3 Health Benefits of An Xi Xiang (Benzoinum) – Chinese Herbs Healing

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An Xi xiang or also called benzoin comes from styrax trees which grow in geographical locations such as China, Thailand and so on because these plants grow on land that has high porosity which facilitates water absorption.

In flavor China from xi xiang that is combined between bitter and spicy which is often used as a special medicine in China. For this type of benzoin there are several types of them, such as Siamese benzoin and Sumatran Benzoin. So in the explanation we are talk about benefit , nutrient value, cautions, or recommendation intake of an xi xiang.

So the benefits that we can get when using a xi xiang are among them :

  1. as an anti germ drug applied to the body
    Lots of germs that stick to the surface of human skin allergy so that incense is also believed to be a safe drug because according to sensitive skin owners can even prevent the bacteria that multiply for use can by applying benzoin products to your body. Benzoin can be mixed with other natural herbs like aloe vera. Here’s also about Health Benefits of Qian Ri Hong Tea – Chinese Herbal Tea Everyday
  2. treat respiratory disorder and other disease
    for some people who experience respiratory problems can use benzoin as a medicine because of the way xi xiang works as a decongestant that can expel phlegm which makes our voice become hoarse. besides, it can treat swollen gums an xi xiang processed into pharmaceutical drugs. Here’s also about 13 Delicious Health Benefits of Tangyuan, A Chinese Dessert
  3. make perfumes and other cosmetic tools
    besides being used as medicine it turns out benzoin can also be used as a perfume for therapy, preservatives or a mixture of cosmetics like annato powder that can provide the effect of calm so that it also influences stress prevention. The method of use is to mix incense oil with warm water used. Here’s also about Health Benefits of Bupleurum – Chinese Herbal Plant

recomendation intake of the an xi xiang

Recommended use of benzoin should be discussed with health care providers such as hospitals Because, Judging from the benefits of incense, it can even be sold at a very high prices beyond the price of gold and diamond gems.

In the use of benzoin doses must also be adjusted to several factors of age, health and other conditions, and by way of good and right actions. So make sure you always follow the relevant instructions. Here’s also about 9 Superior Health Benefits of Chow Mein Noodles, A Good Chinese Menu to Choose

nutrition of the an xi xiang

the Nutrients in Benzoin for dosage needed by humans is between 0.3-1.5 grams . However, it is unfortunate that research has shown a declining population caused by over-exploitation, burning, and longhorn beetle attacks that kill these incense trees to us knowing that this plant has a very positive impact compared to the negative both in health and daily needs. So the nutrition of an xi xiang are contain :

  • Resin.
  • olibanol
  • terpenes
  • Saponin
  • Polifenol
  • Flavonoida

Therefore, we must realize that the importance of this an  xi xiang and hopefully we can re-cultivate so that the population increases

cautions when used doses of an xi xiang

in addition to treat the human body, but it turns out benzoin also has significant side effects, for example like :

  • Irritation skin for sensitive people
  • Dermatitis
  • Asthma
  • Stomach ulcers

While the form of an xi xiang can be of various types as well as different ways of using it such as ointments, lotions, and also liquids.

That is the explanation of xi xiang which we can use as a reference and benefit of benzoin. To get benzoin we can get it through the tree directly or also buy it at drug stores and traditional markets.

In Indonesia, an xi xiang is usually served in performing ritual ceremonies, namely a mixture into incense to produce a fragrant smell. Hopefully with some explanations about an xi Xiang can provide valuable knowledge for all of us.