23 Health Benefits of Chlorophyll Drink #1 for Weight Loss

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Chlorophyll is a green leaf substance in plants that functions as sun light absorption for the plant’s food. The chlorophyll can help plants to process its own food as a result of the photosynthesis process. You probably have known this fact since elementary school. Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

However, do you know that the health benefits of chlorophyll drink are not limited to plants only but it can also be advantageous for the other beings such as human.

A latest research about chlorophyll found that chlorophyll have a molecule structure that is very similar to human’s hemoglobin. This make the experts believe that on some health problems, we can use this green leaf substance to cure them and use it as a replacement of natural hemoglobin inside human’s body.

Benefits of Consuming Chlorophyll Drink 

Chlorophyll is one of the food resources that has a complete nutrition in it. Inside the chlorophyll, there are many kinds of vitamin such as vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin E, and also beta carotene. Beside that, chlorophyll also contain mineral and antioxidants such as iron, magnesium, essential fatty acids, and calcium. It is very easy to consume the chlorophyll, you just need to consume green vegetables that contain chlorophyll in it.

But, you can get the chlorophyll from other ways and not only from the green vegetables. Now you can get chlorophyll that is more complete and easier by consuming the chlorophyll extract that usually comes in syrup form. In chlorophyll syrup, the vegetables have been extracted in such a way that a spoonful of chlorophyll syrup is equal to one kilogram of green vegetables.

Nowadays there are a lot of products who produce this chlorophyll syrup. You are now probably wondering, what are actually the benefits of the chlorophyll that are very good for the body? Pay attention to the explanations below:

1. Make the Red Blood Cells Healthy

Inside chlorophyll, there are enzymes that are alive, that can clean the red blood cells and made them capable to pick up more oxygen. Therefore, the chlorophyll is capable to regenerate the red blood cells into a healthier form. So for you who have some troubles with red blood cells such as anemia, then it will be very good for you to consume this chlorophyll. If you don’t like vegetables, then drinking the chlorophyll syrup will be enough for you. See also: Health Benefits of Ashitaba Leaves

2. Combat Cancer

Cancer is one of the diseases that are very dangerous and only very little people can be cured from this disease. Other benefit of the chlorophyll is that it can help your body to combat cancer. Chlorophyll contain aflatoxin in it or the capability of the digestion system to absorb the toxics.

This is very important because if the toxics are being left just like that inside the body, it can also cause the appearance of other diseases. This can also help the body from being attacked by colon cancer. Beside that, chlorophyll is also capable to prevent the risk of liver cancer disease or hepatitis since chlorophyll have the capability to obstruct the growth of carcinogens whereas carcinogens are capable to damage the DNA. See also: Health Benefits of Ora Leaves

3. Antioxidant Resources

Inside the chlorophyll, there are a high concentration of antioxidants that are very important for the body. This is because chlorophyll contain a lot of essential vitamins in it. Antioxidants functions to resist the bacteria, germs, viruses, and foreign substances from entering the body and potentially cause diseases. Usually, the foreign substances are brought by the free radicals.

Free radicals are very worrisome because there are a lot of industries who produces many kinds of pollution. So for you who may not have any health problems, better also consume the chlorophyll because it can prevent your body from developing some diseases. See also: Benefits of Narra Leaves

4. Arthritis

Inside chlorophyll also contain anti-inflammation substance that is very good to take care arthritis problem. A research found that this substance will disturb the growth of the bacteria that can cause the development of natural arthritis. So for you who are having arthritis problem, better consume chlorophyll or this green leave substance. See also: Health Benefits of Fluted Pumpkin Leaves

5. Detoxification

There are many health benefits of chlorophyll drink. The detoxification process or releasing toxics from inside the body is a very important thing. How can it not be, nowadays the environments have become very worrisome where the air is very polluted and very easy to enter the body. Chlorophyll here is capable to be a source of natural detoxification inside the body.

If the body consume enough chlorophyll, then it can increase the oxygen volume and blood inside the body. The overflowing amount of oxygen and blood is one of the things that are capable to get rid of the toxic inside the body.

