10 Wellness Health Benefits of Korean Honey Citron Tea

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Korean traditional beverages are known various. This beverage commonly famous of the health benefits. Including the health benefits of Korean honey citron tea. It is start to known in many countries due to the tastes and benefits for the body. There are various brand of this beverages comes from Korea due to its originality.

Honey has been famous for thousand years for its benefit. Most countries use the benefit of honey by adding it in some food and beverages. Therefore, it is no wonder that ancient recipes might contain this ingredients. While citron has a unique sour sweet taste that might improve energy and wellness.

Therefore, this both are a good combination that makes many people looking for this kind of beverages. To get the tea, it is easily sold in department store or even can be quite easily to make a homemade Korean honey citron tea at home.

Nutritional Value of Korean Honey Citron Tea 

One glass of korean honey citron tea usually content 65 calories. It also contain 0.19gr of fat, 19.4gr of carbs and 0.65gr of protein. This tea also contain some sugars and high in vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is good to supply the body necessity. Commonly the health benefits of Korean honey citron tea is including:

1. High of vitamin C

The tea contain honey and citrus that well known to contain high vitamin C. Therefore, it is a good source of this vitamin that able to avoid gum diseases, illness and improve healthy body. Furthermore, it helps to maintain good hormones. This is the same benefit of health benefits korean melon.

2. Improve immune system

The vitamin C also known to keep the immune system running well. Therefore, by consuming the tea, it can help to maintan body health from virus or bactery infection. Furthermore, it can avoid any kind of diseases by improving the body power in restore the wellness.

3. Optimize metabolism

Another health benefits of Korean honey citron tea is to optimize body metabolism in balancing the hormones. Therefore, it can improve the digestive and body efficiency in converting food into energy. Furthermore, it can optimized body absorbent to the nutrients such as vitamins and mineral, and avoid body in absorbing too much fat. This why the tea also good for weight loss program. This is the same benefit of health benefits garlic cayenne pepper.

4. Anti oxidant

any kind of tea is a good anti oxidant for the body. It helps to eliminate free radical effects to the body and avoid the forms of cancer cell. Furthermore, it can beneficial to improve youthful appearance and avoid early aging signs such as wrinkles. The tea is good for people who wants to look younger and freshener.

5. Maintain healthy skin

The benefit including to produce a healthy smoothly skin. It helps to eliminate the possibility of skin inflammation. Mainly it can avoid acne or able to fasten cure any acne inflammation in the face. This is the same benefit of health benefits of sandalwood powder that smooth the skin too. 

6. Anti aging

The anti oxidant capacity also can help to perform as an anti aging. Therefore, it helps to keep a younger appearance of the face. It also slow down early aging signs of the body function.

7. Natural antibiotics

Honey is famous for its benefits of natural antibiotics of any diseases. Therefore, it helps to cure some sickness in natural way. This make this ingredients widely used in herbal mecation. This is the same benefit of health benefits of frog meat that bring wellness too.

8. Improve digestive

The health benefits of Korean honey citron tea also to improve the digestive hormones and metabolism. By frequent consume of the tea it can optimized intestine bowel movement and improve food absorption into an energy.

9. Avoid cardiovascular diseases

The tea also good to improve blood circulation. Therefore, it can avoid blood cot in the arteries and lower down cholesterol level. This will help to avoid any cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack or stroke. This is the same benefit of benefits of running for cardiovascular health that lower cholesterol level too.

10. Power booster

The tea with high of vitamin is a good power booster. Therefore, a cup of this tea in the morning can bring energy for morning activity. Make sure not make it too sweet since it can lead ton-diabetic. 

Recommended Intake of Korean Honey Citron Tea

To gain the health benefits of Korean honey citron tea is not difficult. You can buy in department store a jar of this ready serve tea. Otherwise follow below step to produce a homemade version:

  1. Cut of some citron slightly into pieces.
  2. Cook the citron with some sugars in low heat for several minutes. Do not overcooked.
  3. Take the cooked citron in a jar and add honey. Mix it well until it looks like a jam.
  4. Put it in a refrigerator for few days.
  5. To make a cup of tea, take some teaspoon and add warm water or cold water.
  6. The homemade tea is ready to enjoy.

Side Effects of Korean Honey Citron Tea

The beverages sometimes can bring some side effects. Eventhough it may not too common in every people. But still there are some posibilities of:

  1. Allergic reactions such as rash, itchiness, redness or swollen part of the body.
  2. It can bring nausea and dizziness feeling if the ingredients is not fresh.
  3. It can lead too diabetic if serving it too sweet.
  4. It possibly lead to misscariage for pregnant woman.
  5. It can produce diarrhea to people with sensitive stomach.
  6. It can make an upset stomach if consuming in an empty stomach in the morning.

Having a daily cup of tea is beneficial for the body wellness. Including Korean honey citron tea. Regular consume of this tea making the body and mind keep fresh. Therefore, it is good to include the tea as one of daily diet menu. As long as other nutrients is keep consumed too.