10 Super Health Benefits of Wearing Emerald and Diamond Together

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emerald and diamondEmerald stone is a fresh green with a dark green gemstone that makes each eye will be fascinated beauty. As a mineral, emeralds belong to the type of beryl. This type of beryl is actually also there are blue, yellow and red. However, it is only the green color that is cool and calm, that is what makes it appear parallel to other precious gems.

While diamonds are formed for thousands and even millions of years in the bowels of the earth and in very high temperatures and pressures. Therefore, diamond has a very high hardness level that is at level 10 on the Mohs scale. The perfection of the structure of the diamond stone puts this stone as the “King of Gems”. In addition, you will get some benefits if using diamond.

Health benefits that you can get from benefits of wearing emerald and diamond together are:

  1. Maintaining physical freshness

Create a cool, safe and comfortable atmosphere that ultimately keeps your physical and spiritual freshness. This is because of the emerald stone itself.

  1. Can overcome liver disease

According to Rowland, a 17th-century doctor who studied rocks, emeralds are excellent for dealing with liver disease (liver). Or you can try health benefits of garlic to the liver

  1. Can solve the problem in the head

The use of emeralds and diamonds simultaneously can overcome problems in the head like dizziness. Read more about health benefits of hibiscus tea

  1. Good for forgetful

The forgetful person is very suitable to use it because the beauty of the color is able to stimulate the vision of the wearer. You can also try snail health benefits

  1. Balancing the body’s magnets

Unprocessed diamonds into jewelry have large magnetic fields that have the benefit of balancing the magnetic field on your body.

  1. Detoxification

Magnetic fields contain benefits of wearing emerald and diamond together can also use to stimulate detoxification or expenditure of toxins in your body. You mus read the benefits of lemon water

  1. Healthful organs

Use of diamonds is good for the health of your organs such as the intestines, bones, bile and kidneys. Read more about health benefits cow tongue

  1. Brighten the skin

Diamond powder is also used as a mixture of cosmetic or beauty products that serves to brighten the skin. So the skin becomes healthy and looks beautiful.

  1. Prevent radiation

Your body will always be in an unstable state due to the many radiations that are around us. Stones such as emeralds and diamonds to prevent the radiation that enters the body.

  1. Stabilize electromagnetic

Emeralds and diamonds can stabilize our body’s eletromagnetic so that our bodies return to health.


The use of two types of benefits of wearing emerald and diamond together in the form of necklaces and rings is not recommended. This is because each stone has different electromagnetic vibrations, so it is not the stability of the body that is acquired but the instability and this affects the overall health.