25 Relaxing Health Benefits of Herbal Chamomile Tea

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Had been long used by the Egyptians, chamomile tea is more than just giving a soothing treatment, but it really provides several amazing benefits for health. If you already become a chamomile-tea-enthusiast, you would be very happy to know what incredible things this tea can do for your health. They might be as great as the benefits of green tea you have known.

Chamomile Tea Nutrition Facts

To make it clearer about what you can gain from sipping a cup of chamomile tea, below is the list of nutrition from 100 grams of chamomile tea, according to the USDA National nutrient data base.

  • 20 g carbs
  • 3 g dietary fiber
  • 1 Kcal energy
  • 20 IU vitamin A
  • 010 mg thiamin
  • 004 mg riboflavin
  • 1 mg sodium
  • 9 mg potassium
  • 2 mg calcium
  • 08 mg iron
  • 015 mg copper
  • 1 mg magnesium
  • 044 mg manganese
  • 04 mg zinc
  • 1 mg caffeine

Based on the nutrition list, this tea is indeed containing low caffeine. Also, chamomile herbal tea is free of cholesterol and fat. However, it is also lacking in some vitamins and phyto-nutrients, so you should combine it with some other healthy meals while adding it to your afternoon treat. Here are the health benefits of herbal chamomile tea.

  1. Promoting Better Sleep

People with insomnia should try this natural treatment instead of taking pills. The soothing effect of chamomile tea can make you sleep better without having to fight with your stress, thanks to its mild sedative effect. Try drinking a cup of chamomile tea 30 minutes before going to bed and see the result. If you want to try some other herbal tea, check the other benefits of herbal tea before bed, which will also help for curing insomnia.

  1. Reducing Nervous

Still talking about its mild sedative effect, chamomile tea is also good for soothing your nervous system, helping you end up with fresher mind. This could be why it can make you sleep better.

  1. Relieving Headache

When you suffer from migraine headache or just feel uncomfortable in your head caused by stress or flu, drink chamomile tea. With its good ability in helping with sleep and soothing the nervous system, this herbal tea is surely useful for dealing with migraine headache.

  1. Helping with Relaxation

There are many health benefits of herbal chamomile tea. The reason why chamomile tea provides such benefits listed above is because it is extremely relaxing. It helps your mind and body feel better so you can sleep better and have no headache.

  1. Providing Anti-Bacterial Properties

The flavonoids contained in chamomile tea provide anti-bacterial properties that could protect your body from infections. It could be a good thing that simply drinking a cup of tea helping you healthy.

  1. Boosting Immunity

With the body is protected from bacteria, and then your immune system at the same time is well maintained. It prevents several illnesses from the small to the bigger ones. 

  1. Relieving menstrual Cramps

Not only soothing your mind, chamomile tea is also helpful in soothing your stomach during menstruation. The cramping sensation can be reduced since the uterus is relaxed so you can enjoy your period.

  1. Dealing Muscle Spasms

When the muscle spasms are relived, the menstrual cramps are at the same time addressed. By increasing the glycine levels, chamomile tea reliving spasms in the muscle making you feel comfortable.

  1. Fighting Cancer

Containing antioxidant apigenin makes this all-natural tea helping prevent some types of cancers such as thyroid, uterus, breast and prostate cancers. By lowering inflammation this type of antioxidant prevent cancer cells development, yet human research is still required to prove its effectiveness. However, you can learn some best ways how to prevent cancers  so you can have other things instead of drinking chamomile.

  1. Treating Bloating

Drinking a cup of chamomile tea when you feel bloated will be helpful in making your stomach feel better. Chamomile is diuretic. It works by flushing out the wastes and liquids in the stomach, which is the main cause of bloating, ending up with more comfortable sensation in the belly.

  1. Fighting Cold and Flu

You might experience muscle spasms when you are suffering from cold and flu, so get a cup of chamomile tea could be the best treatment. The antibacterial properties in the tea are also helpful in fighting cold, helping you feel relaxed and relieved. 

