7 Amazing Health Benefits of Doing Simple Exercises in the Office

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Office workers somehow don’t realize that they are repeating the same routine. This routine can lead to some health problems.

Staring at the computer and sitting for certain hours in the same posture may be dangerous than it looks.

It leads to some health issues such as eye strain, neck strain, weight gain, stress, depression, and even cancer.

This sedentary lifestyle won’t be that dangerous if can change from passive to active. The clever way is to implement some exercises among the office hour.

No need hit or cardio things, just simple exercise is necessary. This will change the passive body into an active one.

It means the energy and calorie can deliver in the right way also the body endurance and bones are improved.

Changing the sedentary lifestyle by doing simple exercises at work has amazing benefits such as follow:

1. Prevent some strain or stiffness.

During the office hour, workers tend to stare at the computer whole time and it causes the muscle being stiff.

Any simple exercise or even do some stretching during office hours can help the muscle tone down the stiffness.

This is one of the health benefits of doing simple exercises in the office that anyone can do among their busy hour.

2. Helps to prevent unhealthy gain weight.

The sedentary lifestyle means body metabolism also slow.

The lunch menu you have won’t completely change into the calorie for the day but also as fat causes body weight to gain unhealthy.

Being physically active make the metabolism working better means all the meal can turn into energy.

This is an amazing benefits of Maltodextrin post work out is achievable.

3. Become happier and less stress.

A load of an office worker is high demand. Sometimes there are moment workers getting stress over their works.

Exercise will let out the hormone that reduces stress possibility and makes them happier.

4. It helps workers improving their performance and productivity.

Doing simple exercise during work hours will help the blood circulation in better shape.

This blood circulation flow to the brain brings oxygen and any nutrient need by the brain.

It makes workers improve their performance and productivity.     

5. Maintain focus with good energy.

Facing rush hour with high pace environment, workers need extra energy to focus.

Coffee is what they choose for an instant. Consuming caffeine every day can cause some trouble for the body and hormone.

Therefore, doing simple exercise at work will help to maintain a better focus.

6. Having better sleep.

Work is about deadlines and achievement targets.

Dealing with those two kinds of demand somehow makes workers ignore their sleeping habits leads to horrible effects of sleep deprivation on teenage brain

Sleep lets the body and mind rest and recovers after the whole day and ready for tomorrow morning.

Therefore with daily simple exercise will have good sleep quality will gain other amazing benefits of sleeping on your back for skin

7. Prevent reducing of cognitive decline.

It says as getting older people will reduce their memorizing capability.

This has been proved not true with some study that older people can have sharp memories by maintaining their brain.

This can obtain through exercise because exercise will expand the part of the hippocampus. This part is responsible for learning and memorizing.

Health benefits of doing parkour that also can obtain by simple exercises isn’t only better health body but also improve the better performance for work scope.

Therefore to make those health benefits of doing simple exercises in the office one step closer here some small exercises you can do even at your desk:

1. Drop and roll the head.

This stretching loosen the neck muscle and make the head feel much lighter.

It starts with a straight sitting position then lean down the ear to the left shoulder then do the same thing on the right side.

Next movement is lean the ear to the left the roll to the right side.

2. Stretch out the triceps.

Now reach the right elbow with the left hand to touch the left shoulder.

Pulling the elbow to your head, count it three and holding your breath while doing it.

3. Shoulder stretch.

Put your intertwined hand above your head and slowly pulling it up.

Remember to have the palm facing upward.

Another stretch can do is rolling your shoulder forward and backwards.

4. Wall-sit-up

This exercise no needs a wide place to do.

All you need to do is facing the wall and take the position as going to sit up and do a movement like push up.

The key is using bodyweight as the load.

5. Swing the arm

Swing the arm. Take a stand position then spread both hands on the side.

Then you can start to swing both your arm. Count until 5 and make some repetition.

Working in high demand and it needs the high-performance worker to accomplish any duty.

Physically active will lead a healthy body and mind, through a simple exercise in the office will gain benefit both for body and mind for workers.

Those benefits can deprive easily like benefits of apricot seed for cancer treatment with only need a few minutes of exercise.