Ancient List of Greek Herbs and Spices and Health Benefits

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Greek mythology is one of the mythologies famous in the world. You probably know their Gods and Goddess better than any hero names in your country because their story is just an interesting reading material. Not only that, when it comes to traditional medication, even modern medication is using some ancient Greek manuscript as references and the list of Greek herbs and spices and health benefits below are examples of herbs and spices that survive the long history.

  1. Rigani (Oregano)

There are a lot of values of rigani or oregano. In Greek cooking you could use both oregano oil and oregano dried herb. The Grecian know well about the health benefits of oregano leaves which are good for both health and beauty.

  1. Dendrolivano (Rosemary)

Rosemary is well known for its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Both rosemary dried herb and rosemary oil are used almost in daily basis by the Grecian it is because they know that this herb is good to maintain brain health to improve memory and concentration.

  1. Thymari (Thyme)

The Grecian is not only consuming thyme as part of cooking herb but also as herbal tea. It is because thyme is well known for its amazing properties to treat diarrhea and stomach ache. Traditionally, thyme is also used as home remedy to sore throat.

  1. Faskomilo (Sage)

Faskomilo is the local name of sage. Health benefits of sage leaves are similar to its herbal tea which is commonly consumed by the Grecian. Sage leaves are used as natural solution to treat some stomach conditions such as diarrhea, digestive problem, gastroenteritis and heartburn.

  1. Diosmos (Mint)

Mint is also commonly found in Greek food due to its aromatic and tasty flavour which is perfect mixture to Mediterranean foods. The main health benefits of mint water if you drink it in regular basis is not only good for natural body detox but also great to maintain immunity system and improve digestion.

  1. Vassilikos (Basil)

Everyone knows about the health benefits of basil as the top healing herbs. Basil is good for cardiovascular health and as rich of antioxidants is good to fight cancer as well.

  1. Anitho (Dill)

The Grecian are using both dill leaves and dill seeds for cooking. The health benefits of dill leaves and seeds are similar while the leaves are consumed as salad or vegetables; the seeds are used as spices to enhance food flavour.

  1. Maidanos (Parsley)

Parsley is one of the herbs commonly found in Greek cooking which is traditionally used to maintain healthy hair and skin. Parsley is rich of essential vitamins and minerals that could stimulate the natural hair growth and eliminate all scalp problems.

  1. Dafnofila (Bay Leaf)

Benefits of bay leaves that are well known worldwide are good to treat diabetes. It is highly recommended to drink bay leaves herbal tea regularly if you want to maintain normal blood sugar level.

  1. Selino (Wild Celery)

Celery is not only aromatic but also super tasty to be mixed into soup. Health benefits of celery are not only good for uric acid when it is mixed into tasty juice with cucumber or broccoli but celery is also great for weight loss.

  1. Garifalo (Clove)

Garifalo is the local name of clove which is well known as one of the top Asia herbs but also commonly found in Mediterranean cooking including Greek foods. Benefits of cloves are good to fight cancer and liver protection.

  1. Kumino (Cumin)

Cumin seeds are good for digestion and excellent source of iron to optimize the production of red blood cells. Cumin also contains some medicinal properties which are excellent to maintain cholesterol level and weight loss.

  1. Sousami (Sesame Seeds)

Sesame seeds are excellent source of minerals such as copper, iron and magnesium. Sesame seeds are also good source of plant-based protein for vegetarian to promote strong bones.

  1. Kanela (Cinnamon)

It is a common knowledge that cinnamon is excellent to lower blood sugar and excellent for patients diagnosed with certain types of diabetes. Consuming cinnamon regularly is also good to reduce the risk and prevent the worst effect of heart diseases.

  1. Peperi (Pepper)

The Grecian is using both black and white pepper in their cooking. This spice is packed with potent antioxidants which are good to fight cancer due to its amazing ability to fight free radicals.

  1. Aromatopiperi (Allspice)

Allspice contains potent antioxidants properties that make this spice is excellent choice to fight or prevent cancer. Moreover, this spice is also containing antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial agents perfect to fight and prevent infection.

  1. Mahleb (Mahalepi)

Mahleb is commonly found as part of Greek foods due to its amazing content of healthy fatty acids. This spice is excellent source of plant-based omega3 fatty acids health benefits for those who are not so into sea foods or fish.

  1. Greek Saffron (Red Saffron)

Red saffron is native to Greek because in this country this type of saffron is commercially cultivated. Those who are suffering from sleeping problem could use red saffron tea to help overcoming the condition. Saffron is also used to treat and reduce the symptoms of depression.

  1. Koliandro (Coriander)

Both the seeds and the leaves of coriander is used in Greek cooking. Coriander is well known to be great for weight loss due to its rich of fiber content. Fiber is also good to maintain healthy digestion and fight some digestive conditions such as indigestion, slow bowel movement, constipation and diarrhea.

  1. Moschokarydo (Nutmeg)

The anti-inflammation properties found in nutmeg could act as pain killer to relieve pains. Nutmeg is also good for brain health and used traditionally to fight bad breath. For those with hypertension problem could consume nutmeg to help reducing the symptoms and maintain the normal blood pressure.

Learning about the past is not always a downturn because Greek mythology is teaching a lot of good histories though not all of stories are ended with a happy ending but there is always something to learn in each story you read. The list of Greek herbs and spices and health benefits mentioned above are one of the examples of thing you could learn from this ancient country.