7 Proven Health Benefits of Golf for Seniors

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Golf is a sport that is trending nowadays as it is fun and challenging. Not only fun and challenging, but it is also full of benefits as elaborated in 19 Health Benefits of Playing Golf .

Not only for the young, but the seniors also find the activity of hitting the links to be fun and healthy. Golf for seniors can bring the seniors lots of healthy outcomes.

Who don’t get the best feeling when they get the perfect golf shot? When someone plays golf, everything is in sync, both the thoughts and the movement.

Playing golf is the culmination of practice, concentration and muscle memory. It is also fun to spend time golfing with friends during the day. So, let’s see how fun and healthy golf is for seniors.

  • Improving the Heart Health

Similar to other types of exercise, golf also helps to get the seniors’ blood pumping and it surely improves the heart health. When they swing their clubs, carry their bag and walking the course can bring all positive effects, including decreasing the risk for developing diabetes type 2 or even suffering from stroke.

  • Stimulating the Brain

As mentioned before, golf is a very great exercise with all the walking that seniors have to do around the course, but it also has great impact on someone’s mental health. Nature walk stimulates one’s mental health.

As you know, golf courses are very scenic and relaxing places, and it is able to lower the stress level and improve the seniors’ mental health. Moreover, by walking across the golf course, it will also maintain the blood supply inside your brain.

Because of that, the brain will be able to function at its optimal level and reduces the risk of getting dementia and other cognitive disease. Thinking about the strategy and mental challenges during golfing is also able to provide a solid mental workout. It makes your brain sharp too.

Game are beneficial for seniors too. Benefits of Games for Seniors – For Social Life and Brain Health will tell you all about it!

  • Helping You Lose Weight

If you wish to have 10,000 steps a day, then walk across the golf course. Surprisingly, it can take between 11,000 to 17,000 steps and they are more than enough to burn your daily calories.

There was a study conducted by The Norwegian Golf Federation that found that male golfers burn around 2,500 kilocalories while walking around an 18-hole round of golf. The female golfers burn around 1,500 kcal.

  • Relieving Stress and Improving Sleep

The great outdoor view of the golf course is surely a way to combat stress and depression. The senior golfers are also able to enjoy some fresh air and exercise. As a result, it will improve the sleep patterns, too.

After a tiring and fun day on the golf course, the senior will be able to fall asleep faster, leading to a more peaceful and deeper sleep at night. By having good sleep every night, then the seniors will also be able to have better muscle repair and improved mental health.

Find some tips of sleeping benefits in Amazing Benefits of Sleeping on Your Back for Skin.

  • Getting More Socialization with People

Golf is surely a social sport. The seniors can enjoy playing golf with a group of friends together as a weekly game. For seniors, loneliness can have some detrimental effects, so it is better for seniors to get socialized with lots of people.

As people getting older, it might be difficult to stay connected with friends, so by playing golf with friends, it will help them to build and maintain good relationship with others.  

Exercise has lots of benefits, including the 15 Social Benefits of Exercise for Youth and Elderly (#Research Base).

  • Releasing Endorphins

Endorphins will be released once the seniors make the putt. It will be able to boost their mood and create happiness too. For some time, it might be stressful to play golf, but it can also be fun to enjoy it with friends and family members who help you to stay relaxed. By doing so, playing golf will also be helpful to increase the level of enjoyment too.

Safety Tips for Senior Golfers

Playing golf gives the seniors lots of fun and health benefits, but accidents and injuries may also happen. So, here are some safety tips for senior golfers to stay safe while playing golf.

  • Take some lessons as golf is a sport that needs proper technique to be played. By taking lessons, the seniors will also be able to defense themselves from injuries.
  • Stretch up as it takes the entire body to swing a golf club. Warm up and stretch up before playing the game to prevent unexpected injuries.
  • Stay hydrated as the seniors will be out under the sun for a while. It is important to drink plenty of water before, during and after playing golf.
  • Though there are Delightful Health Benefits of Sunbathing for Elderly, the seniors still have to be careful of too much sunlight exposure. Avoid sun damage by wearing light clothing, sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher, sunglasses and hat.