  1. Treating Babies

It has been said above that chamomile tea has glycine that can relieve menstrual cramps, but the best thing from this benefit is that you can also get the same effect for babies. If your babies are suffering from cold or diarrhea, give them ½ of the cup of chamomile tea. Children shouldn’t consume more than 2 cups a day to prevent the side effects because this tea is used only for treatment.

  1. Addressing Stomach Disorders

More than just dealing with menstrual cramps, chamomile tea is also excellent for treating other stomach disorders including some problems related with the bowels and digestion. You could consume it whenever you feel stomach irritation to put the symptoms away.

  1. Promoting Healthy Heart

Flavonoid is a type of antioxidant that is good for your heart and you can find it in chamomile tea. A study about this benefit does exist, but more research is required. However, including a cup of chamomile tea in your daily consumption is very easy, so you could just try it for maintaining your healthy heart.

  1. Controlling Diabetes

By reducing blood sugar levels, chamomile tea is excellent for the people with diabetes; surely they should eliminate the use of sugar in the tea for the best result. With better insulin regulation preventing the blood sugar from spiking, a couple of cups of chamomile tea could be an amazing idea. Since some diabetes symptoms are usually unrecognizable, you can at least do this prevention.

  1. Treating Wounds

Being antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and packed with antioxidant making this herbal tea is excellent for treating wounds and cuts, especially from burning. Although the research had only been done to rats, covering your wounds with bandage or cloth put in chamomile tea then rest them for about fifteen minutes is not a bad idea at all. Just ensure the tea is cool before using to the wounds.

  1. Reducing Swollen Skin

Not only for treating wounds, but also swollen skin can be reduced by drinking chamomile tea. Again, thanks to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Soak your body in chamomile tea infusion for a while in your tub or apply it using cloth could be helpful for treating swollen skin.

  1. Reducing dark circles

Now you don’t need those expensive over-the-counter eye cream products that could empty your wallet because your used chamomile tea bags are very useful in treating dark circles, helping the skin lightened up. Just refrigerate them and place over the eyes then see the difference. if you learn the benefits of cucumber for eyes, reducing dark circle is one of them, but this used tea bag can be that amazing too.

  1. Fighting Infections

The anti-bacteria properties in chamomile tea helping your body fighting infections by boosting the level of a-bacteria-killer-ingredient in your body called hippurate.

  1. Preventing Osteoporosis

The loss of bone density is the main cause of osteoporosis and the good news is you can now easily prevent it by drinking chamomile tea. According to a study, this tea is anti-estrogenic and it can help promoting the bone density to put osteoporosis away. However, it still requires more research as a proof.

  1. Getting Rid Of Dandruff

Let’s find out more health benefits of herbal chamomile tea. Use chamomile tea to rinse your hair after washing is helpful for getting rid of dandruff and making your scalp healthier. You will feel your scalp extremely soothing after washing without having to use expensive hair treatment. 

  1. Removing Dry Skin Cells

A home remedy made from chamomile tea and powdered milk can be used as a natural body scrub. This is very easy to make, very safe and of course very effective.

  1. Treating Rashes and Allergies

Drink a cup of chamomile tea can relieve the symptoms of allergies while applying it to the skin can help treating the conditions related. Use a cotton ball to apply cooled chamomile tea to the skin.

  1. Treating Sunburn

Your sunburned skin can be easily and inexpensively treated using a towel soaked in chilled chamomile to make the skin appearance better. You will feel your skin soothed and relaxed due to the anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant contained. You may also read Health Benefits of Irish Breakfast Tea

Cautions before Adding Chamomile Tea to Your Diet

Those with ragweed allergies shouldn’t drink or use this tea for treatment. Pregnant women should also avoid drinking chamomile because this is said to promote miscarriage. If you want to use this tea for infants or young children, please ask your doctor first. This is very important to not consuming this tea too much since it might lead to drowsiness. It is safe to drink up to 4 cups a day, but no more than that.