10 Best Health Benefits of Korean Body Scrub – Natural Skin Treatment

The world today start to believe the health benefits of Korean body scrub since the Korean cosmetic products widely available in many countries. For this recent several years, Korean cosmetic start to be famous and one among the type is the skin treatment. The Korean product for skin is available as lotion, skincare and also […]

11 Benefits of Ginseng Soap for Skin Health – Natural Beauty

For people who put their interest in herbal medicine, ginseng would probably sounds familiar to them. Ginseng has been used for many purposes. Although, they are more common as herbal plant. It has been used since ancient times. Few things about ginseng. Its root is what makes it so popular as herbal medicine. Although, other […]

12 Benefits of Egg White Soap for Skin Health – Strong Againts Acne

We normally see eggs as a food, and rich source of protein when actually it is more than that. Eggs, especially chicken eggs, has many benefits for human being. Of course, its main use will remains food and protein source. But, don’t forget its extra benefits. For example, to treat influenza sometimes egg white is […]

15 Superb Benefits of Dandelion Soap for Skin Health

In soap making industries, the basic soap ingredients can be modified with certain materials to add specific properties. For example, benefits of soap with glycerin have unique moisturizing properties. Meanwhile, beauty soap is mainly marketed for cosmetic purposes. Soap can be made from synthetic or natural ingredients. An example of using natural sources in soap making […]

10 Benefits of Cetaphil Soap for Skin Health – Best Seller Soap

Skin is a vital outer part of human appearance. It is what makes every individual unique visually. The skin’s color also determines which race a person belong to. Every person have different skin’s sensitivity, smoothness, and other various conditions. Skin also reflects someone’s health. But, it doesn’t matter what color, or how the condition of […]

Benefits of Black Soap for Stretch Marks, Is It Work?

Stretch marks is serious problem for some women around the world. It’s a common phenomenon for them when they already gave birth the baby or pregnancy. It often lies on breast, upper stomach, buttocks, and thigh. Not only women can get this problem, men could get the stretch mark too but now, it can be […]

9 Benefits of Soap with Glycerin – Best Personal Care Product

Many people still use soap as number one choice of personal care product. Although, some group of people slowly migrating to use body wash or shower gel to clean their body. Soap also has different types nowadays. The most commonly used are solid soap and liquid soap. Liquid soap is slowly taking solid soap’s place […]

7 Amazing Benefits of Lard and Lye Soap – Good for Sensitive Skin

Every bathroom need soap. That is an unspoken rule of human’s hygiene. Some people even feel panic when they realize there are no soap in either private or public bathroom. It proves how important soap to a human’s life is. Because soap helps clean the dirtiness in the body, that washing it only with water […]

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit Peel – Wondrous Contents

Dragon fruit is a fruit that grows a lot in mainland North America to Mexico. This fruit has the name of the fruit “dragon” because it has a skin like dragon scales. In China, this fruit is usually always present in various religious ceremonies because it is considered one of the sacred fruits to be […]

What Are The Benefits of Onion Skin Tea? Here’s 10 Facts Revealed

Onion is a vegetable that commonly used in cuisines. It is added to give strong taste and aroma. In some Asian countries, for example, Onion is often found in hot and spicy foods, such as sambal, curry, and many more. It has been long cultivated since ancient times and also a vegetable with high demand […]