9 Important Health Benefits of Yoga for Obesity

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Obesity is a risk factor of various chronic diseases. If not treated quickly and appropriately, obese people are at risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus, heart disease, gallbladder disease, cancer, to reproductive abnormalities (hormonal disorders, PCOS, infertility). One of the efforts in tackling obesity is healthy eating arrangements. Obesity is a health condition that is now considered a disease by various world health institutions.

Overcoming obesity with diet does not mean eating only once a day or not even eating all day. Of course the body still needs to eat to produce energy. Therefore, you can still eat three meals a day, even with two interses a day.

For example, you can have breakfast at 7, then continue to eat the morning snacks around 10, then have lunch at 12 pm. Eat some mail again around 4 pm, and dinner at 6 or 7 pm. Also, don’t forget to eat something healthy, like having the health benefits of kathi roll.

In addition to eating arrangements, the weight loss program consists of setting up physical activity as well. Choose the type of exercise that is carried out with a combination of aerobic exercise and sports that train muscle strength. In addition, some people also need behavioral therapy to regulate their lifestyle for the better.

If you prefer clamer movements, you can also try yoga practice. 

Yoga is one of the activities by the body as well as the mind that focuses on strength, breathing and also flexibility with the aim of improving physical and mental conditions. The main components in yoga are posture or movement and also breathing techniques. 

It has been done since thousands of years ago by Indian society and has now been adapted into many variations and types. Not only does it make the body healthy, the mind and breathing will be calmed as well. 

Aside from having some health benefits of doing simple exercises, yoga is also very beneficial for the diet program you run. Here, we will review in full about what are the benefits of yoga for a diet that you can get if done regularly.

Health Benefits of Yoga for Obesity

1. Controlling Appetite

Aside from consuming the benefits of ginger tea, yoga has been used to overcome various problems in the stomach and intestines. In addition, yoga is also useful to smooth blood circulation to glands related to digestion such as the pancreas. By doing some yoga moves regularly, then the appetite can be well controlled.

2. Tightening the Stomach

Some yoga moves involve muscles around the abdominal area such as uttanpadasana, tadasana, naukasana, bhujangasana and some other types of yoga poses. Some of these movements will tighten the abdominal muscles so that it can automatically lose weight.

3. Burning Fat and Calories

Very diverse yoga movements  are very good for burning fat fiber calories accumulated in the body. All yoga moves are so dynamic and static that the fat will be burned and excreted in the form of sweat.

Doing yoga for an hour can burn calories between 200 to 400 kcal so it becomes a good activity to lose weight. You can also gain similar benefits with benefits of exercise.

4. Helps the Detoxification Process

Excessive weight loss is a sign if the body has a high level of toxicity and the way to deal with it is to detoxify the body to lose weight significantly. If there are many toxins in the body, then detoxifying organs such as the kidneys and liver may not work properly and eventually make the weight become too much. 

Doing yoga movements is the right choice for the detoxification process. Movements in yoga always adjust to the internal organs and help the organ work properly.

5. Lowering Stress 

Fat bodies are also caused by excessive stress. Business that is done daily eventually arises stress, then the way that can be done to relieve the stress is to eat and snack more. Various foods eaten during stress aims to suppress feelings of stress and anxiety that are being felt so that eventually the body becomes obese. 

Aside from the benefits of maral root, yoga is another best solution to relieve stress and emotions that are trapped in your mind. Breathing techniques and mind concentration in yoga are excellent for calming the various negative feelings you feel and will ultimately control your weight.

6. Increases Energy in the Body

Yoga is also useful to increase energy in the body. Feeling tired and lazy will only make fat and various toxic substances accumulate in your body. Just a few minutes a day doing yoga moves, this is enough to give you energy so you can be fresher.

Increasing energy will make your various activities run well and there is no chance for fats and calories to accumulate in your body.

7. Turning Fat into Muscle

Almost all yoga moves require muscle in their application. For those of you who have weight problems, yoga moves will help you to turn fat build into muscle. The change of fat into muscle will also greatly affect your weight loss.

8. Lowering Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Levels

High blood pressure and also cholesterol can occur due to narrowing of blood vessels caused by blockage of fat in the bloodstream. Doing yoga movements regularly every day, will improve blood circulation throughout the body and also drain oxygen well. 

This is directly related to the decrease in cholesterol levels as well as making blood pressure stable. The loss of bad fat buildup in the bloodstream will also have a positive impact in losing your weight.

9. Lowers Glucose in the Blood

From several studies that have been done provide evidence that yoga movements will lower glucose levels in the blood. With decreased glucose in the blood, it will also automatically keep your weight stable so that yoga is very good to do every day.