8 Scientific Health Benefits of Fasting 12 Hours A Day

Fasting is often acknowledged as a process that is part of one’s common religious practice. Other than that, fasting is also enforced by doctors on patients prior to undergoing surgery or going through medical procedures. For whatever reason, fasting is defined as the practice of abstaining from consumption of food and drink for a specific […]

15 Best Health Benefits of Nasal Rinse for Respiratory System

One invented approach in the medical world is including the health benefits of nasal rinse. It might not commonly heard by some peoples, but it is a good approach to deal with several respiratory problems. As this activity will help to clean out the respiratory area mainly in the nose up to the near throat. […]

20 Mind-Blowing Health Benefits of Human Urine

Urine or pee is a waste substance that is formed through biochemical reactions inside living organisms, which includes human beings, animals and plants. Urine comes in different colors, reflecting our body conditions as we release it. A healthy man excretes light colored urine, while the more unfit the person is, the darker the urine gets. […]

10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Soft Shelled Turtle

Soft-shelled turtles or commonly referred to as labi-labi are the most common animal species found in tropical forests such as Indonesia. The area is pretty much there in Sumatra and Kalimantan. In addition to Indonesia, the labi-labi is also found in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia. The characteristics of this animal are round head, small […]

24 Health Benefits of Not Smoking for 1 Month #Start Now!

When someone is smoking, he or she is going to suck the substance called nicotine that will enter the body and whenever the nicotine gets into the lungs, it will change into a substance called cotinine before it gets out from the body through urine. Both nicotine and cotinine can be identified in blood, urine, […]

10 Excellent Health Benefits of Foot Roller Massager

Foot massage has been used for medical treatment for centuries. This kind of traditional therapeutic techniques will affect the muscles and joints function. Moreover, it will help to improve the energy flow by pointing at the pressure points. Then, it is believed that this therapy can heal certain diseases. It is linked with the ability […]

10 Health Benefits of Drinking 64 Ounces of Water A Day

Have you ever imagined the excellent and wonderful benefits of drinking water? As we know, our body consists of water and it is a must for us to drink a plenty water. Indeed, all the living things need water to support the functions of every cell and organ in the body. Water is the vital […]