10 Best Health Benefits of Freshwater Fish for The Body

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Fish is one of the famous side dishes in Indonesia after beef and eggs. Fish is also one of the most-wanted food, that can be processed into many dishes that are definitely delicious and healthy. Fish alone is one of the side-dishes that can be found very easily in Indonesia.

This is due to the huge numbers of river and sea in the country, as well as the fact that fish hatchery is one of the businesses that is very tantalizing. With that being said, then the fish stock in the country keeps on increasing and makes it abundant with lots of fish.

Fish generally divided into two types based on where they live, the freshwater and salt water. In accordance to its name, the fish that lives in freshwater sea, which is not salty, lives in places such as rivers, ponds, reservoirs, dams, or pools. Meanwhile fish who lives in salt water, without a doubt lives in the ocean.

Types of Freshwater Fish

Freshwater fish for most of Indonesian people becomes one of the types of fish that gets consumed a lot. This is because the price of them is cheaper and the stock is more stable than those of the salt water fish. Freshwater fish and salt water fish has a pretty similar content nutrition. Here are some of the freshwater fish that are the most consumed and also easy to found:

  • Parrot fish
  • Carp fish
  • Gourami fish
  • Pomfret fish
  • Cat fish
  • Tilapia fish

The freshwater fish, definitely have a lot of benefits for the human’s body. What are the benefits of freshwater fish? Here are some of them:

  1. High of Protein

Freshwater fish is one of the fish types that have a high concentration of protein in it. Although the protein level of this fish is still lower compared to red meat, however it is still higher than those contained in beans. Protein, of course, have a lot of important benefits for our body, mostly on the development of muscles and also to increase the endurance and strength of our body.

Besides that, protein is also good to help the processing of enzymes inside the body. You can also try out poultry if you are bored of fish and meat as one of the the health benefits meat poultry fish are all contains a high level of protein.

  1. Smoothen Blood Circulation

Another benefit of freshwater fish is the high concentration of iron in it. Iron can benefit us to help smoothen the blood circulation. With a smooth blood circulation, then the body will be fresher, stronger, and the body organs will not be lacking of blood.

This can prevent some health problems from happening such as heart diseases, clogged arteries, and stroke. You can also boost to smooth out your blood circulation by walking with barefoot as one of the health benefits of going barefoot is for this cause.

  1. Good for Cholesterol

Freshwater fish also contain fat in it, however, the fat contained in the freshwater fish is those of the unsaturated fat, meaning that they are one of the good fats. This is good for those of you who suffers from cholesterol. The unsaturated fat content can help to balance out the good and bad cholesterols inside the body, thus helping the body to decrease the bad cholesterol.

  1. Good for Eyes Health

Freshwater fish contains a high concentration of vitamin A in it. This vitamin A, besides can help with the immune system, is also useful to help maintain the health of your eyes’ organs. A perfect daily intake of vitamin A can assure your eyes’ health. This of course can help to prevent any eyes problem such as farsightedness (hyperopia) and cataract. 

  1. Maintain and Increase Bones Structure’s Strength

It turns out that freshwater fish also contains vitamin D in it. This vitamin is very useful to help maintaining and increasing the strength of our bones’ structure. For the elderly people, consuming freshwater fish can help to maintain the bones’ structure and prevent osteoporosis.

Meanwhile for those who are still growing, consuming the freshwater fish can help to increase their height. If you happen to be bored of consuming fish, one of the health benefits of black beans is also good to strengthen the bones so might want to check that out as well.

  1. Increase Body’s Metabolism

Another benefit of freshwater fish for the body is its importance for increasing body’s metabolism. The metabolism process is very important for our body, especially those who are on their diet program since it can be very helpful to determining the success of your diet. Sports can also help to boost your metabolism such as the benefits playing badminton.

  1. Prevent the Development of Anemia

The content of iron in freshwater fish will be very good to prevent the development of anemia or lack of blood. Usually, the lack of blood or anemia can cause symptoms such as headache, nausea, limp body, and you’ll also feel tired very easily. You will also be very fragile and can get infected with diseases easily. By consuming freshwater fish, you will shorten the gap of developing this disease. 

  1. Protects the Heart

Freshwater fish also have a lot of mineral and vitamin contents in it that are very good to protect your heart. These contents can help to maintain your heart’s health and also optimize the work of your heart. Thus shorten the risk of you from countering any heart problems.

  1. Source of Energy

Consuming freshwater fish can also be one of the sources of energy for your body. Freshwater fish contains a pretty high concentration of calories in it, also some protein contents, which can be the fuel for you to do your daily activities which certainly needs much energy.

  1. Won’t Cause Obesity

You do not have to worry while consuming this type of fish and having obesity since the fat content in it is, as stated before, the unsaturated fat. This makes it easier to digest and will not clogged up inside your body. Here are some of the health risks of obesity that you need to know before it’s too late.

Those are some of the benefits of freshwater fish for our bodies. We hope that you find this article to be helpful and broaden your knowledge regarding the health benefits of the freshwater fish.