20 Proven Health Benefits of Coffee and Cinnamon

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Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee with a bun of cinnamon roll? Surely, most of the peoples love it. Not only delicious and perfect taste, but there also some health benefits of coffee and cinnamon. Interesting facts that not many coffee lover realize about it.

Drinking coffee everyday might be a natural habit for some people. And it wouldn’t be complete without some snacks. Therefore, a bun of cinnamon roll normally accompany the coffee. But some unique behavior is to mix cinnamon powder into the coffee. Making the taste a little bit spicy but still strong coffee flavor to get. It is now a popular way to enjoy a coffee in the coffee bar.

Of course you might feel curious on how come this two ingredients making some benefits for the body. Therefore, take a look before plenty of health benefits of coffee and cinnamon for the body:

1. Anti Oxidant

Coffee and cinnamon both are source of anti oxidant. Therefore, it will help to eliminate the free radical effect from the body. It bring a good cell to develop and help to ease the cell development. This is the same health benefits eating jaggery.

2. Anti Cancer

Both can be benefit to avoid the development of cancer cells. Furthermore, it eliminate the bad cells by replacing with some good cells. Therefore, it is a good way to avoid the possibility of cancer diseases.

3. Anti Aging

The anti oxidant will help to reduce early wrinkle signs. Therefore, it suit to help as an anti aging for the skin. Furthermore, it brings youthful appearance and maintain smooth silky skin.

4. Improve Brain

The ingredients can help to optimize the brain function. Therefore, it is a good way to manage the brain and improve thinking. That is why it can be given to babies and child in some amount to help with brain development. Furthermore, it help to avoid step during fever and avoid brain damage in high fever.

5. Avoid Dementia

Both ingredients will help to avoid dementia. Since cinnamon can make a powerfull brain function. Where coffe also accelerate this benefit. Therefore, coffee and cinnamon can help elderly to improve their mind and avoid memory loss. This is the same health benefits white water rafting.

6. Better Taste

The combination of this two result a better taste. No wonder if some peoples love to mix it together. It bring strong taste and feel delicious in the mouth.

7. Weight Loss

Most people use this ingredients as a way to reducing weight. And the method may work on some people. Therefore, it is good to help with the weight loss effort and can include as one of the daily diet menu.

8. Improve Digestive

Coffee can improve the digestive. Either the cinnamon powder that can improve intestinal bowel movement. Therefore, it will ease the digestive and avoid digestive problems. 

9. Control Sugar Level

The ingredients also good to control sugar level. Since both of it contain no sugar. Therefore, it can help to manage the sugar level inside the blood. This is the same health benefits of atis leaves for diabetes for control blood sugar level.

10. Avoid Diabetes

By helping to control sugar level, it will help to avoid diabetes. Therefore, it is good to consume every morning as an option to get diabetes possibility away.

11. Maintain Memory

The beverages will help to optimize the memory. Since it works to improve the brain. Hence, it will maintain the mind and help elderly in remember better.

12. Soothe Cold

A warm cup of this beverages can help to soothe the cold. It bring back your breath and avoid headache due to cold symptomps. Therefore, it is one of a good treat during fever or cold.

13. Warm The Body

Coffee and cinnamon is surely able to make the body feel better. Furthermore, it can warm the body and bring comfort sensation. Therefore, it is good to have a cup of coffee with some cinnamon powder in the early morning or late night. This is the same health benefits of drinking warm lemon water.

14. Detoxification

By having a coffee with cinnamon will help the body eliminate some dangerous toxin. Therefore, it is one of a good treat for body detoxification.

15. Relaxing Mind

This ingredients believe can bring a calmfull and relaxing mind. The taste and arome will make your self feel better and perfect to consume after some hard days.

16. Stress Relief

They are a good stress relief during the stressfull day. Theregore, it perfect to consume during the office break.

17. Energy Booster

Who ever thought that another health benefits of coffee and cinnamon is for energy booster? Therefore, it is a good mood booster to wake you up in the morning and give some spirit to start the day. This is the same health benefits of onion and banana juice.

18. Improve Heart

Both can help to improve the heart capability in increasing the blood flow into the body. Therefore, it good to consume during the day to optimize the daily work. Make sure not to have it too much to avoid increasing blood tension.

19. Avoid Sickness

By drinking coffee added some cinnamon can help to avoid sickness. Specially if having long travel and feel nausea or sickness. It will help to bring back the mood and comfort feeling. Therefore, the sickness might be eliminated.

20. Improve Metabolism

Coffee can improve the body metabolism in changing the food into energy. The same way to cinnamon that help to optimize the metabolism too. Therefore, it ease the body system in converting energy level for activities.

Those are some health benefits of coffee and cinnamon. Hence, there wouldn’t be no more doubt to mix this two items for daily beverages. Not only the unique taste, you can enjoy the benefit too. Not only easy to find, it is easy to served too. Have a try!