15 Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Kashmiri Tea (Pink Chai)

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Tea plantations mostly are in Asian Countries like India, China, and South Asia and their tea productions have given birth to various kinds of tea. Therefore, no wonder why Asian people are famous for their passion to drink tea.

One of the famous variations of tea comes from Kashmir. Kashmir is an area which is divided into three countries, namely Pakistan, India, and China. There is another kind of tea that comes from Kashmir; it is called Kehwa or Kahwah tea. But we do not want to talk about kehwa tea. It is the perfect time for detail explanation of Kashmir noon chai tea.

Keep reading this article and you will find surprising facts about Kashmir tea.

The name of the tea is noon chai. Noon chai is a milk tea that has a very aromatic smell and has red color. The word noon does not refer to the time of day but refers to ‘salt’ in the local language. Because of its red color, noon chai is also called Kashmir tea or pink tea. Besides that, because salt is one of the ingredients to make Kashmir tea, sometimes it is also called as salt tea.

Are you wondering why it is called pink tea?

The ingredient to make this tea needs tea powder, milk, and salt in that are boiled altogether. Meanwhile the red color of this tea is obtained from the addition of baking soda. This tea is bitter and tasty. The bitter taste of this tea combines with savory taste because the combination of milk and salt. You can drink this tea with the addition ingredient such as almonds, pistachio, and cinnamon.

If you are not sure about trying to drink Kashmir tea, read these following nutrition contents and health benefits of Kashmir. You may also read Benefits of Neem Leaves For Health & Beauty.

Nutrition Content of Kashmiri Tea

A cup of Kashmiri tea contains (240 ml):

  • 115 Calories
  • 8.6 g fat
  • 5.4 g saturated fat
  • 0.3 polyunsaturated fats
  • 2.5 monounsaturated fats
  • 35 mg cholesterol
  • 304 mg sodium
  • 12 g carbohydrate
  • 8.5 g protein
  • 122 % calcium 

Health Benefits of Kashmiri Tea

Here are all the health benefits of drinking Kashmiri Tea:

  1. Warm your body: Kashmir tea is really suitable to drink when winter is coming. It gives you warmth and besides that it soothes your fuzzy feeling.
  2. Stress reliever: as most of tea, Kashmir tea is able to boost your mood or help you to get through your bad mood. It helps you to relieve any stressing feelings that make you. Also read about the Health Benefits of Neem Tea 
  3. Healthy energy drink: Kashmir tea is perfect drink in the morning to build your positive energy that will make your body feel alive and active. It contains high calories, protein, and carbohydrate so it will be a perfect company for your breakfast menu too.
  4. Skin care treatment: the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties contained in Kashmir tea can help to prevent wrinkles and aging in your face. You may also read Benefits of Spinach for Skin and Hair
  5. Weight loss: Drinking kashmiri tea can increase body metabolism. It can intensify levels of fat oxidation and and the rate thus it will turn your food into calories. 

More Benefits of Noon Chai Tea: 

  1. Magic of flavours
  2. Traditional cure for a healthier life
  3. Proven as natural remedy
  4. Makes you relax
  5. Sure, it’s a stress reliever
  6. Healthy and tasty
  7. Morning booster
  8. Energy source

Thus, now you know about the health benefits of drinking Kashmiri Tea, but how to make the tea?

So, how to make Kashmir tea?

You don’t need to go the Kashmir or India or China just to drink Kashmir tea. Nowadays, there are a lot of sellers who sell Kashmir tea in the form of packages. No need to worry because they sell the authentic Kashmiri chai packets. It is not a big deal to make Kashmiri tea but it will take time. But after you have finished making it, believe me it’s worth all your efforts.

You have to take note that there no any artificial color added to this tea. The red color is obtained from the addition of baking soda. The first boil the tea without any addition. Then keep the boiled tea in the refrigerator for a couple of days. Whenever you want to drink the tea just add milk, salt, and sugar. It is really good to serve especially when the cold weather is coming.

There are some ingredients you need to buy to make Kashmir tea. Below is the list of needed ingredients:

  • 3 tablespoons of Kashmir or noon chai tea leaves
  • 2 tablespoons of salt
  • 3 cups of water
  • A half of teaspoon baking soda
  • 250 g milk or a glass of milk

Thus, how to make this Kashmir tea?

  • First, prepare a kettle to boil the water and the Kashmir leaves and any other else of ingredients
  • Take 3 tablespoons of Kashmir leaves then put into the water
  • After that add water then steep it well
  • Let the Kashmir leaves boiling well in the water. It might take an hour to get the better taste of the tea.
  • Take 2 tablespoons of salt and add it to the boiling Kashmir tea
  • Mix the boiling Kashmir tea until this step the tea might not change this color yet
  • After that, take some baking soda and add it while brewing the tea
  • Observe the appearance of the tea after adding baking soda. There are many bubbles begin to appear as soon as the baking soda is added into the tea.
  • Keep stirring the tea with the spoon continuously and see its color begin to change
  • Add a glass of milk or 250 g milk into the steeping tea
  • After that let the tea keep boiling for a minutes and see the pink tea formation
  • After a minute, the Kashmir tea is ready to serve. You can also add almonds, pistachio, and cinnamon.

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Precaution and Recommendation

Noon chai is a traditional pink colored and salted tea beverage in Kashmir. Since one of the ingredients to make this tea is salt (the word ‘noon’ means salt), taking a lot intake of this tea apparently can cause gastric cancer.

Although Kashmir tea can also prevent us from cancer but based on data research, high salt intake has something to do with gastric cancer means that they are closely related. Kashmir tea or noon tea contains high sodium properties in which sodium has been identified to be capable of increasing the risk of gastric cancer.

Therefore, it is not suggested for those who have trouble with their gastritis or any other stomach problems to consume this tea because its sodium properties can exacerbate your stomach ailments. To sum up, that’s the  health benefits of drinking Kashmiri Tea you can take.