Not only common bacteria and germs that are capable to be taken care of by the chlorophyll, but also heavy waste such as metal and mercury that entered the body can be taken care well so that it won’t harm the functions of the organs such as liver. The contain such as pesticide, residue, and radiation can be minimized by chlorophyll when it enters the body. See also: Health Benefits of Carrot Leaves

6. Prevent Premature Aging

The premature aging problem is terrifying by many people. Sun light radiation that now contain UVA and UVB can cause the premature aging such as wrinkles, black spots, and fine lines if it enters the skin. You definitely don’t want this, do you?

Therefore, you should start consume the chlorophyll routinely. To make sure, you can even go meet doctor to do some consultations first. See also: Health Benefits of Red Pine Needle Oil

7. Good for Digestion

Other benefit of consuming chlorophyll is that it is capable to the health of digestion organs. Inside the intestines, there are a lot of good bacteria that are in charge to rotten the food and turn it into food nutrition that can be absorbed well by the body. Now, one of the benefits of chlorophyll is to make flora inside the intestines to be more reactive and stimulate the intestines to move better.

Other than that, chlorophyll can also be used as a natural medicine for the intestines organs such as intestines and stomach wound.

Chlorophyll also acts as a natural intestines-cleaner where people will usually feel a little bit uncomfortable in their stomach because of too much gas or because of constipation problem. See also: Health Benefits Chives Leaves

8. Overcome Insomnia

For you who are having a sleeping problem or insomnia, don’t just drink milk but also try to drink the chlorophyll. One of the chlorophyll benefits is to soothe the nerves that can make the brain relaxes and the sleeping problem can be taken care of. Chlorophyll is also good to overcome a common nerves damage. See also: Benefits of Cilantro

9. Speeds Up Wound Healing

There is a derivative from chlorophyll, that is believed to be capable to slow the rate of bacteria reproduction. This capability of chlorophyllin then will make chlorophyll useful for wound healing and because it slows the rate of bacteria reproduction, thus making it useful too to prevent infections.

Chlorophyllin itself has been added to various amount of ointments since about 1940s. This chlorophyllin can help heal open wounds in human, such as pressure ulcer and vascular ulcer. See also: Zinc Oxide for Skin

10. Decrease Inflammation for Radiation Burns

Besides speeding up the healing, chlorophyllin can also help to lower the inflammation caused by wounds or injuries, and even promote healing. The chlorophyll, for example, can help to decrease skin pain that is caused by radiation burns, let’s say after a pelvic radiotherapy session.

It is also usually used to help heal severely irritated burns because of radiation therapy, and even non-healing burns. To help heal the radiation burns, we can use the chlorophyll in the form of cream. See also: Health Benefits of Oak Leaves

11. Decrease Odor

Other benefit of chlorophyll would be to decrease odor. Bacteria accumulation can sometimes cause unpleasant odor, and the chlorophyllin can help to get rid of it. It can also help decrease the odor for patients who suffer from colostomies or who are incontinent of feces or urine.

For example, patients who derived symptomatic relief, has been continually use chlorophyllin to decrease their urine odor due to incontinence. To help decrease or treat fecal and urinary odor, chlorophyllin is usually consumed in the form of tablet. See also: Health Benefits of Urine Therapy

12. Protect the Skin

The antiviral effects in chlorophyll is found to be helpful to stop cold sores from developing within the mouth or genital area that can be caused by herpes simplex virus. Some researches found that when cream or ointment that contain chlorophyll in it is applied to the skin, it can help reduce the sores that appear and can be a natural treatment for herpes since, like what have been explained before, it can speed up the healing time.

Besides herpes, chlorophyll is also believed to be able to reduce the symptoms of painful sores, protect the skin from shingles, and even lower the risk of the skin from developing cancer. One of the ways of how chlorophyll can reduce the risk of skin cancer is by inject it directly into the skin or apply it as a lotion. This practice is found to help reduce the recurrence of cancer cells in people who have basal cell carcinoma, one of the common types of skin cancers. See also: Health Benefits of Mayana Plant

13. Weight Control

A study in 2014 showed that the feelings of hunger can be decreased if you consume a high-carbohydrate meal along with chlorophyll supplements. Besides that, the chlorophyll supplement will also be helpful to elevate the cholecystokinin and prevent hypoglycemia in overweight women.

