6 Useful Health Benefits of Cloves for Pregnancy

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Using various types of seasoning when cooking is very common. This includes using cloves for seasoning cooking on fish, meat or chicken soup dishes. 

Cloves, as explained in the benefits of cloves for fertility, have a slightly spicy taste but with a very strong aroma. Cloves can eliminate fishy odors in cooking and add a very natural flavor. Even cloves become one of MSG substitute for seasonings or flavorings.

Aside from giving a special aroma to dishes, cloves are also capable of bringing multiple health benefits for our body. But, are they really safe to be consumed by pregnant women?

Cloves are often used as a seasoning of cuisine because it has a sweet taste with a distinctive scent. Able to deliver benefits of chewing cloves as well, a spoonful of cloves can meet 30% of manganese needs, 4% of vitamin K, and 3% of vitamin C of daily needs. 

In addition, cloves also contain calcium, magnesium, and vitamin E, although in small amounts. It is this nutrient content that supports the benefits of cloves for health.

Is It Okay to Consume Cloves?

Cloves for pregnant women are actually safe to consume. For example, such as adding cloves to some menus of pregnant women’s cuisine. However, Mother still needs to consult her doctor before deciding to consume cloves.

Although cloves are not dangerous for pregnant women, the doctor will look at her condition first and tell how safe it is to consume them. Using cloves while pregnant is safe in general, but additional information is always needed. 

This is because there has not been enough research on whether or not cloves are safe as a specific supplement or drug for pregnant women. The best option is to incorporate a small amount of cloves into the dish and do not take them in any form of medicines or supplements.

When you consume it in the right way, you can obtain some of its useful benefits, such as:

Health Benefits of Cloves for Pregnancy

1. Dependable Source for Antioxidants

Cloves are a rich source of antioxidants. Certain antioxidants in cloves help activate the body’s antioxidants. 

As a result, the body can fight oxidative cell damage and antioxidants to prevent further damage. High amounts of antioxidants are a great way to boost immunity and are very beneficial when pregnant.

With it, cloves will help the mother’s body when fighting infections and keep the mother’s body strong when exposed to viruses, germs and other sources of disease. If cloves are nowhere to be found, you can also use a great alternative for antioxidants, like having the benefits of black tea and lemon.

2. Rich of Fibers

The fibers in the cloves will also help keep digestion smooth and regulate the movement of your intestines. Experiencing constipation during pregnancy is actually a pretty common problem.. Including cloves on your main plate will help relieve constipation or digestive problems. 

Cloves are also food ingredients that can control the digestive system of pregnant women. The fiber content in cloves is very effective for alling constipation and flatulence disorders during pregnancy. But cloves should not be consumed when stomach is in pain or experiencing diarrhea.

Wait for the pain to be relieved for a while, then you can use cloves as your remedy. But first, always remember to consult your doctor before approaching this method.

3. Contains A High Level of Iron

Consumption of cloves to be cooking seasonings can be an excellent source of iron for the body of pregnant women. Iron in cloves will help lower the risk of anemia in pregnant women. 

Meanwhile, if the consumption of cloves is done correctly, then it can further prevent babies from being born prematurely or born with lower weight. As long as the mother does not use clove oil to be consumed directly, then it will be fine.

4. Source for Vitamin E

Vitamin E for pregnant women is a very important nutrient to help maintain the health of the mother and fetus. In addition, vitamin E also plays a role to improve the process of muscle formation for the mother and fetus. 

Cloves are spices that contain a lot of vitamin E and this is also very good for maintaining the health of the mother’s skin. Together with benefits of black soybean, daily needs for Vitamin E will be fulfilled.

5. Mineral sources

Cloves can be a source of minerals that the mother’s body desperately needs. This is because cloves contain some important minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus that can be beneficial for maintaining maternal bone density. 

It is also important for the development of bones and teeth in the fetus. Sodium and manganese in cloves are also excellent for fetal development.

6. Supports Fetal Brain Development

Cloves that have a spicy and strong taste is also very important for fetal brain development. This is because cloves can contribute nutrients to omega 3 fatty acids. Mother can also get the benefits of fish as well to support this benefit.

This type of nutrient is very important for the baby’s brain, because the brain develops better during the fetus development period.


Although the consumption of cloves as a food flavoring seasoning is considered safe, there may be some clove side effects, especially if used in the form of clove oil or clove supplements. Clove oil can be harmful if consumed in large quantities, since it can cause contractions and pain. This can lead to premature labor. 

Cloves can cause allergic reactions and these can be dangerous while pregnant. So, testing is always required.

Excessive consumption of cloves can cause intestinal bleeding, respiratory problems, diarrhea, convulsions, increased oral sensitivity, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and even liver or kidney failure in extreme cases.

With all of these in mind, don’t forget to consult a doctor before actually consuming cloves.