15 Astonishing Benefits of Malaysian Food – Healthy Cuisine

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Every nation in this world, certainly, have signature foods with different taste and characteristic. Italia have pizza, pasta, and spaghetti, Thailand have tomyam, Japan have yakiniku, sushi, and teriyaki, and many more.

Some country signature foods actually provide benefits, especially for health. For example, Malaysian food. Malaysian food have the same characteristic as other Asian food. They are typically consist of rice, wheat, grains, spice, and meat. Based on ingredients, it’s possible to gain benefits from Malaysian food.

Before we jump to benefits of Malaysian food, let’s take a look at its nutrition facts.

Nutrition Facts of Malaysian Food

Malaysian food typically consist of staple foods, spice, vegetables, and protein sources (e.g. lamb meat, chicken meat, beef, etc). They are made of natural ingredients, and usually a rich source of energy, carbohydrate, and protein. Some of Malaysian food are produced in large amount on national events such as Eid Fitri. Out of all animal meat, pork are least used, possibly because it’s prohibited by Muslim law.

How to Make Ramly Burger

Ramly burger is a Malaysian food that is easy to make. Here are the ingredients :

  • Soy sauce
  • Paprika powder
  • White pepper
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Minced chicken
  • Butter
  • Hamburger bread
  • Egg
  • Black pepper sauce

And here are the steps :

  • Put 300 g of minced chicken into a bowl.
  • Add in soy sauce, paprika powder, white pepper, onion and garlic. Mix them.
  • Heat the pan. Shape the mixture into a patty. So, there are two patties on the pan.
  • Fry both sides of patty by flipping them.
  • Fill inside of hamburger bread with butter.
  • Make a scrambled egg.
  • Wrap the patty with scrambled egg. Add black pepper sauce.
  • Stack the patty on a hamburger bread. And stack another hamburger bread on the patty.

Well, so these are the benefits of malaysian food :

1. Help reduce the risk of cancer

First benefits of Malaysian food is its tendency to reduce the risk of cancer. It is due to Vitamin B that found in many Malaysian food, e.g. health benefits of asian cuisine. Vitamin B helps prevent the growth of cancer cells.

2. Help protect cardiovascular health

Most of benefits of Malaysian food are heart friendly. This is due to cholesterol are proven lower in most Malaysian food. It also helps neutralize poison that may cause heart diseases. Example of heart-friendly Malaysian food are gulai (lamb curry), rendang, health benefits of indonesian food, and so on so forth.

3. Assist in weight loss

If you feel overweight, and want to lose some pounds, Malaysian food can help reach your body goals. It is proven that vitamin B found in many Malaysian food helps burn body fat. Also, most Malaysian food are protein-based, and contains less sugar. So, it can make a healthier diet.

4. Prevent disability in unborn baby

All couple expecting a child certainly want their baby born healthy without missing anything. The chance of delivering healthy baby can be increased by consuming appropriate foods, such as Malaysian food. It helps organs and cells formation when baby is still inside mother’s womb.

5. As a rich source of energy

This is pretty much most important benefits of Malaysian food, to supply with a lot of energy. Most Malaysian food have at least one of major energy sources such as rice, potato, chicken, sorghum, wheat, maize, health benefits of using corn oil, and many more. Based on research, on average, Malaysian food have higher calorie percentage than most national foods.

6. Help prevent anemia

Anemia may be caused by lack of red blood cells and haemoglobin production. You can consume Malaysian food to increase production of haemoglobin in red blood cells, thus, preventing anemia and gives you health benefits jamaica water.

7. Help burn body fat

Very high body fat percentage may cause obesity, diabetes, and other fatal diseases. According to scientists, our body need supply of vitamin B12 to control body fat percentage. Vitamin B12 can be found in many Malaysian food, e.g. health benefits of purslane plant.

8. Help control cholesterol level

If body contain too much saturated fat, it may cause drastic increase of cholesterol level. This is certainly dangerous for our health. It is recommended by nutritionists to consume food with less saturated fat to control and balance cholesterol level. Fortunately, most Malaysian food are low in saturated fat. So you can eat them with no worries.

9. Improve cognitive skill

Malaysian food such as gulai, stir fried chicken, satay, ikan bakar, and rendang contain a lot of animal protein, says scientists. This animal protein plays important role in brain development. Especially for children who are still growing, they are suggested to consume it to improve their cognitive skill and brain performance. 

10. Help boost immune system

Malaysian food are said to contain various substances that can improve immune system. These substances can help protect againts virus and bacteria, thus providing extra protection for body.

11. Help reduce the risk of diabetes

Another good benefits of Malaysian food. Because it seems most Malaysian food are spicy and only few are sweet-flavoured, it is safe to assume that Malaysian food are almost sugar-free. This is the reason why Malaysian food can help reduce the risk of diabetes.

12. Help improve body metabolism

Thank to its protein-containing ingredients, Malaysian food is said to improve body metabolism.

13. A rich source of fiber

Most Malaysian food are rich in fiber. That means, Malaysian food will help you stay full for longer period.

14. Help relieve stress and cure depression

Some Malaysian food are believed to stimulate certain hormone that can reduce stress and depression. Not only that, unique and strong taste of Malaysian food is said to induce happiness.

15. Lower price and easy to get

One of benefits of Malaysian food is its price and availability. You don’t need to go to certain places, as Malaysian signature foods are spread all over the country. Also, its price is quite affordable.

Cautions in Using Malaysian Food

Although Malaysian food provides many benefits, consumer still must control their consumption of Malaysian food.