3 Powerful Health Benefits of Plantago Lanceolata (Plantain Herbs)

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Plantago lanceolate or commonly called banana ribwort is an herb that always grows and has taproots that grow well. The leaves also have stalks that are around 2.5-30 cm long. This plant is very similar to a sharp sword while the flower stalk is longer than the leaves. This plant was first discovered in western Norway. 

The advantages of this plant can live anywhere like in dry grasslands or rainforests. Aside from being used as a simple game called the weapon of guns by the children of the English and Irish countries it turns out that plant lanceolata also has many advantages when we consume it. The following is an explanation of the benefits obtained when consuming these plants including:

  1. a medicine for wounds or insect bites

By using plantago lanceolata leaves which are done by being crushed to the fine leaves of this plant can be trusted to treat bites or stings from insects or small wounds because the leaves contain useful compounds.

     2.  a medicine for various diseases

With the presence of expectorant and hemostatic antibacterial properties of this plant, it is able to treat various disease complaints which include diarrhea, gastric ulcer, bronchitis, asthma and bleeding.

     3.  For textile dye

With the fiber obtained from the leaves, it is very suitable for textiles in the form of fabric stiffeners and so on to obtain gold and chocolate coloring we can get from all these plants.

Nutritional values of plantago lanceolata

There are some nutritional contents of this plant that we can find among them are as follows:

  • acteoside
  • cistanoside f
  • plantamajoside
  • lavandulifolioside
  • isoacteoside
  • aucubin glycosides
  • iridoid balalpol

Due to its nutritional content so that these plants are sometimes used as a food source for larvae that hatch, for some people who want to cultivate these plants need to take good care because not only are the larvae the enemy of this plant but also the powdery mildew infection.

Recommendation intake on plantago lanceolate plants

The dose often used by people in this plant is dependent on the disease. in general the normal dosage reaches 3-6 grams per day while hyperlipidemia is 10.2 grams with 2-3 doses. For use, you should consult only with those who already have deep knowledge about this plant, whether it’s a doctor or herbalist.

Warning with plantago lanceolate plants

  • a pregnant woman it is best not to consume this plant because it contains laxatives which have harmful side effects to the fetus or mother.
  • if given together with psyllium can cause decreased absorption of gi then causing pharmacological side effects.
  • for people who are allergic or not suitable for consumption of plants usually can cause reactions in the form of flatulence, nausea, vomiting and indigestion.

So many of the explanations regarding plant lanceolata, hopefully can be useful for people who read it or people who are curious about this one plant.