7 Wonder Health Benefits of Quassia Chips That Will Surprise You

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Who ever know if the health benefits of quassia chips apparently quite many and never unexpectable. This ingredients which comes from South America is effectively bring advantages on many things. Even not many people realize that this chips actually will work as a herbal medicine. It has a bitter taste mix with a little bit sour in the tongue. Making the chips is not a common medication to take whenever someone feeling unwell. However, if feel curious on the chips benefit including want to know the benefits and nutrient, check out below some important information related to this facts.

Nutrient Content of Quassia Chips

For your information, each 100 gr of quassia chips bring many source of vitamins and minerals. It is exactly contain below list of nutrient:

  • iron
  • vitamin B12
  • quassin
  • alkaloids

Health Benefits of Quassia Chips

For more details on the benefits of the chips, check out below lists of points that will amaze and wonder you.

1. Reduce Fever

The most famous benefit from the herbs is to manage reducing fever and cold. Therefore, if you experience any light fever or cold, this herbs will help you to slow down the symptoms and lead to fasten recovery. The same way as the health benefits of rosehip soup that also good to reduce fever, the herbs will bring you warm sensation and better relieve of the fever out from your body.

2. Avoid Rheumatic

Consume the chips as a natural herbal medicine will also manage to avoid any rheumatic symptoms. It will eliminate the pain and help to strength out the joints. The same way as the benefits of indian frankincense that also good for reduce rheumatic symptoms, this herbs working effectively to reduce the pain and slow down the infection and inflammation.

3. Calming Stomach

Having the quassia chips also will help those with stomach problems. It can effectively soothe any pain and bring warm sensation in the stomach area to bring comfortless while having any stomach symptoms. This is why the herbs is suitable during stomach ache.

4. Avoid Sore Throat

The advantage of consuming the chips is also to avoid any possibility of having sore throat including to help relieve the pain too. The same way as the health benefits of jaggery water with lemon that will manage to eliminate the itchiness in the sore including to avoid the cough.

5. Reduce Inflammation

Another health benefits of quassia chips is including to reduce further inflammation in the body. It will eliminate skin inflammation or such a joint inflammation that mostly happen to elderly. This is why consuming the herbs is suggested for those with older age or for elderly but with certain number of safe dosage.

6. Herbal Tonic

Not just a herbal medication, but more than that, this quassia chips will work as a suitable herbal tonic for those who just recovery from their illness. Therefore, the same way as the health benefits of asian ginseng it will manage to relieve your power and produce a healthy body after sickness.

7. Eliminate Worms

You will never believe that consume the herbs will lead you to eliminate worms in your intestinal area. This is a common problem in many persons that they don’t realize that their intestine is contain dangerous worm. Through consuming the herbs, it can kill all the bacteria inside the stomach including the worms too. The same benefits of turkey berry for anemia that effectively reduce stomach ache due to bacteria or even worms.

Recommendation of Quassia Chips

There are several important things to know when you consume the herbs for daily medicine. It is better to check on below recommendation if you don’t want to experience the side effects.

  • Avoid consume the chips if experience any allergy symptoms such as itchiness, redness skin or any irritation. It means that your body is not accepting this ingredients very well. Therefore, stop the medication.
  • Make sure that pregnant woman and breastfeeding mother avoid consume the herb, since there is no further research that it will not effect the baby and fetus. To make sure it wouldn’t lead to any miscarriage, it will be better not to consume the chips.
  • Do not continue consume the herb if you feel nausea or sudden dizziness or even want to vomit. It might affect your digestive system and lead to unpleasant feeling in your stomach.

Those all some explanation of the health benefits of quassia chips. Even this kind of medication is not really popular, but trying the method will not lead you to any mistake at all. As along as you try to follow on the above recommendations, then it can pretty sure result a good benefit for your body and health. However, make sure not to over consume too, since anything too much will lead to negative side effects. Happy trying!