10 Health Benefits of Using Public Transportation for Body Health

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public transportationPublic transportation is also called the entire means of transportation used when passengers do not travel using their own vehicle. Public transportation provides services to the community in terms of basic mobility for anyone who does not have his own vehicle which ultimately complicates or impedes his mobility. So functionally, public or public transportation is to ensure and facilitate the mobility of the community.

Using private vehicles is fun, not jostling like a public vehicle, but the benefits of using public transport can not only reduce congestion and air pollution but can make our bodies healthier and stronger than usual.

The health benefits of using public transportation that you can get by using public transportation are:

  1. Lose weight

Because to use public transportation it takes a business like running and running that requires a lot of energy. In other words, the activity can burn fat so that it can lose weight. Or you can try health benefits grapefruit weight loss

  1. Avoid high blood pressure

Research conducted by American Hearts Association Scientific Sessions 2015, private vehicle riders have the possibility of experiencing higher blood pressure by 27% or more. Read more: high blood pressure treatments

  1. Preventing diabetes

Private vehicle drivers have the possibility of developing diabetes by 34% or more according to research by American Hearts Association of Scientific Sessions 2015. Read more: is dates good for diabetic patient

  1. Avoid high blood

This is because as a result of the research, it is because the public transport users have to walk far enough to reach the bus stop or station. You must read this: high blood pressure

  1. Maintain mental health

Using health benefits of using public transportation is also able to maintain mental health. This is because there will be more relaxed and humanist interaction when compared to each person boarded his own vehicle in the middle of the congestion. Read more about benefits exercises mental health

In addition to health benefits, other benefits of using public transport are:

  1. Can socialize well

When on public transport, you will meet many people. That way you can learn how to socialize good, such as greeting, smiling, treating others politely, and others

  1. Supports Go-Green Steps

Because by using public transport, you have automatically reduced the amount of transportation on the streets. So that air pollution will decrease and this is one step to support go green.

  1. Reduce expenses

Spending for public transport and private transportation is very different. Only with the money Rp 2000-Rp 5000, you can go to a place far away. Compare if you are using a private vehicle

  1. Can observe social change

By using public transportation, indirectly you can observe the changes that occur in the community. such as fashion style, social language, and so forth.

  1. More flexible

If you use a private vehicle, you will be bothered to find parking and driving. Whereas if you use public transportation, you can stop anytime without having to think about where you park the car.


health benefits of using public transportation do have many benefits for humans. However, we also have to be careful when using public transport. Because crime often happens there.