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For people who put their interest in herbal medicine, ginseng would probably sounds familiar to them. Ginseng has been used for many purposes. Although, they are more common as herbal plant. It has been used since ancient times.

Few things about ginseng. Its root is what makes it so popular as herbal medicine. Although, other parts such as the leaves sometimes used. Ginseng root is found incorporated into many herbal drinks, e.g. liquor, tea etc and energy drinks. The root usually extracted before added to any drinks. Overall most people would recognize ginseng as “herbal plant” that used frequently in health benefits korean red ginseng traditional medicines.

Due to its well known health effect, ginseng also slowly take part in cosmetics and skin health products. Recently, scientists have found that ginseng characteristic will be suitable as a soap. Some traditional soap makers have made ginseng their main ingredient. For skin health, ginseng soap can be an alternative to common soap.

This writing provides information about the benefits of ginseng soap for skin health. Readers might find one or two of these benefits interesting, so, don’t miss anything.

Composition of Ginseng Soap

Ginseng soap can be made entirely of natural ingredients, or combined with health benefits american ginseng extract chemicals to improve the effect. But, it is more recommended to make ginseng soap naturally, due to risk of some non-organic substances. As a soap, it must contain either olive oil, coconut oil, lye, lard, and some animal fats, e.g. glycerin. These ingredients can be gathered from nature.

As for ginseng, its chemical components vary depend on the species. But, on average, ginseng used to make a soap contains dammarane type ginsenosides, high amount of Rb1, Rg1 (ppt classification), and Rd (ppd classification) ginsenosides. Some ginseng are said to have different amount of ginsenosides.

Here are the benefits of ginseng soap for skin health :

1. Ginseng soap helps wash the dirts away

Of course, just like every soap, ginseng soap can help in washing away the dirts on the skin. Sometimes it’s difficult to clean them with only water. Because of that, it’s recommended to have soap prepared in every toilet. With its unique ginsenosides constituent, ginseng soap clean the skin from germs, dust, and dirts two times better than regular soap.

2. Ginseng soap helps get rid of acne

Another benefits of ginseng soap for skin health. Acne might appear if the skin is often exposed to pollution, having direct contact with oily objects, or probably because it doesn’t receive proper treatment. In some occasions, having acne may considered to be unhealthy. Ginseng soap can help to maintain skin health by get rid of these acne.

Just use ginseng soap when taking a shower. And the effect will start to show after a month of routine treatment.

3. Ginseng soap moisturizes the skin 

Next benefits of ginseng soap for skin health is its ability to moisturize dry skin. Ginseng contains essential nutrition that important for moisturizing the skin. There is two method to get this benefits. First method, buy lotion with ginseng as its composition or pick second method, using health benefits of asian ginseng soap instead. The latter is easier to do because it can be done when  taking a shower.

A home made ginseng also can be used, if there is none and nowhere to buy. 

4. It helps lighten skin color

Based on some researches, ginseng contains some nutritions that can help lighten skin tone. Ginseng soap is a good combination of soap and ginseng that useful for brighten dark complexion.

5. Ginseng soap is suitable for sensitive skin

Sometimes manufactured soap contains chemicals that may cause irritation if used on sensitive skin. This does not apply to ginseng soap. As it dominantly consists of natural ingredients and clinically proven to be suitable for any type of skin. Ginseng soap also provides extra benefits for allergic and sensitive skin.

6. Ginseng soap keeps the skin hydrated

One of great benefits of ginseng soap for skin health. Keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized is important part in skin health. There are many ways to accomplish this, one of them is using the right soap for benefits of ginseng for males skin treatment. Ginseng soap can keep the skin hydrated pretty well. Use it when taking a shower.

7. It contains high amount of vitamin B

Accorrding to dermatologists’ report, vitamin B is one of essential vitamins for skin health. Almost every skincare products claim to have high amount of vitamin B. With ginseng soap, consumers do not have to worry, because the ginseng itself is rich in Vitamin B. Using ginseng soap will supply the skin cells with vitamin B, thus keeping it healthy and prevent skin diseases.

8. It can be combined with other treatment

That’s right. Based on recent studies, combining ginseng with other herbal plant or pharmacies doesn’t seem to inflict side effects on skin. Consumer will gain a lot benefits for skin health from powerful combination of ginseng soap with other natural and organic ingredients, such as lard and lye, egg white, dandelion, and list japanese herbal medicines.

9. It can help solve aging problem

Another amazing benefits of ginseng soap for skin health. Since a long time ago, people believe ginseng can delay the aging process. Even though there is no scientific proof, ginseng has been famous for its amazing health effect. Ginseng soap can help delay aging by reducing the sign of aging and giving skin youthful appearance.

10. It helps reduce the wrinkles

This benefit is for older people specifically. If the wrinkles start to become prominent, ginseng soap can help to minimize it. So, the overall appearance will look younger.

11. It helps lift the dead skin cells up from the skin surface

According to skin health experts, dead skin cells may cause slow down in skin regeneration which in turn will result in unpleasant skin look. Using ginseng soap will help lifting dead skin cells up from the skin. Thus, the skin will look healthy.