13 Health Benefits of Corn Dough Porridge for Breakfast Alternative

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People might consume porridge in the morning, but they might not notice the health benefits of corn dough porridge. Rice porridge are common to consume in the morning, but not the corn dough. Therefore, it can be another solutions and alternative for those who wish to get a healthy breakfast every morning.

Corn is an ingredients that known rich with various vitamins and minerals. This making people creatively thinking how to make some meal from the corn. Whether for soup, cereal, fried, steam, and now even as porridge. With this breakthrough, people expected that their morning breakfast can be vary and their health can maintain well.

Health Benefits of Corn Dough Porridge

Not only delicious, it has been mention before that there is several health benefits of corn dough porridge. Therefore, make sure to include this meal as the morning breakfast menu and feel below lists of advantages.

1. High Carbohydrates

Corn contain high number of carbohydrates. This is why this food is suitable for breakfast, as it will support the daily activities with the available number of carbohydrates. This is the same health benefits of corn pasta that rich in carbohydrates too.

2. Add Energy

As the meal rich with carbohydrates, it can bring enough energy to support the daily activities. Furthermore, it can bring fullness to the stomach and avoid hunger. This is why consume corn dough porridge in the morning is good to boost the energy level too.

3. High Fiber

Corn also contain high number of fiber. This is a good way to help supply the fiber needs of the body. Therefore, the body system will improve better. This is the same health benefits of corn chapati that also contain a high number of fiber.

4. Improve Digestive

The fiber content inside this porridge also good to improve intestinal bowel movement. It will bring to a fasten digest and help to avoid further digestive problems such as constipation. Furthermore, it good to stimulate nutrient absorption and avoid fat forming in the body.

5. Faster Metabolic Rate

Another health benefits of corn dough porridge is to help bringing a faster metabolic rate. It will act to improve the food changing into energy by taking more oxygen into the body system. This is the same benefits of cellophane noodles that can work to fasten the metabolic rate too.

6. Strength Bone

Corn contain enough calcium and kalium that can help to support a strength bone. Therefore, it is good to avoid osteoporosis and works to add more bone mass in avoiding bone fracture.

7. Improve Muscle

This porridge also rich with vitamin B and protein. Therefore, it can stimulate a healthy muscle. This is the same health benefits of the Japanese diet that can work to improve the muscle by adding more muscle mass. 

8. Healthy Vision

Corn also contain vitamin A that will improve the eye health. This can be another way to protect the eye and produce a clear vision. Furthermore, it also help to avoid eye infection.

9. Maintain Cardiovascular

This porridge also contain no cholesterol. Therefore, it will help to manage HDL and LDL balance inside the blood arteries which support to manage a healthier cardiovascular. This is the same way as the health benefits of garlic leaves that can help to maintain a health cardiovascular too.

10. Healthy Heart

Once the porridge help to maintain the cardiovascular health, it will work to avoid cardiovascular diseases. It can help to improve the heart vessel to be optimize and avoid any symptoms of heart attack. Hence, it manage a healthy heart condition.

11. Avoid Anemia

Another advantage of consuming the corn dough porridge is to supply iron that will stimulate the red blood cell formation. Therefore, it can be another way to avoid anemia and its symptoms.

12. Optimize Brain

The vitamin B and protein content inside this corn dough porridge is good to support the brain. It will lead to optimize the brain capacity and help to improve thinking and mind. Therefore, it can be a good way to avoid dementia too.

13. High Nutrient

Corn contain some numbers of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, consume the porridge can be another way to supply high nutrients that needed for the body system. 

Corn Dough Porridge Recipe

If feeling curious with this porridge, there is a simple recipe to prepare this meal. Easily read carefully below ingredients and step, than a homemade corn dough porridge will be ready for serving.


  • 250gr of corn kennel
  • water
  • 1 tsp calcium hydroxide (pickling lime)
  • 1 tsp of salt


  • rinse the corn kennel until it quite clean and choose the fresh kennel.
  • boil enough water and add the corn kennel together with the calcium hydroxide.
  • when the corn kennel skin is skipped off.
  • turn off the heat and let it for overnight.
  • drain the corn and then grind with added salt.
  • pour a little water and stop grinding when the mixture is dough-like substance.
  • put the corn dough in the saucepan and add some water and salt.
  • stir it well and cook for several minutes until look like a porridge .
  • turn off the heat and put the porridge in a bowl.
  • consume it plain or add toppings as you like.

Cautions and Recommendation of Corn Dough Porridge

  1. Do not over consume the porridge as it contain some number of sugar and high in carbohydrates. Too much consume can lead to obesity and even can cause diabetes.
  2. Avoid consume the porridge if experience any allergically symptoms such as itchiness, redness skin, or even nausea and dizziness.
  3. Make sure to serve the porridge in well texture to avoid any choke.

Even there some health benefits of corn dough porridge, it doesn’t mean there is no side effects. For several conditions, it might be not good for the health and body. Therefore, if plan to consume this porridge, it is suggested to attend below recommendations.

Those all the health benefits of corn dough porridge for morning breakfast alternatives. Now the breakfast meal menu can be vary by adding this meal to the menu. Furthermore, it also taste delicious and bring fullness too. Therefore, this is another meal that can be preferred and too bad to skip. If feeling curious, serve this porridge for your breakfast this morning. It will be tasty and healthy!