19 Benefits of Steaming for Face – Essential Beauty Tips

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How much money you should spend in monthly basis just for facial treatment? What you would do if there is an affordable solution for your facial treatment that you could do at home? Most people will consider it as hoax because for them beauty is pain, beauty is expensive. However, do you know about the benefits of steaming for face? Well, perhaps after you find out about the benefits of facials by steaming for face you will change your mind about the fact that beauty is not as expensive as you think.

What Is Steaming for Face?

Steaming for face is one of the essential beauty steps to help optimizing the exfoliating process of the skin pores. Today, there are a lot of beauty spas and beauty centers that are offering the complete package of steaming for face.

However, to save budget you could do this facial treatment yourself rightly from the comfort of your home. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who don’t care about this step because according to them, this process is only inviting more bacteria to infect their vulnerable opened pores. Well, the fact is this step is very essential and the list of benefits of steaming for face will be explained as below:

  1. Opening Your Pores

There are a lot of things you could do to your skin with the opened pores. Opening your pores once in a while is essential beauty step. However, you have to treat your opened pores really carefully to prevent bacteria to invade your sensitive pores.

  1. Cleans Your Pores Optimally

You shouldn’t steam your face in daily basis but it is important to clean your pores in once in a while because when your pores are opened is easily for you to clean them. It means you could exfoliate your skin optimally both the surface and inside the pores.

  1. Exfoliating Your Skin

Exfoliating your skin is not only about cleaning your skin from the death cells that cause your skin looks dull but also making sure all the pores are cleaned thoroughly. The steaming process will make sure all the dead skin cells will be fully exfoliated.

  1. Optimizing the Absorption of Facial Products

There must be reason why all beauty specialists suggest you to apply all skin products when your skin is still damp from shower. It is because all the pores are open and all the nutrients from skin and facial products will be absorbed optimally during this condition.

  1. Keeping the Elasticity of Your Skin

There must be the time when you feel your face is like cracking. It is because the stack of dead skin cells that were not fully exfoliated. Steaming your face regularly will help you eliminating all those annoying dead skin cells to reveal the smooth, elastic and healthy skin underneath. 

  1. Your Skin Needs to Breathe Too

Have you ever feel so breathless? Well, your face skin will feel the same thing too especially for you who are applying makeup all the time, having a lot of outdoor activities that make your skin is directly exposed to the sun, dirt and pollution. Steaming your skin regularly will give it the time to breathe and relax.

  1. Prevents the Premature Aging

There are a lot of products you could apply to your skin to prevent premature aging but steaming your face regularly is the  most natural way to keep your skin young and healthy. As mentioned above steaming your face could help eliminating dull skin caused by the stacks of dead skin cells and revealing the truly you. 

  1. Solution to Acnes

If there are some people who said that steaming the face could cause acnes then you shouldn’t believe them because it is actually one of the solutions to prevent acnes and pimples naturally. Acnes occur when your pores are clogged and steaming your face will help eliminating all the things that cause that clogged pores.

  1. Shortcut to Face Free From Blackheads

Blackheads in your beautiful skin could be very annoying and removing it from your pores could be really hurt and causes inflammation that could lead to other skin problems like acnes. However, you could remove them right after you steam your face and the process will be less hurt.

  1. Healthy and Bright Skin

If you want to have healthy and bright skin, sometimes what you need is just a little time when you could steam your face, clean the pores, exfoliate the dead skin cells and applying the moisturizer.

How to Steam Your Face Yourself?

As mentioned above, you could pay a professional to steam your face because they have specific technology to use. However, do you know that you could do it yourself at home with affordable items that you have at home? Below is how to steam your face yourself rightly from the comfort of your home.

  • Boil 1-2 cups of water until fully boiled.
  • While waiting, you could wash your face with gentle cleanser. You should wash your face thoroughly so your face will be freed from oil, sweat and make up.
  • Dry your face with clean and soft towel.
  • Pour the fully boiled water in a glass or ceramic bowl.
  • Add some drops of your favorite essential oils or herbs such as lavender oil and you will get all the health benefits of lavender oil for skin and as aromatherapy.
  • Using a big towel cover your head and place your face close to the steaming water for 10 minutes.
  • Once your skin pores opened, you could apply some other face treatments such as enjoying all the benefits of chocolate face mask, applying all the benefits of coffee scrubs for skin or clay mask and let it sit for about 10 – 15 minutes before you wash it off with warm water and pat it dry with clean towel.
  • Applying toner to your already clean skin.
  • Moisturizing your skin.

Cautions of Steaming Your Face

There are a lot of people are avoiding steaming their face because according to them, steaming their face is only making acnes and pimples are growing vigorously in their skin. Some cautions below are important to avoid the side effects from steaming your face.

  • That is why very important to steam your face after cleaning it from oil, sweat and make up. Steaming your dirty skin is the reasons why your skin is getting irritated.
  • Be careful with the hot boiled water or you will just harm your skin.
  • Don’t steam your skin face more than 10 minutes because it gives more harmful effects to your skin than the benefits.
  • Applying toner to your skin is very essential to help closing the open pores and optimizing the absorption of moisturizer.

So, how much money you have spent just for facial treatment? Right now you could do it yourself at home with hot boiled water and some beauty products you could easily find at home.