5 Wondrous Health Benefits of Ginger Tea with Honey

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Ginger is well known as a nutritious spice to overcome various symptoms of the disease. The combination of ginger and honey turns out to have properties for immunity.

It is traditionally believed by many to be ‘first-aid’ in some diseases, like to overcome colds or unhealthy bodies. This special spice is often chosen to be a first aid treatment, as mentioned in the benefits of ginger tea.

In fact, ginger is not only able to relieve the symptoms of the disease. Ginger can also help the body fight harmful bacteria such as E. Coli and also minimize harmful bacteria in the mouth. 

The reason ginger becomes an effective option at the time of flatulence or morning sickness that is usually experienced by pregnant women is the ability to reduce gas in the stomach.

Ginger also helps the body to secrete natural enzymes in warding off the symptoms of the disease that comes. Not only has the benefits of ginger tea for blood pressure, ginger also holds the other hidden benefits, if only combined with the correct material. 

Ginger can not only be consumed purely. Blend ginger with other ingredients can also make its properties even better. Honey is known as the most suitable pair to be combined together with ginger. Ginger has a spicy taste and a sharp smell when combined with honey, it will help neutralize the taste and smell.

Honey also has a high antioxidant content. So it can be imagined how ginger with its high antioxidants is put together with honey that also has high antioxidants. All will be very efficacious.

The dose of honey and ginger consumption should also be considered. Not because both have excellent properties but can not be drunk with a careless measure. Still needed to maintain its efficacy. Without further ado, here’s the health benefits of ginger tea with honey :

Health Benefits of Ginger Tea with Honey

1. Treats Flu Symptoms and Nausea

Ginger and honey combo is excellent for people who are traveling long distances. Suitable for people who are involved in hiking events or trapped in such cold, extreme weather.

The arrival of the flu is usually preceded by sneezing sneezing, watery eyes, pale face, limp body and nasal congestion. Drink ginger water and honey before leaving the house at night or doing those kinds of extreme activities can help a lot. So if you’re feeling a bit unwell, have an extra protection by having the benefits of drinking ginger shot.

This combination of ginger and honey can also be consumed by pregnant women with 6 months pregnancy to avoid nausea and vomiting. The benefits of ginger mixed with honey can also be added to milk or lemon juice diet so that the heat effect on ginger can be felt a little less strong, without losing its effective ability to maintain your health.

2. Takes Care of Worms in Kids

Intestinal worms are a common disease in children. The disease usually occurs in children aged 5-10 years. If not treated seriously, this disease can trigger more serious diseases and hinder the learning process in children. The way of transmission of helminth infection occurs due to accidentally attaching the eggs of worms to the hands and feet of the child.

The worm’s eggs then enter the body because they are ingested. Know some of the symptoms of intestinal worms in children and how to prevent them so that worming does not occur repeatedly in children.

Parents would approach this kind of trouble with a special medicine called Albendazole. But if you much prefer a more healthy way, you can always have the benefit of a ginger tea, like benefits of Taiwan ginger tea.

Worms in the body will immediately come out through defecation if the ginger tea with honey is diligently and regularly drunk 2 times a day. With less than a week for consumption, the worms will be no more.

3. Natural Painkiller

The combination of ginger and honey is known as a natural painkiller. Although ginger has a strong flavor, ginger helps relieve pain and swelling. Ginger can block the formation of inflammatory compounds prostaglandins and leukotriene. The antioxidant effect of ginger can break down the inflammation and acidity that is in the fluid in the joints.

You can consume a combination of ginger with honey to overcome muscle pain, joint pain, and swelling. Just prepare one rhizome of ginger, wash it thoroughly and grate. Then prepare two large glasses of water, add the grated ginger and boil it. Remove and add a tablespoon of honey, and you’re good to go.

4. Good for Heart

Studies show honey and ginger are good for heart health. Ginger is proven to be very beneficial in preventing blood clotting and reducing cholesterol. This helps fight heart disease or blocked blood vessels.

The benefits of honey and ginger are able to relieve vascular tension, reduce blood pressure, and reduce the likelihood of atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes.

5. A better Way to Strengthen Immune System

This honey and lemon are perfect for fighting diseases. The material also helps the body’s ability to defend itself. Drinking a cup of ginger water and honey coupled with lemon every day can boost the immune system. You can find this in the benefits of ginger snaps as well.

Lemon is rich in vitamin C and is able to prevent the attack of colds, as well as warm ginger and honey against viruses. Simply prepare 2 cm of ginger then bruise, 3 slices of lemon and 2 tablespoons of honey. Boil the ginger until it boils, give a squeeze of lemon and add the honey while it is warm. Drink regularly every day to reach the optimal results.