume. Therefore, before decide to eat the peas frequently, it is better to look at below recommendations first:

  • Avoid consume the peas if having allergically reactions such as itchiness, redness skin, swollen part of the body or even nausea and sickness.
  • Consume in proper portions daily to avoid the possibility of diarrhea due to the high fiber content inside the vegetable
  • People with medical treatment shall consult with the doctor before decide to put the menu in the dietary daily menu.
  • Make sure to clean the peas before using it for any meal or dishes to avoid the possibility of unwanted diseases.

Those the health benefits of purple hull peas that might not known by most of the people. However, nowadays people start to use the peas into their dishes. Since it is almost similar with green peas. Make sure to consider the recommendation and always check for the medical condition before consuming the vegetables. Therefore, it can bring optimum benefits without harmful side effects to the health condition.