10 Incredible Benefits of Magnetic Bracelets for Blood Pressure Control

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magnetic braceletThe benefits of magnetic bracelets for blood pressure control use in the medical and medical world. In fact, the human body needs a magnet to perform some organ functions. This is based on the findings when astronauts returned to their earth metabolic disorders of the body. Because they are not exposed to earth magnets.

According to Dr. Erwin Kusuma, Sp. KJ (K), the influence of magnets can launch circulation from the whole body. Increase blood flow, oxygen, and other nutrients will channel more rapidly throughout the body.

Here are some benefits you can get using a magnetic bracelet:

  1. Treating epilepsy

Research in Germany in 1999 found that low-frequency magnets can reduce/limit seizures in epilepsy patients. And this treatment only lasts for 6-8 weeks. And you must know how to prevent epilepsy

  1. Treating arthritis

Research in the Peninsula Medical School and published in the British Medical Journal in 2004 found that magnets can relieve pain from arthritis. If you are one of the sufferers of arthritis, use the benefits of magnetic bracelet for blood pressure. Or you can try health benefits of pandan leaves

  1. Treating Alzheimer’s

From research in Italy that magnetic treatment can increase the cortical activity of the patient’s brain and help better understand the world around it. Using a magnetic bracelet will help the performance of the nerves to return to normal. Read more about health benefits of green grapes

  1. Relieve depression

According to a survey by the University of Medicine of South Carolina, patients admit depressive symptoms have lighter after treatment using a magnet. Or you can try benefits of nexito 10 mg

  1. Helps heart surgery

Scientists use tiny particles of magnets to repair broken hearts.

  1. Reduce congestion

A study by the University of Virginia that magnets can reduce swelling. Read more:  health benefits of milk thistle tea

  1. Stimulates the flow of calcium ions

A good flow of calcium ions will make the process of bone formation and repair work smoothly. So the process of bone growth will also be well stimulated.

  1. Heals headaches

By using a magnetic bracelet the pain in your head will heal. This is because the magnet that is on the bracelet helps blood flow to the brain becomes smooth. So the brain gets enough oxygen and headache can heal.

  1. Kill the bacteria

Magnets on the bracelets help provide resonance and energy to kill the bacteria that exist in the blood when pumping out of the heart and through the blood vessels.

  1. Reduce and treat a toothache

Its because magnets on magnetic bracelets can help reduce pain in the body.


Although the benefits of magnetic bracelet for blood pressure have many benefits for the body, it should be noted the duration of its use. Duration of using magnetic bracelet should not be excessive. “Magnetic fields do make the body’s metabolism quickly. But the body also needs rest. If used without rest, it can damage organs, “said Tom.