15 Health Benefits of Indonesian Food that Rich in Carbs and Protein

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Indonesian cuisine are contain of various menu, and all menu bring their own health benefits of Indonesian food. It is an amazing experience to have known various Indonesian dishes that will depends on the region.

Therefore, there are various cuisine that worth to try. Start from Padang, Sundanese, Javanese, Balinese and else. Each have their own speciality but with one poin of similarity. They are rich in carbs, protein and vitamin C.

Indonesia food normally are quite spicy. Therefore, western people might not familiar with it. Most of the cuisine are cook well with some chili. There are so many various of chili and pepper in this country. No wonder if chili is the main ingredients of many food and dishes. However, it is an advantage that chili and pepper contain high vitamin C that benefit the body health in protect from various diseases. Furthermore, it bring additional delicious taste into the meal.

Nutrient Content

The nutrient of each food might be vary. But as mention previously, it is normally rich of carbohydrates, protein and vitamin C. Some also contain various minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and many more. For more detail advantage, below are the health benefits of Indonesian food that start to be famous around Asia.

1. Energy Source

The Indonesian food are famous with the content of rice. Therefore, it contain many carbs that can result high energy. No wonder if the food can bring many calories that benefit to cover the daily activities. Make sure to use the energy in optimum way to avoid any fat gain in to the body. This is the same health benefits of onion and banana juice that can help to bring energy source too.

2. Immune Booster

The food contain various vitamin and mostly contain chili that high in vitamin C. Therefore, it is the best way to improve immunity. Furthermore, it is the best for immune booster. This will lead to avoid the possibility of diseases and optimum wellness.

3. Improve Brain

The protein inside the food will benefit with memory and brain development. Therefore, consume this kind of food in daily menu will lead to improve the brain thinking. This is another good way in optimize brain for the children.

4. Ease Digestive

Indonesia food also rich in fiber. The vegetables content are good to ease the digestive system. Therefore, it will benefit to improve intestinal bowel movement and optimize a fasten digest. This is the same health benefits passion fruit seeds that can help to ease the digestive system too. 

5. High Vitamin

Another health benefits of Indonesian food including as a source of various vitamins. Therefore, it can benefit for children development. Many Indonesian cuisine bring various types of foods that contain various vitamins too that good for the eye, skin, hair and any other parts of the body.

6. Avoid Anemia

Many Indonesian food that contain numerous number of iron and minerals. Such at rendang hati or sambal goreng hati. Those food bring enough iron to the body that good to avoid the possibility of anemia. Furthermore, it bring a better blood circulation for toddler.

7. Muscle Development

The benefit of consume the food including to supply vitamins and nutrition that good for muscle development. As the food contain various kind of vitamin B that can help to improve the muscle health. This is the same benefits of glutamine that can act to help the muscle development too. 

8. Avoid Dementia

Indonesian food that rich in protein will help to improve the brain thinking. Therefore, no wonder of the food is good to avoid the possibility of dementia. However, make sure to balance with any kind of sports and exercise to avoid the formation of cholesterol.

9. Reduce Stress

Some food also can work to reduce stress. Since some ingredients in the food may lead to relaxation and soothe stressful feeling. This can be an option to help with natural therapy for the body.

10. Healthy Skin

The food also advantage in producing a healthier skin condition. The vegetables will lead to maintain a silky smooth skin condition. Furthermore, it can help to avoid the appearance of acne.

11. Improve Thinking

Another advantage of consume Indonesian food also to help in improving the way of thinking. Therefore, this is suitable to consume for breakfast. As it will bring a better mind thinking during the day. This is the same health benefits of apollo fish that can help to improve thinking too.

12. Bring Fullness

It is no secret that the food will lead to bring fullness. Therefore, it is not suitable to consume for dinner. Make sure to have it as breakfast or for lunch time.

13. Adding Power

Another advantage of having the food in the morning including to add more power for the daily activities. As it always contain rice inside the menu. Not to mention that it contain hard dishes such as meat, potatoes, etc.

14. Improve Metabolism

The spicy food will help to improve the body metabolism in change the food into needed energy. Therefore it can increase the metabolic rate. This is the same health benefits of aronia berry juice that can help to improve body metabolism too.

15. Against Diseases

Another benefit is including to against diseases. Therefore, many of the cuisine will work to soothe the cold and fever. Furthermore, it will prevent the diseases too.

Cautions And Recommendations

There are some points that need to attend if plan to try Indonesian food. Specially if it is the first time. FOr further information, take a look at below points:

  • The food mostly spicy, therefore, be careful of experience upset stomach and diarrhea.
  • People with allergically syndrome shall avoid ingredients which might cause allergically symptoms such as itchiness and redness skin.
  • Do not take too much portions as too much carbs can lead to diabetic.
  • Carefully select the ingredients and avoid the possibility of having too much fat from the food.

Those are all the health benefits of Indonesian food. Even it bring enough energy for daily activities, however it can also dangerous for the health. Since too many rice might lead to diabetic and too many spicy might lead to some cardiovascular diseases too. Therefore, consume Indonesian food is suggested in proper portion only and take it wisely.