15 Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt (No.5 Amazing)

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pink himalayan saltPink Himalayan Salt is a pure salt from a mine in the Punjab region of Pakistan. The varying shades of pink of this salt come from its high mineral crystals and iron oxide content. Pink Himalayan salt contains 84 trace minerals which are predominantly by sodium chloride (95-98%). 5 others most minerals that can be found in Pink Himalaya salt are chloride (590.93g/kg), sodium (382.61g/kg), sulfur (12.4g/kg), calcium (4.05 g/kg), and potassium (3.5 g/kg).

However, there are still a lot of minerals contained in this salt such as sulfate, magnesium, bicarbonate, bromide, borate, strontium, fluoride, etc. All of these minerals bring the health benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt as follow:

  1. Control the electrolyte balance.

Pink Himalayan salt contains various minerals especially sodium, chloride, and potassium which are important to control the electrolyte balance.

2. Increases hydration and prevent dehydration.

Besides balancing the electrolyte, the sodium content in Pink Himalayan Salt can increase hydration of your body through its water retention mechanism. The sodium mineral will retain the water in the cells to keep the cells from dehydration.

3. Regulate water content both inside and outside of cells.

Sodium in Pink Himalayan salt helps to regulate blood volume and water content both inside and outside of the cells through the water retention function of the sodium.Balance pH in the body and help to reduce acid reflux.

4. Balance pH in the body and help to reduce acid reflux.

Pink Himalayan Salt has an alkali pH which creates the balance from the acidity of the body. In addition, this characteristic comes as the health benefit of Pink Himalayan Salt to reduce acid reflux in the stomach through its neutralization mechanism.

5. Prevent muscle cramps

The Pink Himalayan Salt benefits to prevent muscle cramps are proven by magnesium and potassium content. These minerals play the role in muscle contraction with muscle relaxation effect of magnesium mineral.

6. Aid in proper metabolism functioning

All of the minerals contents in Pink Himalayan Salt have their own function for the metabolism in the body. They aid in proper metabolism functioning in the body.

7. Strengthen bones

Pink Himalayan Salt is rich in calcium mineral which is important for the bone formation and strength.

8. Control the blood pressure

The health benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt to control the blood pressure come from sodium and potassium minerals. These minerals play the important role in heart muscle contraction which controls the blood pressure. Be careful of the sodium in the salt. The daily recommended amount of sodium is between 1500- 2300 mg. If you have hypertension condition, the sodium intake should not excess 1500mg per day.

9. Help the intestines absorb nutrients

The zinc contained in the Himalayan Salt comes as the other health benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt. This mineral helps to protect the intestinal layer so the nutrient absorbent can reach optimally.

10. Prevent goiters

Natural salt is rich in iodine which is important for preventing the growth of goiters or hyperthyroid disease.

11. Improve circulation

The muscle contraction which is controlled by potassium mineral contained in Pink Himalayan salt play the important role for good muscle contraction especially in the heart muscle.  If the contraction of the heart runs effectively, the circulation will improve well.

12. Help to treat sinusitis and improve any respiratory conditions.

Pink Himalayan salt emit negative ions which can help to treat sinusitis. To get these benefits of Pink Himalayan salt, follow these steps:

  • Bring a bowl of water to boil in a pot.
  • After it’s boiling, remove the pot from a stove and place it on the table.
  • Dissolve 1/2 cup of Pink Himalayan salt in it through stirring.
  • Lean your face about 12 inches from the top of the pot. Be careful of the steam that can burn your face.
  • Breathe as normally for 5-10 minutes and then make a slow deep breath in and out once every minute.
  • Do this method regularly once per day to get the optimal result.

13. Promotes healthy sleep patterns

Pink Himalayan Salt contains the minerals such as sulfur that can release the unnecessary chemical substances out of the body. When there are no unimportant chemical substances in the body, your body will get relax and it promotes the healthy sleep patterns.

14. Detoxifies the body from the toxic substances and heavy metals

Pink Himalayan salt becomes an ionic solution if dissolve in the water. It helps to pull the toxins and heavy metals out of skin and adipose tissues. You can do these benefits with the detoxification bath formula. Add 1-2 cups of Pink Himalayan Salt to your hot bathtub. Soak yourself and get relax in there for 15-20 minutes to detoxify the toxin from the body.

15. Prevent anemia

One of the benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt is preventing anemia. This can happen because of its rich iron content.

15 Super health benefits and information of Pink Himalayan Salt have been explained above. This salt has a lot of health benefits, however, be careful to the amount of this salt intake. An excessive consumption of this salt make the sodium in the blood is too high. It can cause the other diseases like hypertension.  Always remember to consume anything in a proper amount, not too much and not less.