Secret of Yoga: Benefits of Lion Pose in Yoga

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Yoga is already becoming lifestyle and a health trend due to its amazing benefits for human health. There are a lot of types of yoga but whatever the type is there are some basic poses or movements in yoga that you will find in each type of yoga and one of them is lion pose. Though you need a professional to do a complete yoga session but lion pose is quite easy to do yourself and the benefits of lion pose in yoga is also quite impressive.

What Is Lion Pose?

Lion pose comes from the yoga pose which is similar to the way of lion sits with hips on the heels and hands on the floor. In yoga, lion pose is also well known as simhasana; a type of yoga for beginner. You must be surprised about the fact that this simple pose brings a lot of benefits for human health from lungs, throat and also voice. Doing it long term is great for anger management and reduce stress. To learn more about the benefits of lion pose in yoga for human health the list below will tell you in details.

  1. Relieve Tension

The lion pose is excellent way to relieve tension especially in the chest and the face. When you see someone doing lion pose you will see their funny expression but it is good to release tension of muscles in the face.

  1. Improve Blood Circulation

If your blood circulation is normal are good for your cardiovascular health and brain health. One of the benefits of yoga is to help circulating your blood. Lion pose is very easy to do and you can do it at home even without a professional trainer. You can do it in the morning to give you energy booster or before going to bed to help you getting all the health benefits of deep sleep.

  1. Keeps Your Eyes Healthy

One of the things you should do when doing lion pose is opening your eyes as wide as possible. This is good for your eyes health because it will relax the muscles around your eyes and improve your vision as well.

  1. Good for Respiratory Health

Some studies regarding lion pose have stated that this yoga pose is great for respiratory health. As mentioned in point number one, this pose is great to relieve tension in the chest. Not only this pose is great for respiratory tract, diaphragm and vocal chord but also able to reduce the symptom of asthma.

  1. Reduces Stress

It is not easy to deal with stress but some studies have stated that one of the benefits of exercises for emotional health like yoga is great for mental health and one of them is to help reducing stress.

  1. Stimulates the Platysma

Platysma is muscle that lies in the front of the throat. By doing lion pose you could keep this muscle firm even though you are aging.

  1. Helps Exercises the Tongue

Some of you might be wondering what the point of exercising your tongue is. Actually it is good to improve verbal ability.

  1. Removes Wrinkles

One of the health benefits of yoga is able to keep you young a bit longer. By regularly relaxing the muscles in your face could help releasing tension and the result it you could remove wrinkles and make you look younger.

  1. Relaxes the Neck Muscles

Not only great to relieve tension in the face and the chest but also good to relax the neck muscles. When you put your head in the third eye position while lowering your jaw are great to relax all muscles around your neck.

  1. Improves the Voice Tone

If you want to be singer and want to improve your voice tone doing lion pose regularly could help you getting better tone for your voice. It won’t work instantly but when you do it regularly you will be surprised with the result.

  1. Reduces Bad Breath

Some studies also stated that doing lion pose regularly could help reducing bad breath. It is because the position is giving more circulation through breathing, inhaling and exhaling.

  1. Cures Back Pain

The lion pose will position your hips on your heels and the benefits is similar the benefits of yoga headstand. This position is good for your back because it will arch your back bone and release the tension. It is possible to cure back pain natural way.

How to Do Lion Pose?

If you are a beginner and about to do lion pose at home, nothing you should worry about because this pose is super easy but with big benefits. Below is the simple instruction you could follow to do lion pose.

  • Seated position with the hips on your the heels.
  • Put your palms on resting position on the knee.
  • Inhale.
  • While you are exhaling put your palms to the floor, position them in front of your knees.
  • Arch your spine.
  • Position your head at the third eye point.
  • Lower your jaw and then open your mouth, if you could do it as wide as possible is even better.
  • Open your eyes as wide as possible.
  • Stick out your tongue and roar “Haaaaa”.
  • Inhale to back in position and start again.
  • Repeat it 3 up to 6 times.

That is the common lion pose you could do yourself, there are some modification you could do as well like instead of putting your palms to the floor in front of your knees you could spread your knees a bit wider and put your palms flat to the floor but with fingers pointing toward you. The benefits of lion pose in yoga is excellent for human health besides this pose is super easy for you to do with low injury level even if you do it without a professional trainer in your side.