Chlorophyll can also be consumed in the form of thylakoid supplements that is believed to help balance out the release of hormones that can make us feel fuller such as insulin, ghrelin, and cholecystokinin. Besides suppressing hunger, the thylakoid supplements are also believed to increase the secretion of satiety hormones regarding food intake and prevent the consumer from compensation eating later in the day. This is why then the chlorophyll is believed to be good for weight control since its benefits can help us to loss some weight and do appetite control. See also: Irish Moss Benefits Thus, there are many health benefits of chlorophyll drink

14. Immunity Booster

Chlorophyll can help strengthen the cell walls and the overall immune system of the body by attributing to its alkaline nature. One of the reason why chlorophyll can help boosts immunity is because the bacteria which can promote the development of diseases, the anaerobic bacteria to be exact, can’t survive in the alkaline environment that is made by chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is also an oxygenator which can make the body to be able to boosts energy levels, fight diseases, and like have been mentioned above, speeds up the healing process. See also: Health Benefits Cocoa

15. Treat Bad Breaths

Like what have been explained on some points before, chlorophyll can help with odor problems, therefore it is also valued for its deodorizing properties. One of the major cause of bad breath is because of poor digestive health. Chlorophyll then have two ways in order to treat bad breaths. First, it can help eliminate the stink from mouth and throat. Therefore, chlorophyll can be used as mouthwashes. Second is, chlorophyll, like what have been explained before, will clean the colon and bloodstream.

16. Strengthen the Bones

Magnesium, the central atom of chlorophyll molecule, is very important for the bones. Along with magnesium, there are some other essential nutrients that are good to strengthen the bones such as vitamin D and calcium. Not only chlorophyll can help with the formation and maintenance of strong bones, it can also help with contraction, relaxation, and muscle toning.

17. Treats Sinusitis

Other benefit of chlorophyll is to help in various respiratory infections or problems. These condition includes sinusitis, cold, and even rhinitis.

18. Maintain the Ratio of Acid-Alkali

Foods that contain chlorophyll in it can help the body to balance out the ratio of acid-alkali. The contain of magnesium in chlorophyll is a highly alkaline mineral, and maintaining appropriate levels of alkalinity and oxygen in the body can help to prevent the development of a thriving environment that can grow out pathogens. Magnesium in chlorophyll can also maintain the function of kidney, liver, brain, muscles, and also maintain the health of cardiovascular. 

19. Balance out Hormones

There are many health benefits of chlorophyll drink. The vitamin E contained in chlorophyll can help to stimulate the production of estrogen hormone in females and testosterone hormone in males. Thus, making the chlorophyll useful to maintain the sexual hormonal balance both in females and males.

20. Prevent Kidney Stones

The vitamin K in chlorophyll can form essential compounds in the urine and can help to reduce the growth of calcium oxalate crystals, thus making it good for kidney stones prevention.

21. Maintain Mouth Organs’ Health

Not only for respiratory health, chlorophyll is also good to maintain and improve the oral health. Chlorophyll can be used to cure the symptoms of oral infections and treat some dental problems such as pyorrhea. Chlorophyll can also calm inflamed and bleeding gums.

22. Combat Pancreatitis

A research found that chlorophyll can help to relieve fever, alleviate abdominal pain, and also help out the discomfort that is caused by pancreatitis. Therefore, it is administered intravenously by healthcare professionals as a treatment of chronic pancreatitis. What is even better is the fact that chlorophyll will not give any side effects for the patients.

23. Anti-Microbial Properties

A research found that alkaline in chlorophyll that have a healing effect can combat a medical condition that is called as Candida albicans. Candida albicans is an infection that is caused by the overgrowth of some kind of yeast, named candida, that has actually been present in the human body but only on small amounts.

These are the explanation of the health benefits of chlorophyll drink. Hopefully it can guide you in finding some common information regarding the benefits of chlorophyll. Thank you and hope this will be useful for you.