Health and Psychological Benefits of Fasting Ramadan for Muslims

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Ramadan is a month in the Islamic calendar, of which all the Muslims should do fasting from dawn till dusk. The duration may vary for each country as it  is related to each country’s time zone.

But do you know that fasting and all the accompanying rituals can give psychological benefits of fasting Ramadhan? We’ll find out later in this article.

The Psychological Benefits of Fasting Ramadan

All the change in eating habit and routine during Ramadhan gives you not only physically Health Benefits of Fasting, but also psychological benefits of fasting Ramadan. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Gives your mind a break

In our daily routine, were often driven by our duty to work or study. We force our mind to always work, even when our body means to take a rest.

During Ramadhan, there are some rituals or practices that Muslims should do. This way, they have more time for their spiritual life, and give their mind a break. It is very good for their healthy psychological state.

  1. Increase willpower

During fasting, Muslims reduce their intake of foods, as they only eat between dusk and dawn. A research conducted at Florida University proved that people with lower sugar, nicotine, and caffeine can cultivate their emotion better and improve their self-control.

This way, they can have more willpower to achieve their target, to help others, and do some self-improvements.

  1. Improve clarity and direction

Fasting  improves cognitive functioning. It helps people to have better clarity and direction. It is possible since during fasting, people tend to reduce their addiction to any kind of thing such as foods, habit, or even relationship.

It helps people to free from any distraction, keep you on the right track and only focus on your own goal. It also helps a lot when you are about to make any decision.

  1. Control emotion

The independence to foods enables fasting people to control and stabilize emotions. People can reset their negative emotional pattern.

Especially if you are around fasting people, the environment will also be changed. Therefore, it is easier for you to control emotion. It helps you to think and talk positively.

  1. Stimulate inspiration.

Sometimes it is difficult to find inspiration. But a certain study found that during fasting, people have clearer mind and higher consciousness.

This benefit can stimulate inspiration better. This is also the reason why Muslims pray during Ramadan, as their pray would likely to be true better than any other day, just like mentioned in their holy Koran.

  1. Improve confidence

Live the simpler life during fasting Ramadan can also help people to improve their confidence. It is possible as living a life of self-control can radiate health and confidence.

You’ll be happier, have better perspective, and encouraged to help other people as you’ll feel capable of helping other.

  1. Improve inner peace

It is not only about abstaining from food and drink. Fasting also train the believers to restrain anger, doing good deeds, improve discipline, and improve the effort to be a good people. All those things help people to improve their inner peace and tranquility by always keep the positive mind.

How to Get Psychological Benefits of Fasting

To get the psychological benefits of fasting Ramadan, it is clear that you should do everything right and maintain your health very well. Here are some recommendations in fasting during Ramadan.

First, keep the balanced diet. Eating after a whole day fasting doesn’t mean that you can eat anything you want in the whole day and eat them once when you break the fasting. It is important to pay attention to the nutrition value. Always eat balanced carbohydrate, protein, and fat as energy source, also vegetable and fruit for vitamins and minerals. But the most important thing, consider the portion. Do not over eat, unless you want to sleep all day long. Eat whole grains, or the other high fiber food is suggested during fasting as it helps you full a little longer, just like Health Benefits of Whole Grains bread and cereals.

During fasting, you’ll definitely need sugar. However, it is better to fulfill your need of sugar by eating naturally sweet foods such as fruits, honey, and milk, to control your blood sugar. Dates is suggested as it is considered to be Sunnah by Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). It also gives you the Health Benefits of Dates. Especially when you add it with milk to present the Health Benefits of Milk and Dates for Energy Booster

The third, rest well and avoid vigorous exercise. It doesn’t mean that you should avoid being active during Ramadhan, but it is better to choose the other alternative of exercising. For example, choosing yoga over weightlifting. Yoga will present the Benefits of Yoga For Mental Health.