11 Benefits of Standing Russian Twist Exercise for Body Balance

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Many sport lovers know that there are several benefits of standing Russian twist exercise. This is mainly for body balance and the weight management too. Furthermore, it will help to increase some wellness and deals with several symptom. Hence, it is one of the recommended exercise to perform if wish to get a healthier body condition.

Russian twist is a common exercise that require balance, muscle power and good body coordination. In many of gymnastic house, this exercise usually become one of the favorite exercise to start or open the exercise. Furthermore, since this activity is easy to perform, every stage of age will able to perform this exercise. Not only that, some people even try to combine this exercise with other stuffs such as gym ball, dumbbell, and any other similar tools.

How to Perform Standing Russian Twist

For those who want to try this exercise, make sure to get the exact information on the movement and preparation. Therefore, it is better to follow below instruction slowly if this is your first time exercising the Russian twist pose.

  • Do some preparation by stretching the body to the left and right side. Therefore, it will helps to relax the muscle before starting the exercise.
  • Get a position by open the leg as wider as the shoulder.
  • Twist the body to the right side and hold for some second.
  • Turn to the front and then twist the body to the left side. Hold dor a second too.
  • Do repetition 10-15 times in a set. The best is to do 3 sets in each exercise.
  • After finish, do not forget to stretch the muscle again to avoid any muscle cramp.
  • Add some tools when doing the exercise if already familiar with the step.

Benefits of Standing Russian Twist Exercise

As mention previously that this exercise bring so many advantages. Therefore, if want to know further, below are the benefits of standing Russian twist exercise.

1. Body Balance

Standing Russian twist is another way to keep a better body balance. Twisting the body left and right need a stable body. Therefore, the exercise will be good to maintain the body balance and the brain too. This is the same mechanism of the benefits of Russian baby yoga that works to manage a better body balance too.

2. Improve Metabolism

When doing the exercise, it will automatically helps to improve the body metabolic system. Therefore, it can help to manage a better energy converting as needed during exercise. Furthermore, it will lead to fasten metabolic rate and good for hormone secretion process.

3. Relaxation

Doing this exercise also another alternative to bring happiness relaxation for mind and body. It is important to keep the mind positive and the feeling or mood keep happy. Therefore, through the exercise it will help a better psychological condition too. This is the same way as the health benefits of herbal chamomile tea that also works to give body and mind relaxation.

4. Detoxification

Doing any exercise will result some sweat, including this standing twist. Therefore, this will help to ease the body flushing out any toxin through the sweat. Hence, it is a good natural mechanism to help with body detoxification process.

5. Improve Muscle

Another benefits of standing Russian twist exercise is also to help improving body muscle. Through a frequent exercise, it will help to manage a healthier muscle and add more mass to the muscle too. This is the same benefit that will also benefits of swimming for weight loss and toning that will improving muscle capability too.

6. Fat Burning

The best part of the exercise is to help with body fat burning. As the exercise will require food to change into needed energy during practice. When there is not enough calories from the consume food, then it will take from the body fat. This is why this exercise is good to reduce the body weight in natural way.

7. Body Shape

When the body fat burns and the body weight is well manage, it means that automatically the body shape will also improve. Mainly doing the standing twist will optimum the waist shape. Therefore, it is good for those who want to get a slimming waist. This is the same health benefits of muay thai for females that also good for body shape too.

8. Relaxation

The exercise also benefit to bring some relaxing mind and thinking. Therefore, it is good to avoid stresses and improve a better feeling or mood.

9. Improve Better Sleep

When the thinking become more positive, it will help a better thinking. Therefore, it is a mechanism to avoid stress and bring joy into the daily life. Furthermore, it also good to improve the sleep quality and avoid insomnia. The tiredness after the exercise will lead people to take a rest and prefer sleeping. This is the same way as the health benefits co sleeping with your child that also help improve better sleep too.

10. Blood Circulation

The exercise is good to manage a better blood circulation. Therefore, it will lead to avoid any blood cod and manage a healthier cardiovascular too. Furthermore, it is a good way to avoid heart attack or any stroke symptoms.

11. Better Respiratory

Each exercise can help to improve a better respiratory system. Including doing the standing Russian twist exercise. Therefore, it will help to ease the breath and avoid any asthma or respiratory symptoms.

Cautions and Recommendation of Russian Twist Exercise

Of course the exercise bring many advantages. However, still several cautions need to be made when doing this exercise. Therefore, to avoid unwanted side effects, it is better to check out below recommendation.

  • It is better to avoid consume too much food before exercise to avoid any sickness during exercise. The best is to consume enough water to avoid dehydration.
  • Make sure to do the warming up to avoid muscle injury. Do not push to the maximum limit if this is the first time doing the exercise.
  • Ask the instruction from exercise trainer if possible. Therefore, it will help to perform the right pose and avoid any related injuries.
  • Start from easiest step and stage. Make sure to be expert first before combine the exercise with any tools.

Those all the benefits of standing Russian twist exercise. Through a frequent train of this pose, it will help to manage a better body weight. Furthermore, it will improve the muscle strength and shaping the waist too. Therefore, no wonder if this is one of the favorite exercise mainly at the gym centre.